• FIBC Jumbo Bag

    Mostly such FIBC Jumbo Bags are used for packaging of various Chemicals, Fertilizers, Food Products, Grains, Mining Products , Construction, Pigments, Plastics Seed etc

    We also offers our client a highly customized solutions to meet their packaging needs.

    We have international standards manufacturing facilities for FIBC Bags which are made from high quality fabric and our products are well known for its durability and capability to withstand heavy weights along with high tensile strength, low elongation and weather resistance.

    These FIBC / Big Bags / Jumbo Bags are widely appreciated due to attractive specifications. We are renowned nationally & internationally for manufacturing and supplying excellent quality FIBC / Big Bags / Jumbo Bags. We offer Jumbo Bags which are also known as the Bulk Bags are most suitable for storage and carrying purposes of solid materials. These are designed to hold a vast range of materials safely and conveniently.


    Different types of Jumbo Bags made by us:

    Circular Type with Cross Corner / Corner Loops
    Upanel / 4 Panel Bags
    Baffle Bag
    Conical Top / Bottom Bag
    4 loop bag
    UN bags
    Sift Proof bags

  • Mondi sponsors Bristol Gulls as they row across the Atlantic to raise awareness for plastic pollution

    Four women from the Bristol Gulls will take on the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, rowing across the ocean in an Eco Boat to raise awareness around plastic pollution 
    They will have a 55-day supply of mainly freeze-dried meals packed in Mondi’s award-winning BarrierPack Recyclable, a fully recyclable mono-material that supports a circular economy
    The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge begins on 12 December 2020, covering 4,800km from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to Antigua

  • Rollable Like a Tube

    Beiersdorf 's new bottles for Nivea body lotion: a new packaging design uses 50 percent less plastic. The bottle can be rolled up, similar to a toothpaste tube, making it easier for consumers to empty.

    After a lot of research and development Beiersdorf reports a breakthrough in body lotion packaging design: The new Nivea Naturally Good Body Lotion bottle and cap uses 50 percent less plastic than the standard Nivea body lotion bottle. The new bottle is very thin and has a specially shaped base, the company explains. This makes it easy to squeeze and roll up, similar to a toothpaste tube. This makes it easier for consumers to empty the packaging.

    As Beiersdorf emphasizes, the bottle is completely recyclable. In addition, the thinner and lighter packaging can contribute to optimized pallet loading, which makes the product more sustainable when transported to retailers.

    90 per cent of PET bottles are made from old plastic

    Beiersdorf’s goal is that by the end of 2020 a total of 90 percent of all PET bottles used in Europe will be made of recycled material. This measure alone would save 1,200 tons of new plastic per year. Product innovations such as the Nivea Shower Fresh Blends shower products were therefore launched in PET bottles containing at least 97 percent recycled plastic. Beiersdorf in Germany plans to have converted the majority of the Nivea Shower & Shampoo range to recycled material by 2020. This includes PET and HDPE bottles made from post-consumer waste. Other European countries are to follow.

    At Beiersdorf AG, the use of petroleum-based virgin plastic is to be reduced by 50 percent by 2025 and the proportion of recycled material in plastic packaging is to be increased to 30 percent. All product packaging should be completely refillable, reusable or recyclable.

  • MUSHROOM PACKAGING: Material Technology

    The styrofoam-like packaging material is primarily made of fungus roots and residues from farming. The manufacturing process begins by mixing mycelia, or fungus sprouts, with seedlings or other residues from agriculture. Mycelia acts as a natural adhesive by the virtue of a network of wire-like cells. Without the need for either light, water or any chemical additives, the mycelium grows by and around the residues.

  • Oman Refreshment Company and Sidel join forces to successfully launch three new formats

    Oman Refreshment Company (ORC) has launched three new formats for PET bottles in order to meet changes in consumer demand. Thanks to outstanding teamwork and flexibility, Sidel, its trusted OEM, completed the line conversion within a reduced lead time. These formats are now operating with improved rated speed to satisfy consumer demand in Oman.

  • Prorunner Mk10-ps: Extremely Compact Automatic Pallet Stacker

    Stacking loaded pallets saves space in trucks and warehouses and thus contributes to a higher load factor and higher storage capacity. In addition, stacked pallets provide extra efficiency, as a forklift operator can move two or perhaps even three pallets at a time. The only condition is that the pallets must first be placed on top of each other, for which forklift trucks or manual stackers are usually used. This work requires not only extra time, but also the necessary precision to prevent product damage.

    Qimarox’s Prorunner mk10-PS makes stacking loaded pallets faster and simpler. This automatic pallet stacker takes a loaded pallet off a pallet conveyor and lifts it up. When the next pallet is transported to the same position, the stacker lowers the first pallet again until it is on top of the second. In this way, the Prorunner mk10-PS can easily create more than sixty pallet stacks per hour. All the forklift driver has to do is remove these stacks from the conveyor and transport them to the correct destination.

    Extremely compact, modular design
    The automatic pallet stacker is based on the modular design of the Prorunner mk10, the popular Qimarox pallet lift. The 4-column construction and the lifting mechanism are completely identical. Only the pallet lift carrier has been replaced by a newly designed pallet clamp module. It has two short forks at the front and rear that can move in and out of the pallet openings. These forks lift the pallet to any desired, adjustable height, so that the next pallet can be transported underneath.

    The great advantage of the Prorunner mk10-PS is its extremely compact footprint. The 4-column construction is placed over the conveyor instead of next to it. Because the pallet is lifted at both the front and rear, no extra space is required next to the pallet conveyor, as in solutions with long forks that lift the pallet from the side. This makes the Qimarox automatic pallet stacker easy to integrate into virtually any existing final packaging or logistics system.

    Proven, reliable and cost effective
    The Prorunner mk10-PS offers more advantages. Because the modular design is based on the existing pallet lift that has already been used in hundreds of operations around the world, end users are assured of a proven, reliable, maintenance-friendly and cost-effective solution. The serially produced pallet lift is built exclusively from standard components.

    The robust steel construction ensures great stability despite the dynamic forces that arise during operation. Lifting is done with steel chains in a durable plastic case, which ensure silent lifting. Automatic fall protection ensures safety in all cases. All of this makes the Prorunner mk10-PS a reliable solution with low total cost of ownership and short payback time.

  • Greiner Packaging partners with SABIC to create first bouillon packaging made from circular polymer for Unilever

    These days, plastic packaging manufacturers are faced with ever increasing demands to  incorporate more sustainable and more recycled materials, such as r-PP. For the first time,  Greiner Packaging has now teamed up with global petrochemical leader SABIC and brand owner  Unilever in a pilot project to produce tubs and lids for KnorrTM bouillon powder that are made  from 100 percent certified circular PP from postconsumer plastic material. The new solution is  already on the market. 

  • Marchesini Group carries out its 90th streaming test and launches MIMO, a remote assistance camera suitcase

    Pianoro (Bologna) – In order to continue to offer full assistance to customers in the current international context, Marchesini Group has consolidated its remote after-sales support services. To manage these services, a unit called X-CARE has been set up with the task of coordinating all the remote testing procedures required during these exceptional times. The end result is a complete kit of services that can also be used individually and will remain in operation even after the health situation has returned to normal. 

  • ACG appoints Dr. Marcus Michel as the new CEO of ACG Engineering

    ACG, a leading supplier of fully integrated solutions to the global pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Marcus Michel as the new CEO of ACG Engineering. In his new role he will be responsible for continuing to drive ACG’s focus on the global pharmaceutical industry, innovative technologies, Business Excellence, and Institution Building.

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