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Complete SACMI solutions in the 25th year of Iran Agrofood

The company presents all its new developments for the sector, with the focus on productive excellence and plant integration. A complete offer that provides greater opportunities for producers, with all the assurance of Sacmi product and service quality.


In 2018, Iran Agrofood celebrates its 25 th edition. Forty thousand visitors are expected at the Tehran International Fairgrounds (29 June-2 July 2018). Sacmi – a leading participant with its own exhibition space (hall 28, booth 38.13.1)– is presenting the evolution of its technology offering, from the production of capsules to complete lines for PET.


Already a global leader in compression technology (CCM series for plastic caps), in recent years Sacmi has acquired a role as a key player in the production of preforms (IPS range). This has led to intense research and technological development to achieve full synchronization of the various phases in order to multiply the opportunities available to producers.


Iran, an emerging market with great manufacturing tradition, has recently re-emerged on foreign markets, showing great dynamism and a strong demand for technology. Hence the desire of Sacmi, which has been operating in the country for several years, to play a leading role at the service of the local food & beverage industry.


The only global competitor capable of providing solutions for each stage of the beverage production line, PET ("from pellet to pallet"), GLASS, CANS, BAG-IN-BOX and FORM- FILL-SEAL.


Sacmi also provides customers with constant advice, thanks to the support of the Sacmi Beverage R&D laboratory, certified by the main international players in the industry. From design of the system to all the subsequent after-sales stages, Sacmi stands out from its competitors due to its capacity to design integrated and comprehensive plant solutions, a capacity that has become the main strength of the company's proposal, alongside the recognised excellence of the individual machines.


In particular, in the beverage sector, Sacmi has recently introduced HEROblock, the "all-in- one" four-block that combines all the container and cap production stages, followed by filling and labelling, in a single, high-performance process. Sacmi combines this innovation, which eliminates intermediate handling and improves efficiency and logistics processes, with an innovative system proposal upstream of the process (CPB cap and preform storage system), resulting in a truly efficient HEROLine in terms of quality, productivity and consumption.


The capacity to bring the benefits of compression technology, in which Sacmi is a global leader, to areas other than caps is also at the heart of the groundbreaking CBF (Compression Blow Forming), a solution for the production of containers starting directly from the granulated material. Precise and versatile – thanks to the possibility of working equally well with all the main commercial resins – CBF combines the best features of alternative technologies such as EBM, IBM, ISBM. Thanks to the high thermodynamic stability of the process, the absence of an injection point in the bottom of the containers and high productivity and precision in the neck, superior quality blown containers can be produced at profitable rates, as the markets soon recognised, particularly the dairy and drug sectors.


Sacmi combines this technological excellence with the wide availability and efficiency of its service in all the markets where it operates. In particular, local customers can count on the prompt spare parts and support service of Sacmi Iran, Sacmi’s operations centre near Tehran, which has been operating since 2006. The entire Sacmi beverage range is also available, complete with vision and quality control systems, both in-line and in thelaboratory. The range designed to interface with the Sacmi H.E.R.E. advanced plant supervisor, which provides innovative Industry 4.0 features, from monitoring to diagnostics and predictive maintenance.