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IoT, or the Internet of Things, quite literally talks about how physical objects (aka things) such as machines and materials are now a part of a very large system (you guessed it right, the Internet) that allows them to communicate and share data with the help of sensors, microcomputers, assisted software, etc.

From tracking your online shipment on your laptop to switching on the smart lights in your room using voice commands, all this  “convenient access to information” is made possible due to the “Internet of Things”.

Now, like every other industry, the packaging industry has kept up with evolving technology to provide better products and services to businesses and customers and improve the efficiency of their manufacturing systems.

Many brands have incorporated QR codes and the likes on their packaging to increase customer engagement. Customers tend to learn more about their product through these interactive methods as it piques their curiosity. Additionally, brands are able to provide more information than they could before as there are no restrictions on the space available on the packaging; all they need space for is a code that can be scanned by a smartphone which can redirect them to an entire website.   

In addition to enhancing engagement with customers, IOT also helps improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process. With every passing decade, we see exponential growth in how computers interact with one another and how we can teach them to perform functions autonomously. The packaging industry too, aims to use superior technology to eliminate the involvement of humans in repetitive tasks. This not only redirects human resources to better use but also reduces the probability of human error and, in most cases, speeds up the process.

IoT might seem like a simple concept but is multi-layered. In a few years, we can expect to access any possible information from any part of the world. That requires an extensively well-developed network of communication lines and data centers.

Watch out for our next blog to learn more about how IoT has impacted the packaging industry so far and what we can expect from the future.



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