Velvetie are tubes that feels soft and velvety to touch which makes your product to stand out from the masses, and enables valued brand differentiation to your customers. Inspired by the nature and its creation, particularly the Rose Petal, Essel’s Creativity & Innovation team created a unique tube by incorporating various sensory properties.


Essel’s Velvetie tube depicts tactile, softness, coefficient of friction, body mass, thermal conductivity sensory properties of the nature. Elegant looking, soft to touch and luxurious velvety finish tubes enables drawing attention of buyers and helps in improving the brand perception.

Velvetie tubes can be printed with decorative graphics enhancing the touch and sensory feel of the tube. The laminated tube body can be made in plastic or aluminum. Velvetie tubes has passed the stringent product stability tests at Essel lab and is found suitable for packing oral care and cosmetic products like skin cream, body lotion, face wash, shampoo, conditioners, etc.

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