Environmental consciousness is now a must-have core value for every business and company introducing new products into the market. In such an economy, it is necessary to ponder over the following before beginning the design process of your product:

    Raw Materials: Using 100% recycled and/or 100% recyclable material is suggested while considering the energy consumption and waste generation of processing. It is ideal to not introduce new, previously unused materials into the cycle.

  • Insulated Shipping Containers


    During shipping, insulation and refrigerants are key to preserving products like seafood, plants, meat, and fruits as well as dairy, medical, and chemical products. With the proper combination of insulation and refrigerants, you can maintain products within specific temperature ranges. You can keep products frozen, or prevent products from freezing. You can prevent melting and thawing in hot weather and minimize the effects of short-term temperature variations. We’ll show you how.


  • Carry Handle: An eco-friendly and convenient option for the Retail world

    The use of plastics, especially single-use plastics, has devastating consequences. Globally, almost 300 million tons of plastic products are produced every year, and a significant portion out of it is used for packaging. These plastics then end up in landfills and the ocean, where it creates numerous environmental problems.

  • Round nasal spray bottles

    Round nasal spray bottles with snap-on neck finish 20 mm Sterile, sterilized available. These spray bottles are available for nasal and other applications. These are snap on with 20mm neck. Available full range 10ml to 50ml.

    Standard material: HDPE
    • Full range from 10 ml to 50 ml
    • Also suitable for crimp-on pumps
    • Delivered ready-to-fill (sterile) or gamma sterilized
    • Officially approved by Aptar Pharma, Nemera and Silgan


  • Connect-e-Cap®: the intelligent packaging solution by Röchling Medical

    It is extremely important for the success of medical treatment that patients adhere exactly to the medication prescribed to them. Numerous studies prove that adherence to therapy pays off. But studies also show that many patients ignore their treatment plans – out of stubbornness, carelessness or excessive demands. This so-called non-adherence not only jeopardizes the success of treatment, but also causes immense costs for the health care systems.

  • Seaweed Packaging

    Seaweed-based packaging as a replacement for plastic will ease the waste management process because it is biodegradable and it will ensure that the packaging waste can return to the earth naturally. The reduction of plastic usage is going to reduce gas emissions too since production of plastic uses toxins and chemical materials which release carbon dioxide into the air and heavily contributes to air pollution. No more plastic waste also means no more plastic ends up in the ocean and it will help maintain seashore cleanliness.

  • Do we know each other? Six degrees of separation


    Now that you’re here, let us tell you who we are and how we can help!

    Based on the Six Degrees of Separation theory any person on this Earth could be introduced to ANYONE ELSE through a MAXIMUM of SIX mutual connections.

    Think about it. Just 6 people between you and your desired contact. This theory applies to both social and professional dynamics.


  • Low migration labels

    What is Migration?

    Migration is the transfer of chemical compounds from plastic packaging materials into food products.

    These chemical compounds are usually present in inks and adhesives that travel through the primary packaging material to contaminate the contents. This can be extremely dangerous when the contents are either food or medicines.

    Earlier, migration testing was only performed on containers, closures and other packaging components, excluding labels.

  • Hemp Bioplastics For Packaging

    Plastic is the world’s most adaptable material. From bikes to food wraps and from jets to pencils,you can make anything and everything from plastics. With the infinite number of uses, plastic also have some devastating impacts on our planet. Most plastics produced today are made using petroleum-based compounds that release harmful gases into the atmosphere. Waste solutions are inefficient, and harmful by-products toxic our land, water and wildlife.


    Packaging of dry foods is a meticulous process. They need to be packaged in such a way to ensure long term storage and transport. Preservation of these processed food is aided by the removal of oxygen from the packaging, either by vacuum packaging or nitrogen flushing.

    In this blog, we will talk about the process of nitrogen flushing and its relevance.


    Nitrogen flushing is a form of Modified Atmosphere Packaging method.

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