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We Offer Packaging Design Solutions?

Innovative & Sustainable Packaging Solutions
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Cost Saving
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Protective Packaging Solutions
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Asset Management
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Packaging Optimsation
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POS Display Design Solution
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Damage Reduction
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Test & Compliance
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How it works?

Through our packaging design & consultancy services
We consider whole supply chain and handle projects from Product development till Store -


Identify the Need andconstraints.


the Problem.


Develop Possible Solutions.


Select a Promising Solution.


Build a Prototype.


and Evaluate Prototype.


Redesign as needed.

What We Do

We combine creative and technical expertise to offer professional services in packaging design, high quality packaging visuals, structural design and Prototyping
Our mission is to push the boundaries of our industry & technical knowledge to deliver innovative Packaging solutions.

Cube Reduction

When buying transportation, what you’re really buying is space on an airplane, ship or truck. The issue is less about how much your packages weight and more about how much space they take up. The goal, then, is to design packaging to take up the least amount of space possible. We help our customer and do Packaging Optimsation to get indirect cost benefits. .

Damage Control

When a customer found DAMAGED PRODUCT and that can caused by a number of potential transportation, packaging, storage & handling hazards. Returns an item damaged because of packaging, it triggers the reverse supply chain, with goods moving from customer to vendor. And it also damage brand Protection. We understand supply chain process and help our customer to reduce there damages and returns drastically .

Sustainable Packaging

Green packaging also called environmental Friendly or sustainable packaging, uses materials and manufacturing techniques to diminish energy use and reduce the harmful impacts of packaging on the environment. Green packing solutions often include biodegradable and recyclable materials in preference to materials like plastic and Styrofoam. We redesign existing EPS based packaging and provide Environment Friendly Packaging Solution.

Cost Saving

With increasing competition across practically every market sector, plus price pressures affecting everything from raw materials to logistics, companies must look at ways to reduce costs to remain competitive. Packaging is no exception to this. As such, many companies view packaging as a necessary evil. A cost that has to be met. So we evaluate existing packaging and suggest different solutions or redesign the same to reduce cost.

3D-Visual & Animation

We recommend 3D packaging design to our client as it saves time and money both. As earlier visualizing a product packaging or advertising concept was an expensive, multi-step process that often required multiple hands in the process. We make 3D mock-up/render to visualize the packaging before it goes into Prototyping. Through 3D renders our client can see the artwork around the structure as in real world packaging photography

Compliance Management

When you engage in business, there are many forms of compliance that your company and its employees must uphold. "Compliance” refers to sticking to the rules. Meaning, you need to comply with relevant standards, which include both internal and external.
Our Compliance service include Material Testing, Structural Quality Management, Existing Packaging, Evaluation Packaging, Supplier Audit.

Our Profile

Few Projects & Case study!


This packaging stands for Faucet which was packed in a Box with Moulded EPS (Thermocol). The Packaging has been re-designed completely in corrugated material which is easily recyclable and easy to pack. Benefit after re-designed the pack are reduction in cube, Cost & Loadability etc .

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