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Nielsen McAllister Public Relations Limited

In partnership with German tool producer Marbach, RPC Bebo has developed a unique thermoformed screw closure system.


Called “Turner”, the system comprises a cup, lid and lidding film, which is sealed on the cup’s seal flange to cover the lid’s entire surface. To open, consumers peal back the lidding film and turn the lid in a 45° counter-clockwise rotation. This easy-open and reliable reclosing offers excellent on-the- go benefits. It is suitable for car cup holders and its robust design means that, though lightweight, it can withstand the rigours of modern on-the- move lifestyles such as being carried in a rucksack, baby changing bag or school bag.


In addition to a variety of food-to- go applications including ice cream, snacks and sweets, the Turner cup and film is also an ideal alternative pack solution for pet foods. It can be specified with barrier properties for protection against oxygen, water vapour, UV and light.


To ensure effective branding and on-shelf differentiation and appeal, a wide range of decoration technologies is available. In common with other RPC Bebo products, these include high definition printing, labelling and premium In-Mould Label Thermoforming (IML-T) for the cup, while the lid can utilise RPC Bebo’s patented high quality Bebo Print for complete edge-to- edge coverage.

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Sue Horvath-Szovati
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