E-commerce has taken the world by storm. E-commerce markets are growing at staggering rates. The online market is expected to grow by 56% in 2015–2020. In 2017, retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to 2.3 trillion US dollars and e-retail revenues are expected to grow to 4.88 trillion US dollars in 2021. Traditional markets are only expected to have 2% growth during the same time.

Impact of packaging on the environment

Packaging   has positive and negative impact on the environment. The negative impact  include resources use and the effect of packaging related wastes and emissions. The positive impact is that packaging consumer goods facilities their distribution and thus make it possible to obtain goods otherwise not accessible.

Benchmarking in Packaging

By definition –
Journey of Packaging : History of Packaging

A Brief Journey of Packaging

The packaging industry is one the oldest industries that has been around since the beginning of man. Early man used vessels and containers made of natural materials in form of leaves, nuts or gourds, bamboo, coconut shells animal skin, wood as a packaging material for transporting, storing, and protecting food and tool related items.  

Gravure Printing

Gravure is an intaglio process, in that the printing image is in recessed form. The printing image consists of recessed cells engraved in a metal image cylinder. This image cylinder runs in an ink duct containing low viscosity liquid ink. The cells and the surface of the cylinder are consequently flooded with ink.

Only a Packaging Professional can understand this…..

You growl if anyone says “Dabba banaate ho” (you make boxes) You follow your experience and knowledge to open a pack, rather then mere tearing or twisting it. You can spend countless hours in retail stores or hyper marts simply by ‘just’ looking at the packaging of different products

Dip Coating and its Packaging applications

Dip coating is the precision controlled immersion and withdrawal of any substrate into a reservoir of liquid for the purpose of depositing a layer of material. Dip coating is a process used in Industries to manufacture bulk products such as coated fabrics, specialized coatings in the biomedical field etc.
Five interesting Packaging Connection’s stories

Five interesting Packaging Connections stories

Stories are always interesting to hear, no matter what your age is. An adult equally enjoys reading a story book (may be called as a ‘novel’) just like a child does. Packaging Connections have lot of activities happening in the same interesting way. Based on our members engagement on our services and their popularities, here are the top 5 stories of Packaging Connections –

Schreiner MediPharm's tamper evident 'Covert-Hologram Seal'

The Europe-wide Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62/EU coming into force in February 2019 requires all pharmaceutical manufacturers to mark their prescription medicine packaging with a serial number and an additional tamper protection device. Covert-Hologram Seal manufactured by Schreiner Medipharm provides a wide range of features which abide to the EU directives:
Plastics and Environment Survey Results by

Plastics & Environment Survey Results

During World Environment Day 2018, the theme was "Beat Plastic Pollution" and slogan was "moving towards  a plastic-free future". But don't you think blaming plastics alone is not right. It is true disposable plastics, bottles and non-recyclable waste is the worry of every one but banning all the plastics is definitely not the solution. 

Ultra Violet (UV) Coating

UV Coating is a tough clear-coat applied over printed materials to 1) protect against scratches, tears and fingerprints and 2) enhance the brilliance of the ink colors.

Adopting 5 Packaging Companies Globally

We have started our Adoption programme to increase the sales of packaging companies. We would be adopting 5 such companies and would promote their business free of charge and that too globally. Our idea is to make sure packaging grows.

Recipe for success by #ShivKhera

The key message here is that few positive actions must be repeated and that too daily. Repetition is the mother of learning, it brings consistency. Consistency results in proficiency, it is proficiency that shapes our lives. Afterall consistency signifies credibility. 

Extrusion Coating and Lamination

Paperboard is coated with plastics to combine the mechanical properties of the paperboard with the barrier and sealing properties of plastics. Paperboard combined with a relatively small number of plastic materials will provide the extra features needed to make the paperboard suitable for a number of specially demanding applications.

Packaging and Marketing are the two faces of the same coin

In today’s world, the brand’s recognition, perception, image and differentiation depends on the packaging of the product.

Packaging to provide improved health journey

"Packaging is like a soul to the body". It provides life to the product by protecting it from environmental spoilage, gives shelf appeal, provides information to the end customer and many others. Often, packs are designed such that they directly conveys the "key role" of the product to the customer.

Needle Stick Injury and Needle Trap

Needlestick Injury is defined as the accidental puncture of the skin by a needle during a medical intervention Accidental exposure to blood caused by needle injuries may carry the risk of infection by blood-borne viruses. Accidental contact may occur-

Had we kept seniors in mind while designing a Package?

Being Packaging professional have we ever thought of the problems faced by elderly people while designing a package, especially medicines. There are lot many surveys which are done time to time for finding the answer of this question.

Packaging Jobs Scenario and Packaging Brains, survey results

Being into Packaging sector for more then 30+ years now, I have witnessed the shifts, changes and trends happening in all the sectors related to packaging field.

Don’t Let Your Packaging Salespeople Become Obsolete

Years ago, packaging salespeople were extremely valuable to customers because they were the holders of information. Without salespeople, customers were hard-pressed to uncover facts and gain insight on pricing, product specifications, similar and innovative applications, and industry trends.

Retail scenario and Emerging Packaging Trends: India

Businesses are to create wealth, this is the general understanding. So its said that all major industries create wealth but if there is one industry that plays a unique role by way of both creation of wealth through a wide range of manufacturing activities and also by way of preserving the value created by many other industries, it is PACKAGING  

Remoistenable Adhesive Products

The history of adhesives dates back to ancient Egypt. Man's first application of a water remoistenable adhesive to paper made use of naturally occuring water-activated gums. It was in the 1830's that the British Postal Service first put an adhesive on the back of a postage stamp. It was not until 1841 that an envelope appeared which could be sealed without the use of sealing wax.

Pogonotomy in packaging

pogonotomy in British. (ˌpəʊɡəˈnɒtəmɪ) the cutting or shaving of a beard

Pomodoro technique to do more and plan your day

Did you ever hear Pomodoro?  I am sure yes but if not , then its a tomato shaped timer generally kept in kitchen to help monitor various kithen processes like baking, toasting, roasting etc.  So looking at this Francesco was amazed with this tool in kitchen and developed a technqiue called Pomodoro technique in the '80s. It basically depends on the following 5 steps to implement:

Twin Pak

TwinPak handles to club store customers that require a bundle of pharmaceutical bottles, most commonly for multivitamins and ibuprofen. Its a great way to bundle. This is quiet efficient and sustainable way of bundling. PakTech is the comapny offering this systema nd have many more options.
Celons | Viskrings Viscose Closures - Self Shrinking Cellulose Closure

Viskrings- Self Shrinking Cellulose Closure

In our day to day life we come across with new Packaging innovations such as reusable packaging, biodegradable packaging and packaging using minimum material. Around the World many researchers, scientists, developers, designers are working on it.

Money makes money and same with packaging

Money makes money is the popular saying.  
Packaging Brains | Simple Platform for Packaging Professionals and Recruiters to find Packaging Talent

Preparing for Packaging Job Posting and Packaging Jobs

    Fortune favours the prepared mind, Louis Pasteur    

Digital, Innovative and Secure: BitSecure Mobile

BitSecure copy detection pattern by the Competence Center Schreiner ProSecure is a printed digital security feature  based on a high-resolution, cloud-like random pattern.

Capsules for Packaging are Edible

Capsules are nothing but a form of packaging to contain various type of powdered drugs that needs to be taken in metered quantity but are difficult to compact in the form of tablets. So these are kind of small containers made from safe edible material liek gelatin or some plant based materials. 

The perfect wine bottle will never spill even a single drop while pouring

All wine lovers will know the horror of pouring a bottle with elegance and perfect form, only to look down and witness drips of wine dribbling down the neck and falling on to the table/sofa/floor. The heartbreak. The humiliation. The wine stains on your sweatpants. Dr Perlman first noticed that the dripping was the most extreme when a bottle was full or close to full. 

Design your own pattern on a bag

Its a wonderful concept, you do not really need a greeting card but wish directly from the bag,

New Features Autoinjector-Labels

The market for injection devices – autoinjectors and pens – is rapidly growing. Factors such as the trend toward self-medication, the increasing incidence of chronic diseases and a growing biotech sector all play a part and require innovative solutions.

Holiday Packaging

Holiday shopping is an overwhelming experience everytime. From Black Friday through the New Year, you could see up to a 60% bump in first time customers. That's 60% more chances at a lifetime customer, so holiday is the ideal time to pull out all the stops for memorable ecommerce packaging.

Do you know who invented self-adhesive labels?

The first one ever in the world? Avery did! To be more exact it was R. Stanton Avery who invented it in 1935, launching a new company and a new industry. These innovative products were manufactured in a 100-square-foot rented loft space in Los Angeles.

Packaging can cheat too, be careful

Its interesting that sometimes we get fooled simply by packaging and demonstration but later we find that the truth is different. This is what happened with me. I bought a natural  Aftershave with sandalwood from Forest Essentials Delhi airport show room.

Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Uflex @ ISPI

INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT FOR PACKAGING INDUSTRY (ISPI) was a concurrent event held along with Indiapack Pacprocess 2017.

LiDoCon (Liquid Controlled Dosing Concept).

Abbott has pioneered in India LiDoCon, short for Liquid Dosing Concept, a first of its kind device for liquid medicines that provides accurate, hygienic and convenient dosing. This novel technology currently is being used for a cough syrup, but in time, will be extended to different types of liquid formulations.

Think out of Box

Everyday most of us spend at least 5 minutes to think, what we are going to wear today? Why we waste these precious 5 minutes? Have you ever think… I think the answer is …”To make ourselves stand out of the crowd, selection of clothes is very crucial. So this workout of 5 min is worth it.”

Going with gravity: Interpack 2017 Packaging Innovations for you

Going with gravity: in everyday life you will be pulled in all the different directions by various people and situations around you and you loose focus. Same happens with packaging professionals too, every department can give you gyan to make packaging better by pulling in different directions.
8 Key Packaging essentials tools for you

8 Key Packaging tools for you

  Every packaging professional needs some tools to be handy to observe any packaging situation and those tools need not be expensive. We observed that those tools could be:  

Uflex at PackPlus 2017, New Delhi, India

Uflex, a company that we met at Packplus 2017, is the India’s largest flexible packaging company and an emerging global player. The company has shown robust growth over the years and focusing on trust, value creation for customers, quality and innovation and customer satisfaction. We had a glimpse over the core businesses like Engineering, Cylinders & Chemicals and Holography divisions.
Conch or Shankh

Conch or Shankh shape in Packaging

  Its a great way of packaging calcium tablets. It truly conveys the message and also looks nice on the shelf. I am sure it would have not been easy to make something like this but innovations have no limits

Airless vs Pump Dispensers

Pump Dispensers

Team Up With Packaging Connections

  To understand specifically how we can collaborate with our Packaging Champions (raw material manufacturers, suppliers, converters, user companies and end users) we have created this survey. We eagerly wait to know your suggestions on teaming up -


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