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Ardaghs Aluminum Design Takes Off In Style

Lufthansa, germany&rsquos largest airline, and warsteiner, one of germany&rsquos largest and privately owned breweries, have had a close relationship for many years.  2015 marked lufthansa&rsquos 60th anniversary and so warsteiner congratulated them with a limited edition aluminium beer bottle.   A key decision for warsteiner was how to present its limited edition product for such an important milestone in the history of one of germany&rsquos most iconic brands, so they turned to one of its most trusted packaging suppliers, ardagh group. In 2014 ardagh developed an exciting range of aluminium bottles the warsteiner art collection.

These bottles were created at the stateoftheart printing facility in beaurepaire, france. The resulting launch attracted many new younger customers from around the world to the warsteiner brand and also lead to the company winning several international packaging design awards. A similar approach was followed for the lufthansa 60th anniversary bottle. The application of sharp screens combined with solid covering colours on brushed transparent metal effects and gold tones. Ulrich kunert, head of international marketing manager at warsteiner, commented &ldquoour partnership with lufthansa.

which began in 2001, is very important to warsteiner, and we are proud of our latest stunning bottle, created with the support of ardagh, that is much admired by lufthansa passengers on routes throughout the world.&rsquo he added &ldquoit represents not only the very best in contemporary design, but the choice of a lightweight and endlessly recyclable shaped aluminium bottle is a perfect fit for a sustainably conscious international airline.&rdquo  


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