• 7 Tips To Keep Your Packaging Line Running Smoothly

    Packaging affects many aspects of your products, and your business could be involved. Growth, taxation, and reduction of cost all link into the way you pack your products. So, while your company is packaging products it should consider having high standards for quality and safety.

  • Consumer Psychology and Product Packaging

    Studies have repeatedly shown that every perceptible detail of a product has an impact on how consumers interact with it. From size and shape to colour and font, every little element makes a difference.

    In this blog, we will go over some of the psychological triggers that help consumers in identifying a product and associating with it.

  • 5 Sustainable Packaging Trends To Watch Out For This 2022

    As more and more consumers become environmentally conscious, it’s vital for businesses to embrace sustainability in their packaging. In fact, this should be a priority among businesses across all niches as statistics show that more than half of the consumers worldwide take sustainable packaging into consideration before buying a product.

  • Packaging Automation and CAPEX

    As labor costs continue to rise, manufacturers are finding process automation to provide greater returns on investment than before. Calculations of labor costs and time currently invested in every process can help pinpoint what parts of the packaging line are ideal for automation.


    Artificial Intelligence is quickly taking over many advanced processes in all industries. At its current rate of advancement, AI is making a big dent in the production and distribution of packaging as well.  

    Let’s go over some of the technology that AI has backed in the packaging industry.  


    The three terms in the title are often used interchangeably, and wrongfully so. Tamper-proof, tamper-resistant and tamper-evident are indicative of three different categories of technology that allow businesses to safeguard their product before it reaches the customer.  

    Let’s go over what exactly can be defined as the above-mentioned technologies to avoid any false expectations.   

  • Benefits And Applications of Tamper-Evident Packaging

    Tamper-evident packaging is a broad category of packaging practices and technology that alerts the consumer of foul play or damage to the product during the B2C route. Learn more about Tamper Evident Packaging with some examples

  • 5 Tips To Ensure Safety And Efficiency On The Packaging Line

    A safe and efficient packaging line should be the top priority of any manufacturing company as this directly contributes to the productivity and output of the company.  

    Packaging lines have been used by companies for decades. There have always been improvements made as technology improves and new ideas for their efficacy are implemented. One of the measures put in place by some companies was to install epoxy flooring to their packaging line area that can be installed by Epic Epoxy Floors and other similar companies.  

  • 3 Tips To Improve Your Packaging And Labeling Process

    When it comes to any business that offers products and goods, proper packaging and labeling are essential. Your goal is to make good first impressions with the way you are presenting your products. Whether or not you think about it, the way a product is packaged and labeled can significantly impact its overall appeal, especially to your consumers. Chances are, you’ll attract more customers if your products look good and promising.

  • 2022: The Road Ahead

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