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Eric Frantz Elected As New Aerobal President

Eric frantz, ccl vice president operations, home and personal care north america, has been elected as president of the international organisation of aluminium aerosol container manufacturers aerobal in november 2015. He follows giorgio aliprandi of ball corporation. In his inaugural address mr. Frantz said, &ldquothe global aluminium aerosol can industry is confidently taking up challenges such as the increasing competition from plastic aerosols, ever smaller lot sizes and more complex regulatory demands. In close cooperation

With suppliers and customers aluminium aerosol can producers will continue to work on eyecatching can designs and sustainable packaging solutions to the benefit of the final consumer. The world aluminium aerosol can industry has enjoyed impressive growth rates of roughly 7 percent on average in the last ten years which demonstrates the success story of this attractive, convenient and sustainable packaging format.&rdquo 


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