Innovative bundling solution for packaging industry

Company Name: 
Ocme S.r.l
Contact Person: 
Marketing Manager
  • PackettoTM is OCME’s research concept where innovative solutions for the packaging industry find their place
  • Packetto™ Eco is a new bundle allowing use of very light film with new handle type for easy carrying. Film thickness down gauge to 30micron
  • Packetto™ Smart: The faces are smooth and wrinkles-free - The shoulders are without foldbacks - Logos are clearly displayed allows  to save up to 20% on film consumption for a classic 6-pack , 1.5 L bottle.
  • Packetto™Party: OCME's Iceproof pack, is the alternative packaging solution for beverage multipacks. It allows you to easily enter the ice and to hold it perfectly with an integrated handle for a comfortable carrying. Its ability to keep the beverage cool makes it functional as well as with a unique “sharing-friendly” design. 

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