low profile desiccant

polysorb® desiccant card is a new development of multisorb to offers lowprofile stability. a polysorb desiccant card, with its ultrathin, low profile design, is the solution to humidityrelated stability issues when the product packaging lacks sufficient space for a traditional desiccant packet. polysorb desiccant cards can be used in a wide variety of packaging applications and are ideal for use in the packaging of invitro diagnostic devices, pharmaceuticals, and other medical products. dustfree polysorb cards are easily adapted to packaging in either a freefloating or selfadhesive format. with options for size and shape, the cards offer flexibility and ease of use, according to multisorb. the product is dustfree and can be dispensed on automated packaging lines using standard friction feeders. it is available in custom sizes and shapes, the cards can be produced to meet specific user requirements and are fully supported by a type iii drug master file. stock sizes include 0.5g and 1.0g equivalent cards.



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