• PackagingConnections Webinar on Sustainability in Packaging

    PackagingConnections Webinar on Sustainability in Packaging

    Gurugram, India, July 27, 2020 - PackagingConnections has started with a series of webinars during July’2020. After successfully completing the first one on “Introduction to PackagingConnections”, the company is coming up with a new paid webinar on an important topic SUSTAINABILITY. The company has completed the initial research on Sustainability in Packaging and is ready to present its findings to the packaging community. The webinar will cover the current practices, challenges, and ways forward. This webinar would also take its audience through many examples that are already implemented.

  • Altopack and Halodi Robotics partner to develop packaging robot

    Altopack and Halodi Robotics partner to develop packaging robot


    As part of the partnership, Altopack will become a minority shareholder in the Norwegian robot developer.

    Halodi Robotics has developed a humanoid robot that performs pre-programmed tasks using artificial intelligence (AI). It moves using a set of two wheels and has movable arms to conduct work tasks.

    Under the terms of the agreement, the companies will work closely together to develop and adapt the packing robot’s software. Part of the work will take place at Altopack’s development centre in Bologna.

    According to the companies, Altopack Packaging Robot will be ready for delivery in 2023.

    “Our customers have always seen Altopack as a leader in utilising state-of-the-art technology in our solutions. By entering into a collaboration with Halodi Robotics, we are taking a giant leap forward in ensuring our competitive advantage,” said Giuseppe Vezzani, managing director of Altopack.

    Altopack designs, develops and supplies automated systems for packaging foods such as pasta, rice and frozen goods. The Italian firm highlights that the robots can be remotely controlled to service machines.

    Recently, Halodi Robotics entered into an agreement with technology company Strongpoint to develop an in-store grocery retail robotics solution, which will help retail employees with repetitive tasks, enabling them to focus on spending more time with customers.

    “At Halodi, we truly believe that our robots can make workplaces better by performing tasks that are dirty, dangerous and dull, so that employees can prioritise functions where they can create greater value. The collaboration with Altopack is an excellent example of this,” said Bernt Børnich, CEO of Halodi Robotics.

  • It's in the bag! Tesco partners with Mondi to close the loop for shopping bags from retailer's own paper waste

    It's in the bag! Tesco partners with Mondi to close the loop for shopping bags from retailer's own paper waste

    Leading global packaging and paper group Mondi and Tesco Central Europe have launched a new partnership, in which Mondi will purchase the retailer’s warehouse corrugated waste to create recycled paper for the retailers' shopping bags. Tesco is working towards a net zero emission goal, in line with its sustainability targets to remove, reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible and Mondi is able to contribute to this vision with its customer-centric approach, EcoSolutions.

  • Smart Support for Patients: Schreiner MediPharm Develops NFC-Label for Ypsomed’s UnoPen

    Smart Support for Patients: Schreiner MediPharm Develops NFC-Label for Ypsomed’s UnoPen

    Diabetes patients depending on lifelong insulin treatment have to administer the vital medication to themselves using insulin pumps, syringes or pens. Ypsomed offers UnoPen™, a disposable pen with variable dose setting, for this and other multidose therapies. Schreiner MediPharm has developed an NFC-Label for this injection aid that serves as a communication interface between the injector and the SmartPilot™—an electronic pen add-on. The resulting smart device interactively supports patients in using the pen and helps them adhere to their therapy plans.

  • Transparent, Certified Renewable Content, Carbon Neutral Packaging Film

    Transparent, Certified Renewable Content, Carbon Neutral Packaging Film

    Innovia Films is launching a new film in its Encore range of Sustainable Polypropylene packaging films.  REF30cn has a high level of certified renewable content (via ISCC PLUS mass balance) specifically achieving carbon neutral on a cradle to gate basis from the Innovia UK site.  Technically the film performance matches that of the fossil-based equivalent so can be used in both high-speed horizontal flow-wrap and overwrap applications.  The film is also fully food contact compliant.

  • Nordic Label – adding digital value for brands with Xeikon Smart Label Solution -Track and Trace

    Nordic Label – adding digital value for brands with Xeikon Smart Label Solution -Track and Trace

    Smart Labels for Data Driven Business


    Lier, Belgium, 31 March 2021 – Nordic Label Oy in Finland is attracting new business and widening its product portfolio using Xeikon smart label technology. The success and uptake of Xeikon’s ‘Track and Trace’ smart label solution is helping to reposition the successful label printer and set them apart from the competition. Since investing in digital five years ago, the over 100 year old company is now at the cutting edge of digital label production in the Nordic regions.  

  • Webinar on Injection Moulding

    Webinar on Injection Moulding

    After back-to-back successful webinars, we are now ready for another webinar on the topic of Injection Moulding. One of the most common methods of converting plastics from the raw material form to an article of use is the process of injection moulding. This process is used for thermoplastic materials and other polymeric materials which may be successively melted, reshaped, and cooled. Injection moulded components are a feature of almost every functional manufactured article in the modern world, from automotive products to food packaging.

  • Graphic Packaging launches recyclable beverage packaging solution

    Graphic Packaging launches recyclable beverage packaging solution


    Cap-It is a clip with neck rings designed for multipack PET or recycled PET bottles. Made from renewable materials, the paperboard solution offers an alternative to traditional shrink film packaging, increasing overall pack recyclability to 100%.

    Graphic Packaging’s latest release is said to use minimal paperboard and aims to support beverage brands’ plastic reduction goals.

    “Graphic Packaging’s wide range of sustainable paperboard beverage solutions work well with multiple can, glass bottle and PET bottle configurations,” said Roxanne McSpadden, director of marketing and beverage new product development at Graphic Packaging.

    “Cap-It is our latest innovation for PET bottles that replaces traditional plastic multipack solutions, such as rings and shrink films. With Cap-It, customers are guaranteed a 100% recyclable package that aids the circular economy by providing fibres that can circulate multiple times through the recycling chain and becoming new packaging.”

    Cap-It is currently in commercial use in Asia.

  • Bühler, Premier Tech introduce automatic packaging solution

    Bühler, Premier Tech introduce automatic packaging solution


    As the first open-mouth bagger from the Premier Tech-Bühler alliance, the OML-1060 can easily handle free-flowing granular material such as animal feed, pet food, rice, seeds, and plastic pellets. It can handle 20 to 50 kg bags at a speed of up to 600 bags per hour. It has been designed to easily run any type of bag, including non-laminated poly woven that can be problematic to fill due to their irregular properties. It is also compatible with most common bag closing systems.

    Its small and compact footprint optimizes floorspace and its lean design eases operation and maintenance. Safety being a priority for both Bühler and Premier Tech, this fully enclosed automatic packaging technology requires very limited operator interaction, enabling better working conditions.

    “It is amazing to see what can be achieved when two industry leaders join forces. Only eight months after starting our joint venture we are introducing to the world the most competitive fully automated packaging machine for granular products,” said Johannes Wick, chief executive officer (CEO) of Bühler’s Grains & Food business.

    Combining over 200 years of industry knowledge, Premier Tech and Bühler are bringing new opportunities to the markets in China, South East Asia, South America, and Africa with the OML-1060, ensuring accurate, safer, and more reliable packaging equipment.

    “What is magical about this partnership for our customers is to benefit from Premier Tech's technological know-how, Bühler's operational know-how, and unparalleled customer support from two organizations with a global footprint,” said André Noreau, CEO of Premier Tech’s Systems and Automation business.

    The CHRONOS OML-1060 combines the knowledge of two world leaders in their field of expertise - leveraging the processing and packaging experience for the producers of granular food and feed products. It has been developed to meet a common market demand for a flexible, high quality, accurate and yet cost-effective automatic bagging solution.

    “Our customers will now have access to the best technologies from Premier Tech and Bühler, two pillars in the industrial world that remarkably complement each other,” said Alexis Michaud, technical and product director, Premier Tech – Bühler.



    Packaging of dry foods is a meticulous process. They need to be packaged in such a way to ensure long term storage and transport. Preservation of these processed food is aided by the removal of oxygen from the packaging, either by vacuum packaging or nitrogen flushing.

    In this blog, we will talk about the process of nitrogen flushing and its relevance.


    Nitrogen flushing is a form of Modified Atmosphere Packaging method.

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