Successful Launch By Barcelona Beer Company- "Cerdos Voladores" in Unique Arcwise 3-Pack

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Barcelona Beer Company is a brewery located in Barcelona, which has been characterized by its creativeness and innovativeness ever since it started 6 years ago.


“We have made the designs of our labels together with world famous artists such as Àlex Trochut, Cote Escrivá, the Brosmind and the Doodle Town studio. A few months ago we launched our new range of cans and one of the most successful in the market is the ‘Cerdos Voladores’ (Flying Pigs), our best selling IPA.


For the launch of this new regular item, we wanted a special packaging, different from what was already on the market. For this reason we contacted Grupo Miralles, who helped us transforming our idea into a unique 3-pack of beer using Arcwise technology. Once we presented it to our international partners, in the 22 countries to which we are exporting, the requests have not stopped arriving. Until now you can find the 3-pack in for example South Korea, Italy and Ireland.”

+46 60 193040

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