Wash-Off Pressure Sensitive Label

Easy wash-off label that aids bottle cleaning while recycling process

Company Name: 
CCL Label GmbH
Contact Person: 
Marketing Manager
  • It is a wash-off pressure sensitive label.
  • The label construction is suited for easier separation of the label from the actual beverage container during the washing process for example whilst bottle-to-bottle recycling(B2B).
  • Following the conventional method of reducing the returned PET containers into flakes, the hot water bath causes the labels to shrink which then separate from the PET flakes without leaving any residual ink or adhesive.
  • Whilst the PET flakes sink to the bottom, what is left to the labels swims to the surface enabling easy separation.
  • A two layer construction is used for these labels which ensures that all ink are safely enclosed between the two plastic film layers.
  • This newly developed LD-PSL labels contributes to the sustainable usage of raw materials as well as to the optimising the bottle to bottle recycling process
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