Videojet launches Pharma Line App - Coding solutions at your fingertips

Limburg, Germany – August24, 2018 – Videojet Technologies has launched a brand new application - the Videojet Pharma Line App– to provide instant information and guidance for customers looking to code or mark onto pharmaceutical and medical device packaging.

The Videojet Pharma Line App is available for iOS and Android mobile devices and has been designed to provide information that relates to a customer’s specific codingneeds and requirements. App users can select from the most common packaging formats in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, view different coding options depending on the packaging selected and receive application-related information to help them make informed decisions. The app library contains numerous case studies, spec sheets, application notes, white papers and product videos to be viewed and shared. 

Marc Discher, Global Marketing Manager Pharma at Videojet Technologies, commented: “Not all customers are familiar with the wide variety of coding and marking options available to them, therefore our goal was to develop a tool that provides clear guidance and information at the touch of a button.The app enables customers to research the coding technology options that best suit their packaging needs in the most straightforward way possible. You simply select the product to be coded, select your preferred coding option, then instantly receive comprehensive, application-specific information.” 

The application contains:

A packaging library, which currently contains aerosol cans, blister packs, folding cartons, HDPE bottles, stick packs, tubes, syringes and vials.These options will be extended over time
An app library which will be updated frequently with the latest materials (case studies, white papers, spec sheets, application notes, product videos)
A push-message function to ensure users receive the latest news and updates the second they are posted.

The Videojet Pharma Line App is available to download now in a wide variety of languages, including Chinese, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. 

For more information about the Videojet Pharma Line App, please visit download the App in the Google Play or Apple App Stores from the links below.

Link to download the app on Android devices (click here) 
Link to download the app on Apple devices (click here)

About Videojet Technologies:

With over 4,000 associates across the globe, Videojet Technologies is a world leader in industrial coding and marking solutions. Our solutions provide high-quality and flexible product codes, which help ensure clear traceability, durability and flexibility. As such, you are able to reliably protect your products against counterfeiting. With our wide range of technologies and applications, we are the experts for realization of your specific requirements in 135 countries worldwide.
We develop innovative coding technologies which provide your products with important information, and thereby protect your customers/patients and safeguard your supply chain. Our global Pharmaceutical Team supports your organization and supply chain partners with solutions, certifications and fast service. With decades of experience, we are well-versed in industry standards and global regulations, making us the right partner for your coding technology needs. Coding 10 billion products a day worldwide, we play a vital and responsible role in the world. With over 4,000 associates serving 135 countries, we have the local resources.

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