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Innovative Closure For Premium Face Creams


Slidissime offers a prestige packaging solution for creams and lotions that combines sensuality with effective product protection. The airless jar comprises a collapsible pouch and an ergonomic fl exible airless pump that ensure protection of active ingredients from oxidation, uv rays and other external contaminants during its entire usage. The system also allows decreased use of preservatives in product formulae. At the same time, slidissime&rsquos tactile &lsquotouch & slide&rsquo pump provides a unique opening experience for the consumer, unlike other systems where product is dispensed by pushing on the top or side of a jar.

With slidissime, a simple slide on the membrane delivers an accurate dose through the hole, which is located at the extremity of the touch & slide pump. The hole closes after each dose, avoiding any airintake and drying of the product. Slidissime was developed after indepth research by rpc bramlage, which found that 50 of those questioned did not use cosmetic jars because they were considered unhygienic.

Consumers also wanted a clean dispensing operation. Slidissime meets these needs because users do not have to put their fingers in the cream.