Discover Verstraete IML labels at 5 booths at Chinaplas 2017

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Verstraete in mould labels

From May 16 -19, Chinaplas is held in the China Import & Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, PR China.


Verstraete IML is pleased to announce that their IML labels will be presented at 5 booths:


1. Year Chance Machinery, Pass Card and Jet Engine will present a round cup at this show (Hall 10.1M61).

This system, decorated with a wraparound orange peel IML label, has the following technical characteristics:

  • Cycle time: 4.5 to 4.8 seconds
  • Number of cavities: 4
  • Part weight: 10 g
  • Wall thickness: 0.6 mm


2. Jet Engine and Pass Card have also teamed up with Chuan Lih Fa Machinery Works (CLF) to show a 200ml margarine container on booth 10.1H21 of CLF with a cycle time of 3.5 seconds and a wall thickness of 0.35mm. The system has 2 cavities and the part weight is 5.9g.


3. Machine producer Sound, mould producer Bosen and robot producer Dal Maschio will present a 4L bucket with glossy wrap around IML label. This one cavity system has a cycle time of 20 seconds.


4. Automation producer Yansgen will present a 1L round bucket that will be decorated with glossy IML labels. The partners for this project are machine producer Yizumi and mould producer P&C. This 2-cavity system has a cylce time of 7-8 seconds. (Hall 9.1D51)


5. LK machinery, KF mold and Yangsen will show a 20L pail with glossy IML label. This system has one cavity and a cycle time of 18 seconds. The part weight is 740g and the wall thickness 1.9mm. (Hall 4.1B01)

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Sofie Debouck
Marketing & Communications
32 50 301 331
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