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Dia.50 Cream Tube Packaging with 5 Metal Rollers for Massage Cream with Clear Cap

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Product Details:
1. Sort: Round Skincare Tube
2. Diameter:tube-50mm;
3. Capacity: From 120ml to 250ml
4. Tube Length:Different tube length is available
5. Layer: Single layer,Double layers, 5 layers
6. Color:The inside and outside layer of cap can be customized in different colors
7. Material: Tube-LDPE/HDPE; Cap-PP
8. Decoration:Silk screen printing, offset printing, hot stamping, Digital film plate
1. Round tube is the most common and competive tube type in tube packaging industry

2. To provide a variety tube from 16 ~ 50mm tube diameter(capacity: 3 ml to 400 ml)

3. Widly used at all kinds of different products like SKINCARE, HAIRCARE, FOOD, MEDICINE, INDUSTRY ETC

4. According to the different usage,displaying effect, customer can choose different matching cap type to tubes

5. Easy to carry, cleanser, shower gel and shampoo are mostly packed by round plastic tube

6.Tubes can be customized to different tube color and printing way


hand cream, lotion, cream, washing form,personal care products, household products, adhesive, fluid candy,sauce and oils packaging.

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