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Premium Oval Tubes With Protective Seal


Innovation means easy protection. Tuplast has the only solution on the market which offers membrane protection for your products in the simplest possible way. Available in diameter 40mm. Expanding its range of top quality tubes &ndash tuplast has now introduced a range of oval tubes making their new passion the oval shape. Tuplast can offer oval tubes with 40mm and 50mm diameters. They also offer a protective membrane seal on their 40mm tubes, giving you further opportunities to protect your products. Tuplast&rsquos range of oval tubes are available in mono or coex version. Tuplast pride themselves in offering their customers a comprehensive decoration and design service with the following printing technologies       6 colour silksrceening       8 colour offset printing direct pantone or cmyk       hot stamping       fullbody offset printing       fullbody hotstamping       bicoloured flip top cap       spot varnish       superior fading effects