Oxygen Testing in Pharmaceutical Research & Development

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Systech Illinois’

The Almac Group was founded by Sir Allen McClay in 2002 with its global headquarters located in Northern Ireland and extensive facilities in the UK, US and Asia Pacific. Almac offer the most comprehensive range of services extending from research through to pharmaceutical and clinical development to commercialisation of drug product. 


Due to the quality, innovation and efficiency of the business, over 600 companies worldwide including market leaders, use Almac’s drug development services. With state-of-the-art facilities and the most advanced laboratory equipment Almac consistently provide a high quality Research & Development service to its customers. 


As part of their pharmaceutical development, Almac use the Gaspace Advance Micro from Systech Illinois to test oxygen levels in pharmaceutical packaging. The headspace analyser is designed to analyse very low volumes of headspace, less than 1cc in pharmaceutical packaging.  It is simple to use and provides the Laboratory Scientists with repeatable and accurate results ensuring that they can provide consistent evidence of oxygen levels at a specific tolerance. At Almac they also take advantage of the variety of testing methods this oxygen analyser offers. 


Louise Donnelly PhD, Formulation Development Scientist at Almac says, “Recent customer requirements include packaging of pharmaceutical product in glass bottles with low oxygen content.  The Gaspace Advance Micro has proved to be a useful tool for simple, rapid measurement of oxygen in bottles prior to capping.  The results, in combination with further analysis of the sealed bottle, give assurance that the product is maintained within the desired packaging conditions.” 

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