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The focus of our company is to provide value at every step of the way that enables our customers to benefit from higher quality products and components with better margins through the application of leading edge -design for manufacturing, design for assembly, tooling engineering and materials expertise.

Our many years of expertise in hard/soft multi-color, multi-material molding, in-mold decorating, insert molding, collapsible cores, unscrewing molds and numerous other process capabilities has proven to be advantageous for our customers in the medical device industry as well as other industries that require difficult to manufacture products.

What we do for Plas-Tech Engineering in India

  • Business Opportunity Identification
  • Product Trials, Recommendations, Technical Services
  • Regulatory Support and Documentation for US FDA or EU Needs
  • Product Selection and Development
  • Final Sales Order Booking and Coordination


Silicone Free Prefillable Syringes

Glass Replacement Prefillable Syringes


India’s pharmaceutical industry is growing globally and need high quality packaging support too. Packaging Connections helps pharmaceutical packaging companies to do business in India using our vast one to one direct packaging network. Since Plas- Tech Engineering, Inc. is manufacturer of prefilled syringes for the medical and pharma industries, we are able to fill the gap between locally available materials, adding value to the business. So we support their activities in India locally. We are Plas-Tech’s Indian partner to establish its business in India.


Business Opportunity Identification

We have proven studies at Plas-tech's products and capabilities. We also listen to customers in India and then offer the right products from Plas-Tech or see which new products can be developed.

Product Trials, Recommendations, Technical Services

Once the selection of the packaging materials is made, we coordinate the trials as well as offer the technical services locally.

Regulatory Support and Documentation for US FDA or EU Needs

As India is exporting globally, we also support the companies to get the necessary documentation for the regulated markets like US, Europe etc.

Product Selection and Development

We help Indian pharmaceutical companies to make the right packaging selection from Plas-Tech and in case, its not available then we also look at the possibility of developing the new products.

Final Sales Order Booking and Coordination

Once all the selection is done, we then work on the commercials like booking the order and then coordinating the delivery, forecasting, after sales service etc.,


Sandeep Kumar Goyal

Founder & CEO

Chhavi Aggarwal

Associate - Research & Business Consulting

Bhaskar Ch

Technical Advisor - e-Business & Technology

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