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Global leader in PP-based non-PVC flexible packaging products.


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POLYCINE founded by Thomas Nicola and Martin Schmidtlein in 2002, Today Polycine is a Global leader in IV solution packaging. Providing the highest benefits for the customer regarding • Quality • Safety • Cost-effectiveness • Customer specific products • Excellent customer service • Highly qualified technical support

Polycine's Production facility is at Schiffweiler, Germany close to BeNeLux area. Delivering products to well established pharmaceutical companies in more than 40 countries.

PolyCine® Primary Packaging Production process in Cleanroom for films and tubes

The entire production process is fully monitored on-line and dedicated for Medical & Pharmaceutical products.

What do we do for POLYCINE in India

• Business Opportunity Identification with main client

• Product selection and development

• Regional support to participate in exhibitions, events, conferences and symposia

• Final Sales Order Booking and Coordination

• Product Trials, Recommendations, Technical Services

• We are the exclusive partners for POLYCINE in India

• Opportunity identification with Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, CPG, Retails, Hypermarkets, Cosmetic and other special sectors.

Films tubes for standard IV-solution

• APP114-S / APP114-X5:

- Three Layer co-extruded PP-based tubular film

- Film widths / thicknesses on demand
- Cost optimized X5 version available

- Three Layer co-extruded PP-based tubular film
- Film widths / thicknesses on demand - Cost optimized X5 version available
• APP114-LBT: less blocking tube
• APP-114-G: Suitable for packaging of large volume

Films for special IV-solution/parenteral nutrition

• APP-114-SA: Suitable for packaging of amino acids.

• APP-114-LP: Suitable for multi-chamber bags with peel seal, especially for fat emulsion, amino acid and glucose.

• APP-114-PB: Multi chamber bags with peel seal for low concentrated fat emulsions.

•APP-198-LP/PB: High gas barrier properties, suitable for MCB for vitamins, antibiotics and powder-liquid concentrates. PET/SiOx or PET/AlOx (Flexible Glass)

PolyCine Components for Standard CAPD systems (peritoneal dialysis):

• PolyCine® provides non-PVC films and tubes suitable for CAPD-solution bag
• APP 200 special antiblocking film suitable for drainage-bags in CAPD double bag-systems
• APP107-NK Polyolefine based non-kinking tube

Overwrap films:

• APP-166: Overwrap film for standard IV solution

• APP-127: Barrier Overwrap for nutrition or bicarbonate solution

• APP-294: Overwrap film for protection of high oxygen sensitive solutions or bi-carbonate solution (gas & UV barrier)

• Tube production:

- APP107-S - Standard tube
- APP107-AB - Anti blocking tube
- APP107-NK - Non kinking
- APP107-LS - Less sticky

• Granulate for twist-off ports:


• FexOcoil:

- Unique and highly innovative
- Flexible clean packaging system
- No ovality close to the coil
- Free of particles
- 100% sterilisable
- Lightweight
- Affordable price

PolyCine Products at a glance

• Taylormade and standard products for every kind of pharmaceutical solution
• Continuous growth and investment for development and increase of capacity
• PolyCine ® fulfils all necessary regulations and standards
• Films and tubes for Standard and Special IV -Solutions are available