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The growth of the e-commerce industry has made cross-border shopping as easy as the click of a button. While this changing market trend has many pros, it also has some cons and risks associated with it. Viewing images of the product you are going to purchase on a screen only makes it harder to validate the authenticity of the seller and the product itself.

Counterfeiting has been around since way before e-commerce and industries are continually looking for better ways to safeguard their brand and products. The pharmaceutical and medical device industry, especially, pays special attention to ensure that their products cannot be replicated as the use of copies could be detrimental to health or even fatal.

Consumers, customs officials, and brand protectors preferably seek to verify the authenticity of products by the naked eye and without any tools. This can be done using visual effects on labels, self-adhesive marking, and micro-font technologies.

Schreiner, , Germany’s leading label manufacturer, provides various anti-counterfeiting solutions using these technologies. 

Schriener’s ShiftSecure combines the use of security inks used in banknote printing with line-induced positive-negative images. By the means of highly delicate line structures, these images produce a unique light/dark or positive/negative effect. This unmistakable visual effect protects against replication and can also be integrated with existing marking solutions.


It’s customized microfont on colour laser film (CLF) nameplates incur no additional costs because all required infrastructure is already available on customers‘ standard laser printing line operations. The restricted access to colour laser film will make this technology hard for counterfeiters to duplicate.




Development and integration of such technologies and deep rooted partnership between label makers and brands protect both suppliers and consumers against counterfeiting.



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