SIG Combibloc provides carton packs for German lupin drinks brand

The herbal lupin protein isolate (LPI) is a climate-friendly and GMO-free alternative to soy beans imported from Asia and South America.
Made in Germany, the carton packs from SIG Combibloc safeguard the quality of the beverages, and are gentle on the environment.
Malte Stampe, managing director of Prolupin, said: “Carton packs are composed on average up to 75 per cent of wood, a renewable resource. That means they use much less fossil resources, such as oil, than products like PET bottles. In addition, while they’re growing, trees absorb CO2 and give off oxygen. So sustainably managed forests help protect the climate. For this reason, we think lupin drinks and carton packs fit together very well, and consumers find them easier to handle than competing products”.

The product range includes lupin drinks, ice cream, desserts, yoghurt alternatives, pasta, spreads and mayonnaise.



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