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EMA Pharmaceuticals is a leading European manufacturer of Aluminum Crimp Caps and combined Polypropylene – Aluminum “Push-Off”-Seals for Pharmaceutical Containers.

For almost a century, EMA Pharmaceuticals has been completely dedicated to the development and production of sealing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

As a partner of Confidence, EMA Pharmaceuticals serves over 170 production sites of injectable medicine worldwide with high-end seals.

Our community of customers is steadily growing. Among our customers, the leading Pharmaceutical companies rely on our know-how.

EMA Pharmaceuticals is a company with a management structure that delivers quick and efficient decisions. We are solely focused on pharmaceuticals and nurture a company culture which is based on good manufacturing practices and continuous improvement. EMA Pharmaceuticals invests heavily in its Lailly-en-Val facility (near Orleans, center of France) and its processes, which ensure the delivery of state-of-the-art seals. EMA Clean Certified caps

Latest investments include washing and drying procedures, clean room technology and QA lab equipment in order to ensure the safe finishing of your sterile product.


1930 – Inception of E.M.A. (Emboutissage Métallique Appliquée) at Saint Cloud (Paris) for manufacturing of aluminum seals for various industrial applications
1950 – Development of Aluminum Crimp Caps for pharmaceutical containers (injection vials, infusion bottles, cartridges, etc.)
1974 – Introduction of the « Push-Off » product range. Manufacturing of combined Aluminum/ Polypropylene caps
1987 – Transfer of the production facility from Saint Cloud (Paris) to Lailly en Val (Orleans) to improve the production layout
2003 – First ISO 9001 certification
2006 – The company is renamed EMA Pharmaceuticals. The production becomes solely focused on seals for pharmaceutical applications
2008 – Enhancement of QA lab equipment, introduction of laminar flow equipment in production
2009 – Registration of a type III DMF for the Push-Off product range at the FDA.
2011 – Introduction of Clean Room technique, for the assembling of the « Push-Off » product range.
2013 – Launch of EMA CLEAN-CERTIFIED CAPS, ensuring a low level of microbiological and particulate contamination before sterilization

What we Do for EMA Pharma in INDIA

Business Opportunity Identification
We have proven studies and capabilities. We also listen to customers in India and then offer the right products or see which new products can be developed.

Regional support to participate in exhibitions, events, conferences and symposia
We provide regional support to participate in exhibitions, events, conferences and symposia

Product selection and development
We help Indian pharmaceutical companies to make the right packaging selection from EMA Pharma and in case, its not available then we also look at the possibility of developing the new products.

Product Trials, Recommendations and Technical Services
Once the selection of the packaging materials is made, we coordinate the trials as well as offer the technical services locally.

Regulatory Support and Documentation for US FDA or EU Needs
As India is exporting globally, we also support the companies to get the necessary documentation for the regulated markets like US, Europe etc.

Final Sales Order Booking and Coordination
Once all the selection is done, we then work on the commercials like booking the order and then coordinating the delivery, forecasting, after sales service etc.,

USP / Why Choose EMA Pharma

We are the leaders in the manufacturing of sealing solutions for pharmaceutical applications

Solely dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry, we currently serve more than 170 production sites of injectable medicine across the world

Since 2003, our quality management system has been compliant with ISO 9001. Customer satisfaction drives our team

It also integrates current EU GMP-guidelines, which are implemented and applied throughout the company

For each batch we deliver – Certificate of Conformity (COC) and Certificate of Irradiation.

For EMA Clean certified caps, we issue an additional Certificate of Analysis (COA)


EMA Pharmaceuticals provides a large range of seals, each of which conform to the pharmaceutical container standards. The different cap designs are available with a large choice of colors of aluminum and polypropylene parts. The materials used are of pharmaceutical grade, FDA and food contact approved. They are suitable for sterilization by steam, irradiation, ethylene oxide or hydrogen-peroxide. Next to the standard designs, which are listed beside, EMA Pharmaceuticals develops specific seals according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

Center Tab Cap

Center Hole Cap

Complete Tear-Off Cap

Push-Tear-Off Cap

Push-Off, Center Tab Cap

Push-Off, Center Hole Cap



IIndia’s pharmaceutical industry is growing globally and need high quality packaging support too. Packaging Connections helps pharmaceutical packaging companies to do business in India using our vast one to one direct packaging network. Since EMA Pharma is the global supplier of Aluminum Crimp Caps and combined PP / Al “Push-Off”-Seals for pharmaceutical and are able to fill the gap between locally available material, adding value to the business. So we support their activities in India locally. We are EMA’s Indian partners to establish their business in India.


Business Opportunity Identification Product Trials, Recommendations, Technical Services Regulatory Support and Documentation for US FDA or EU Needs
Product Selection and Development Final Sales Order Booking and Coordination


Sandeep Kumar Goyal

Founder & CEO

Chhavi Aggarwal

Associate - Research & Business Consulting

Bhaskar Ch

Technical Advisor - e-Business & Technology

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