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Super Lighter Pet Bottle For Carbonated Drink


This innovative bottle is suitable for being filled with carbonated beverages, and has a capacity of 500 millilitres. It tips the scales at a mere 9.9 grams &ndash making it 30 to 45 per cent lighter than comparable pet containers on the market. The lightweight bottle has been developed by a design team at krones .

It can be produced with minimal expenditure of energy and material, it&rsquos a true lightweight, not least in terms of production costs and minimised environmental impact. This is achieved, for example, by dividing up the bottle into several functional areas with different wall thicknesses. Most of the pet material is located in the upper part of the bottle, where it is held and opened. The walls in the lower section, by contrast, contains only half as much material.

Nonetheless, the bottle is reassuringly stable for handling and consumers&rsquo use, due to its sophisticatedly ingenious container geometry, in which the designers have left not a single square millimetre to chance. Further significant weight savings are achieved with the special neck finish, since in contrast to other pet bottles this one does not have a screwcap, but a tearoff ringpull closure.