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Moisture-catching packaging for meat and fish

The creative entrepreneurs Luc van den Broek and Rinze Willemsen introduce the GravityTray, an innovative meat, chicken and fish packaging that makes the absorber superfluous.


The new PET meat tray recently came out of the test phase with good results and is ready for production. It also turns out to be suitable for vegetables and fruit. With the GravityTray, the liquid released from the product automatically ends up in the lower chamber of the packaging via funnels. This 'under chamber' is a separate compartment and once the liquid is isolated in this compartment, it can no longer come into contact with meat and fish, even if the GravityTray is turned on its side or upside down. Because the GravityTray has no fibers, as with absorbers, the risk that particles can "stick" to the meat or fish and be consumed is completely removed. An additional possibility is to provide the sealing bottom foil with branding or additional product information.


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