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Regulations such as the EU Regulation 2016/161, which must be implemented by 9 February 2019, require innovative solutions to protect the patient from counterfeit medicines. 

The New DualFUSION Vial is First Vial That Combines the Benefits of a Strong, Protective Plastic Outer Layer and the High-Performance Barrier Properties of an Inner Silica Layer.

Research shows that an estimated 334 million people have asthma worldwide, and 65 million people have moderate to severe COPD - a number that is expected to rise 24 percent by the year 2034 to make COPD the world’s third leading cause of death.(1,2,3) As cases increase, driven by the aging population, hospitals and care providers continue to see low levels of adherence and poor and inconsistent competence using current treatment devices. This has led to sub-optimal outcomes and higher rates of hospital admissions.

A new innovation in pharma packaging will keep your child safe from ingesting harmful iron-containing products. VitaPearl’s new child resistant prenatal vitamin package was designed internally at TherapeuticsMD. It offers a new blister pack system that can be easily maneuvered by expectant mothers. Iron poisoning in children can cause severe dehydration and abdominal pain so this change can help avoid dangerous situations and unnecessary discomfort for your child.


Newly developed tube dispense the viscous material in exact quantity which will replace pumps.

Neonatal meningitis in one of the leading causes of infant mortality in the western world, but getting an early diagnosis isn’t easy. Doctors need to collect a sample of spinal fluid, a painful and onerous procedure for anyone. For the tiniest patients, there’s the added risk that the needle being used to draw the fluid will damage delicate tissues. But at Tampere University Hospital in Finland, doctors were recently able to test a two-day-old, 6-pound baby for meningitis using a smart needle that removed much of the risk and made the process less painful.

Even after 175 years the tube is a packaging solution with a future 


EZ Grip & EZ-Safe are closures range which are ergonomically ribbed which make them user friendly.

Bangalore, May 19, 2016: Essentra plc, the UK-listed global provider of essential components and solutions, has been delighted to welcome customers to its state-of-the-art 70,000 sq. ft.


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