• The epidemic did not stop him either: the new production line of Mátrametál was launched!

    The economic crisis caused by the coronavirus could not slow down the expansion of the Sirok business with a long history. This week, Mátrametál's new production line was assembled and launched with brilliant technical solutions, despite the fact that the specialists of the constructive German partner could no longer enter the country. As reported by Kékes Online , last February, in the presence of Minister of Finance Mihály Varga and László Horváth, Member of Parliament for the region, a document on the HUF 1.8 billion support of the Government of Hungary was handed over to the company. Using the amount provided from domestic sources within the framework of the Large Enterprise Investment Support Program, a modern aerosol bottle production line and finished goods warehouse with a monitoring and control system were built in the amount of HUF 3.6 billion, and the hall capacity was also expanded. Ferenc Lovas, the managing director of Mátrametál Kft, told Kékes Online that they had reached the end of the implementation of the investment, and the first phase of trial production had started this week. The usual protocol event was abandoned this time in view of the epidemic, but the company management invited László Horváth to the festive moment, thanking the representative for his supportive work. The managing director said that the construction of the production line took a year, during which they relied on two significant partners, the architectural investor was Tengely-Közmű Kft. Ferenc Lovas also revealed that the last phase of the works was not as planned due to the pandemic, but their efforts were still crowned with success. “We received the last two pieces of equipment at a time when German mechanics were no longer able to enter the country with the machines due to the border lock. Thus, these were built locally by Mátrametál's colleagues under the remote control of the German partner. The lines of production and the start of production were coordinated in the same brilliant way. We made this difficult decision together with the contractor, but our ambitious German partner, like us, also undertook this unusual solution. We really didn't have to convince each other, we cut in, ”the company manager recalled with a smile. During this period, we were in constant contact for 8-10 hours a day, through all the means of communication available today. Video conferencing, telephones, emails and special, As we learned from Ferenc Lovas, the company's capacity was expanded with a much more efficient line. Thanks to the development, they can produce 40 million more aerosol bottles a year. - Previously, our capacity was sufficient to produce 100 million bottles a year, now we can produce 140 million. This expansion is only a number in itself, says Ferenc Lovas, because this capacity must also be filled with orders. To this end, we have carried out a very significant market expansion work in the last year in parallel with the technical development. Thanks to this, today I can say that in addition to the existing one, we already have continuous orders for the new production line. The managing director explained that Mátrametál Kft operates in a very diversified, complex market. Geographically, from the Middle East, through Britain, from Russia to Germany, their products are present in virtually every country in Europe. 99% of aerosol bottles are sold on the export market, as there are very few filling plants in Hungary. According to the head of the company, their competitive advantage also stems from the fact that they also undertake smaller batches and specialize in the production of special bottles. These products are made of aluminum, which is utilized by the cosmetics industry. - Along such a market strategy, we are less exposed to a larger customer, from which we could suddenly lose a significant order book in the event of such a crisis. This security comes in handy these days, as we have canceled orders, but we can find new ones instead. Moreover, in the field of packaging for hand sanitizers, of course, there is a very big upswing, we can hardly serve the market needs - the head of Mátrametál introduced the details of the background work. Seeing the order backlog, we are confident that we can now see that the company will go through this critical period smoothly, the CEO concluded. According to László Horváth, Mátrametál excelled in crisis management. The Member of Parliament thanked the management of the company and through them for the dedicated and strained work of the 360 ​​people working here. As he put it, this development is a symbol of confidence in the successful future of the company and the region. Government support has arrived in the right place and at the right time, so it will give the region another competitive advantage instead of the economic stagnation caused by the epidemic.


    Five-year agreement makes Antares exclusive supplier of all inspection and tracking technologies, and lays groundwork for innovative jointly-developed solutions

    Two Italy-based equipment solutions leaders to bring digital innovation into sectors with high growth potential

    Travagliato (BS), June 17, 2020 – Antares Vision has entered into a partnership with IMA, a company listed in the STAR segment and a global leader in the design and production of machines for process automation and packaging of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, foodstuffs, tea and coffee.

  • Evaluating CAPEX and OPEX for your next PET packaging line for edible oil?

    Today, edible oil is a very competitive market category, essentially driven by product and brand differentiation as well as competitiveness through packaging cost savings, production efficiency and permanent asset optimisation. Sidel, as a leading solution provider, have a strong heritage in edible oil, acting as a one-stop shop partner in proposing complete and integrated PET lines.

  • Innovative 3D In-mold technology

    3D IML combines MuCell technology with IML label technology to offer a unique visual appearance and soft touch effect to packages, Providing differentiation without changing the container shape. Multi-Sensory Experience The 3D in-mold label is processed with an injection-molded tub made of expanded polypropylene to incorporate selective masking, creating areas without adhesion. The MuCell process controls the introduction of nitrogen into the polymer. Where there is adhesion between the label and the polymer, the nitrogen migrates through both structures.

  • Watson’s Launches Children’s Water, Featuring an Aptar Sport Cap

    A survey of more than 5,800 students by Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that 65% failed to meet the recommended level of drinking 1,200 ml of water per day. Creating a subdivided product with the objective of appealing to children, and match their drinking habits is key to support this category’s growth, which largely depends on packaging innovations to reflect the difference, and enhance the experience. Recently, Watson’s, a well-known domestic pure water brand, launched a purified water product in line with children’s drinking habits. It features innovative packaging with a refreshing, fun design, in addition to Watson’s established standard of zero impurities from high-temperature distillation. In contrast to Watson’s traditional drop-shaped bottle, this new package is arc-shaped and smaller – at only 200ml in size – making it easier for children to hold. Plus, the eye catching cartoon images of Super Wings on the label will attract a host of Super Wings fans! The most notable feature of the packaging is that it abandons the traditional twist-off closure and uses Aptar’s unique “classic sports closure “(Original), which differs markedly from competing products on the market. With a flip-top design, it can be opened with one hand and is ready to drink on-the-go, with the colorful built-in suction nozzle able to control water flow, and mirror children’s drinking habits, making it both safer and more hygienic. Aptar’s line of sport caps were created around safety, hygiene, convenience, differentiation, personality, and fun, making them suitable, not only for children’s drinks, but all kinds of bottled water and sports drinks. Many leading water brands worldwide use Original for their high-end drinking water, and gained wide attention from consumers, due to its differentiated experience when compared to the other solutions in the market today. The classic closure suits all neck finish, such as 1810, 1881 and 3025, and can be customized with different colors, such as a dual-color two-piece type and a pure color one-piece type, to meet the differing needs of brands and consumers.

  • An Open Letter from Aptar’s CHRO, Shiela Vinczeller, on Celebrating Pride Month and Diversity and Inclusion

    The tumultuous days and the events that have unfolded across the United States and have reverberated around the world, serve as an urgent reminder of the continued change needed in our society. It starts with those all-important conversations. By listening, by trying to understand, by reaching out. By understanding what drives, what motivates each of us. What makes us happy, what makes us angry, what makes us sad, what makes us hopeful? What it takes to feel safe in the workplace, to feel appreciated.

    Annually, the month of June provides an important opportunity to reflect on the inclusivity of workplaces from an LGBTQ+ perspective.

    Groups worldwide observe and support Pride Month in many ways – and June was chosen in memory of the Stonewall Riots that took place in the U.S. in 1969.

    PRIDE month promotes the dignity, equal rights, self-affirmation for the LGBTQ+ community, and is a way of increasing society’s awareness of the issues they face.

    During this time when empathy and support for each other is so important, and as we celebrate PRIDE month together, our actions, unconscious and conscious cultivate the everyday experience for employees. It is ok, if there are answers that you don’t know, it is a matter of being comfortable just asking. I encourage everyone to proactively have discussions and solicit input and feedback. There is no need to wait until someone is uncomfortable or unhappy. When individuals feel that they are valued for who they are including the many ways they are unique, be it sexual orientation, gender identity, race, age, physical ability, socioeconomic status, religion and others, they will feel they belong and will bring their whole self to work.

    This takes intent and commitment. Diversity is an action, inclusivity is cultural, and belonging is a feeling. It does not happen by itself, we can all be leaders if we choose to be and we all have a responsibility to make those around us feel comfortable. And one more thing – and I feel very strongly about this – we cannot be halfway inclusive. It is an all the way understanding and promise.

    In the spirit of our Aptar Core values of respect and dignity for all – let me express our appreciation for our LGBTQ+ community and encourage everyone to join in the conversation, be an ally!

  • Proof of maintenance and tamper protection for the e-bike belt drive

    The motor is the centerpiece of an e-bike. The belt drive from Brose Antriebstechnik features an extremely quiet, robust and low-maintenance design and makes for a feeling of natural riding. The belt is installed in a protective housing. For reliable proof of the most recent maintenance, Schreiner ProTech developed a tamper-evident label with first-opening indication for Brose Antriebstechnik modified to suit the customer’s needs and the application. The label reliably indicates any unauthorized opening of the housing and thus potential tampering attempts.

  • Siegwerk and Varcotec form partnership for Lock 3 antimicrobial coating innovation

    As the new and preferred sales partner for Varcotec's innovative Lock 3 technology, Siegwerk is expanding its range of packaging inks and varnishes with a unique antimicrobial dispersion varnish suitable for a wide range of applications and packaging types.

  • Automation, Healthy Work Environment & Cost Minimization

    Looking into innovation and automation of the production, the company recently decided to purchase a Lundberg Tech WasteTech 400 to capture, convey, cut and collect matrices and edge trims from 5 thermoforming packaging machines. Considering the low temperature in the sausage production room, the best option was to place the All-in-one Unit in the packaging room, where the circulated and filtered air stays in the room. The exhaust air temperature of the WasteTech system is only minimally increased by the extraction process. By choosing a continuous vacuum solution, heavy manual handling of edge trim and matrix waste roles plus extra waste due to stops and restarts in the production have been eliminated. This is a great advantage also with respect to product quality and cost minimization. The handling from initial discussions to installation and commissioning has been impeccable. The WasteTech 400 has been met with high acceptance by the employees as the operation is easy and the equipment rather silent. Residual materials are collected in a sack (approx. 300 kg of waste) that only needs to be changed once per shift. — H. & E. Reinert Westfälische Privat-Fleischerei GmbH

  • UPM Raflatac expands Forest Film product range with the industry’s first wood-based polyethylene label film

    “We want to bring value to our clients by offering a wide variety of sustainable alternatives to choose from. Examples of these include UPM Raflatac Forest Film PE and PP, the first wood-based film label materials on the market, and UPM Raflatac PP PCR manufactured from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic,” says Timo Kekki, Vice President, Films SBU UPM Raflatac.

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