• “Tethered by SACMI” webinar, a winning formula

    High attendance at our webinar - organised as part of SACMI Virtual Interpack 2020 – which took customers-users from all over the world on a tour of the SACMI Tethered Cap Solutions that are four years ahead of both the new EU standards and the market

  • Milliken & Company Publishes Second Annual Corporate Sustainability Report

    Global manufacturer lays groundwork to achieve company goals for a more sustainable world


    Tray sealing specialist Proseal has launched a revolutionary tray positioning system - the first of its kind - that calculates the required tray-spacing set-up parameters for individual tray sealing tool-sets, eliminating the trial and error usually associated with this process.

  • Meet Super Combi Compact: more performance, less space!

    Two years after the introduction of the Super Combi to the industry for compact lines’ solutions, today, Sidel presents a bolder, next-generation solution Super Combi Compact that, as indicated in its name, is even more compact. Allowing up to 30% footprint reduction compared to the previous model, the solution also excites with the efficiency enhancement it assures for still water production thanks to the new filling technology embedded in the Sidel EvoFILL HS Still that guarantees a 30% faster performance.

  • Mondi Upgrades its Paper Bags Facility in Hungary

    New €7 million investment in state-of-the-art paper sack converting machine at Mondi's plant in Nyíregyháza, Hungary
    The machine will increase the plant’s quality, efficiency and service standards to produce high-end and sophisticated paper sacks for food purposes
    The investment will see 130 million paper sacks produced annually
    Mondi Nyíregyháza is in the process of seeking certification from HACCP to serve the food, feed, and seed industries

  • 'Close the Glass Loop' action platform launches with major glass recycling target in sight

    Multi-stakeholder platform connects the glass packaging ecosystem; targets 90% glass collection by 2030.

    Brussels, 30 June 2020 – With the warm welcome of European Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius, glass collection and recycling stakeholders today launched a major material stewardship programme which connects the entire European glass packaging ecosystem to boost bottle-to-bottle recycling.

  • Lawn and garden brand upgrades to bio-based packaging solution

    Espoma Organic continues to showcase their commitment to the environment with more sustainable packaging alternatives.

    OSHKOSH, Wis. – Espoma Organic, a lawn and garden brand, continues to showcase their commitment to the environment by replacing fossil-fuel-derived polymers in their packaging with more sustainable alternatives.

  • Quality with a Twist

    The 30ml Twist-Up for the company’s It’s Never Too Late serum uses advanced hot foil stamping and silk screen printing to create a high-quality and expensive look that enhances brand image and delivers maximum on-shelf appeal. The rose gold brushed metal effect of the headpiece provides an effective contrast to the black container with complementary high-impact lettering to establish an individual look that emphasises the premium nature of the product. In addition, Berry Bramlage’s advanced Twist-Up dispensing system ensures consistent and controlled dosing and hygienic application of the serum and in the closed position protects the product from inadvertent use. A clicking sound confirms that the dispenser is safely opened and closed every time. Airless technology helps to preserve the natural ingredients to enable the product to remain fully effective throughout usage. “The Berry Bramlage Twist-Up container is a high-quality container with excellent functionality, which makes it the perfect choice for our new advanced serum,” comments Dr Kurt Wolff. “It has exactly met our requirements and we have been delighted with the high level of service from the Berry Bramlage Velky Meder team.”

  • Avoid counterfeit with unique serialization codes

    Genuine check, loyalty program and special promotions The unique serialization code is also usable for direct consumer loyalty programs and special promotions. As the unique printed code is sleeved in the inner-package the end-user can only read and check the code. A direct marketing-hit. By checking end-users obtain full confidence in the products food safety and authenticity of the product. Kortho genuine check integration The unique check number is created using a centralized serialization-database with encrypted numbers generated with secret keys. This number can be printed in digits and/or in a QR-code. Databases with the secret keys are kept save at the designated departments. The only output on the production site is an encrypted code. This code is supplied realtime while printing using remotely controlled factory IP-technology. Industry 4.0 and the benefits of centralized control in combination with TCP/IP in optima forma. In addition to the standard standalone encoding equipment Kortho made it possible to manage her High-Res inkjet, Thermaltransferprinters (TTO) and continuous Inkjetprinter (CIJ) from a centralized Windows environment like ERP. Kortho’s Industry 4.0 We standardized the control of all our printers so that they can be operated from any Windows system and/or software. By combining this with the openly available Nicelabel software we are able to fulfill any specific coding need with a standard package. A few of all our plug and play solutions that are standardly included are: Specific solutions against wrong codings Serialization of products against counterfeit Automatic label templates Central (ERP) control of printers Safeguards against human error Complete line configuration with one click of a button Print directly from any database Integration of external equipment (vision, weighing etc.) Automatic allergen highlight Automatic nutritional value calculation Kortho and Nicelabel Kortho is a fully certified Nicelabel Platinum and Enterprise partner. With this Platinum and Enterprise certification Kortho achieved the highest in-house knowledge level for Nicelabel software and its application.

  • Idealpak’s Sugarcane Tubes offer a new green packaging option

    Idealpak’s sugarcane tubes are made from bio-plastic derived from 100% renewable resource—sugarcane. They have the same structure and function as the traditional tubes and there is no difference in the properties. Therefore, no new filling equipment or operational adjustments are needed if you shift from traditional tubes to sugarcane tubes. Advantages of choosing Sugarcane Tubes instead of the traditional tubes: The raw material for the sugarcane tube, green polyethylene, is derived from 100% renewable resource—sugarcane, instead of fossil-based materials The carbon footprint is 50% better than the traditional tubes because sugarcane absorbs CO2 from air as it grows After being used, the sugarcane tube can be 100% recycled. Strengths of Idealpak in Sugarcane Tubes: Idealpak has round, oval and flat oval sugarcane tubes in great variety of sizes Idealpak provides different closure options for sugarcane tube: screw caps, flip top caps, lip applicators, roller caps, pump caps and twist top caps Idealpak offers different decoration options for the sugarcane tubes including silkscreen printing, hot stamping, offset printing, and labeling Idealpak’s highly skilled team and complete and systematic quality assurance system will ensure efficiency and quality.

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