• SML Group Unveils New 3D/AR Platform Digitiz3D™ to Digitize Labels & Trim Design Processes

    Secaucus, N.J. – October 15, 2020 – SML Group, a global retail branding and RFID solutions provider, today unveiled its internal 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) visualization platform, Digitiz3DTM. The new virtual product development tool will empower retail business owners (RBOs) and garment vendors around the world to better streamline their labelling and trims processes in order to increase overall speed and flexibility needed in today’s challenging market. 

    Without 3D and AR modelling, design operation processes are often tedious, consisting of time-consuming alteration rounds, endless physical samples, and wasted fabric that have both cost and environmental repercussions. Digitiz3DTM addresses these challenges directly through technology that eliminates the need to touch or wait for physical samples – and instead provides customized garment catalogues with high-quality previews that demonstrate how various branding items would look on each garment or product. This includes: 

    - Trims and packaging visualizations 
    - Hardware colors and finishes explorations 
    - AR library of assets for designers (i.e. labels, tags, buckles, buttons, packaging, etc.)

    “Given today’s complex landscape of remote workforces, the challenges within the supply chain and logistics, and increasing demand for more virtual, touchless experiences, 3D and AR technology adoptions have and will only continue to grow as a critical tool in retail’s arsenal,” said Gary Moskovciak, Senior Vice President of the Americas Region at SML Group. “The industry is evolving. Just look at major brands like Tommy Hilfiger, who pledged that by the end of 2020 100% of their collections would be designed entirely in 3D and who hit 65% as of May. It’s just one example of this market shift utilizing digitalization in support of more efficient, cost effective, and sustainable retail operations with many others following suit. We’re excited to bring this opportunity to life for our customers as part of our continued innovation that serves them.” 

    SML Group’s 3D models are created through a combination of various software platforms and Digitiz3DTM, which seamlessly integrate with rendering software.

    To learn more about SML Group, follow us on LinkedIn or visit www.sml.com. 

  • AEROBAL’s World Aluminium Aerosol Can Award 2020

    AEROBAL, the International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers, organised its globally acclaimed competition for the best aluminium aerosol cans once again this year. According to AEROBAL’s secretary general, Gregor Spengler, the World Aluminium Aerosol Can Award has long since established itself as a reliable trend barometer for future developments in the international aerosol can market. At the same time, the competition demonstrates impressively the capability and innovative strength of the industry in general and AEROBAL’s member companies in particular.

  • RCMA Revamps Packaging

    Established in 1963 to further research and development for specialized makeup in film, television, print, and red carpet, RCMA Makeup is known throughout the industry as “the professional’s makeup.” Now, after years of service, the brand’s No-Color Powder is getting a fresh makeover. Each RCMA product comes with 3 oz. of loose powder that sets foundation without caking.
    The brand is trading out its spice jar for a custom-designed container featuring a matte black slick lid, a durable plastic bottle, and a new, recessed sifter for easier application. The container also features the brand’s sleek new logo, while still maintaining a familiar design and size (3 oz. of loose powder). This redesign is part of RCMA’s revitalized focus on serving the makeup community now and into the future.

  • Production of aluminium aerosol cans only decreased slightly despite the corona crisis

    Moderate minus of roughly two percent worldwide in the first half of 2020

    AEROBAL, the International Organization of Aluminum Aerosol Container Manufacturers, recorded a relatively moderate decline in the global production of aluminum cans of almost two percent for the first half of 2020 despite the corona pandemic. Compared to most other industrial sectors, the industry is still doing relatively well in a global comparison.

  • Label-less Bottle a Cinch to Recycle

    Miami-based spirits conglomerate Toast Distillers, Inc., known for its ultra-premium vodka, is raising a glass of a different sort—new Toast H2O alkaline-purified water in a label-less PET bottle that simplifies recycling. Dubbed “the healthy water,” Toast H2O is treated with reverse-osmosis, UV light, ozone, carbon filter, multimedia filter, and microfiltration, and is produced by Toast Distillers’ subsidiary, The Miami Distilling Company.

    According to Dieuveny “DJ” Jean Louis, founder and CEO of Toast Distillers, Inc., Toast H2O was added to the company’s spirits-only portfolio so that it could share its products with many more customers, “even the smallest in the house.” He adds, “Water is an essential liquid for life, and today more than ever, the motto of our company supports it: ‘TO LIVE, TO LOVE, TO US.’”

    The decision to go label-less, using a screen-printing process for decoration instead, was made in an effort to maintain the elegance of the bottle, but more importantly, to facilitate recycling. “Most plastic bottles are made from polyethylene, the easiest plastic to recycle in the industry; most adhesive labels are made from polypropylene. Although the two materials are plastic, they have different recycling processes, which means that in order to recycle a bottle, the label must be removed,” says Louis. “Can you imagine how many bottles of water of this type are consumed in the world? Removing the label is usually done manually. Normally this plastic is sent to other countries with a slightly cheaper labor cost but with poor production controls, so guaranteeing the recycling process is complicated.

    “We are aware of the situation that exists worldwide with plastic, and we deeply believe that the solution to this problem is to teach customers and develop methods to facilitate recycling processes.”

    The sleek, 16.9-oz, clear wine-bottle shaped package uses minimal decoration, with the logo positioned in black type vertically up the front panel of the bottle. It is topped with a matching black cap. The bottle is produced and printed by Savani Water of Medley, Fla. 

  • Benefits Of Using Customised Calico Bags For Your Product Packaging

    Perhaps you're reading this because you're looking for new, better, and more eco-friendly product packaging options. If you're eager to stop using plastic, it's time for you to make the big switch. These days, businesses around the world are looking towards more eco-friendly practices; this means using reusable materials. When you think about it, spending money sourcing and printing on plastic packaging, only for it to be thrown away shortly after it’s received, is a waste of time and money.

  • Discovering Advancements in Packaging

    Quick advancement can be witnessed in various aspects. The packaging has been administered with a more suitable fit size, better quality, and design. Packaging has been directed towards a more durable and long-lasting attire to adorn. Packaging needs to be crush bearer inside out and withstand any impact with high resilience. Being materialistic is a necessity Imparting great attention to improvements in packaging has emerged with various new accomplishments. Some of them being the use of a highly compressed cardboard that can stand lots more crushes and impacts. Better and better designs and ideas have been dug out, which has increased the packaging population, and in turn, raised the selective options available. Now everything can meet its suitor. Nothing has to undergo unusual misfits. Your product is only sealed or locked up in an airy enough space but not too large or too small. No product is left stranded; every item is assigned their transient stay place efficiently. Materialistically, better technology has been able to aid a fast start by producing high strength cardboard or corrugated boxes that add significant power to packaging. The latest packaging has emerged with easier assembly, usage, and grip on its products, market shelves, or shipment containers. Latest technology grooms packaging With time prints have gotten sharper and more beautiful, every color now stands out perfectly; no color spills out of its place. Better printing service provides any desired design to customize the packaging with. Nothing is impossible now with better printing devices available and also more skilled professionals that tire themselves formulating compositions until your approval. The service has become more customer-centered. Customized results are better than in the past; packaging boxes have space for engraving the brand details and logos that further add beautification to the boxes. Simultaneously drives your sales sky high. Shipping safe has become a reality Though packaging has to come in various shapes, sizes, and textures. One thing is always imparted importance, and that is over long distances. Great work is put in to raise the standards of packaging to make delivery of items damage-free and in safe hands. Innovations don't halt at any boundaries Advancements are aimed at instilling packaging with display technologies or an automotive ability to reduce the human need. Being recycled from the material thrown in the garbage, no stalk is added to the ground; it is based on an ecological approach that minimizes the risk and dangers to the earth's atmosphere.

  • Why packaging is essential for shipping product

    What I am trying to say is the age of technology and science. We are busy inventing new gadgets and new stuff that can make our lives easier. An average-earning person can't buy clothes or anything else from abroad he can't go there or even to another city to have great things in that city. Technology takes place And here the magic starts. Yes! The online shopping system, it revolutionized the whole concept of shopping. Now you can have the best things while sitting on your couch and playing games. All you need to order your desired stuff from any part of the world, and here's you have it. Mishap This system is like a dream comes good to pay the shipping and product price and enjoy. Oh! Wait a second. I ordered a beautiful glass ship, and when my order arrived, there was a crack on the ship because the packaging was not good enough to resist all the jerks in its journey. Don't they know that it will be a long journey they should have packed it properly? All my money is wasted. I loved the piece, and now I have a cracked glass piece. I will never be going to buy anything online. What you think about what all this scenario shows? Yes! You got it, the packaging. If the packaging was kind enough to tackle all the circumstances, all accident should not have happened. The solution to your problem It means packaging in shipping products is the key to have a successful delivery. It's not only about glass products; it's about all kinds of shipping products. To deliver a product safely, the packaging must be reasonable and robust enough. It should be of such a design that can handle any jerk. The shape and design of the pack are all product needs. The durability of packaging gives a plus point to any product. Durable packaging has many things, including shape, design, material, color, print, and space. The online business is based on perfect product delivery with the ideal product in the best packaging that can appeal to a customer and protect the product from the outer world. Especially when you are ordering something from abroad, you want it to have safe and sound. It can only be done by a reliable and durable packaging that is good enough for the product, making sure that the product will not break or any other bad thing happens to that product. It is the brand's responsibility to order packaging or boxes that are good enough for their products and safe for them as well. Our company provides the best and durable boxes for your business. We assure you of a safe journey of your product without any mishap.

  • Mondi joins forces with Cartro, Mexican corrugated packaging company, to deliver sustainable packaging solutions for fresh produce

    Mondi, leading global packaging and paper manufacturer, has partnered with Cartro, a leading provider of corrugated packaging in Mexico, to enter the fresh produce segment with a new avocado box that is sustainable by design. Fit-for-purpose packaging designs and paper grades are an important part of protecting fresh produce. According to the 2019 ‘State of Food and Agriculture’ report from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), approximately 14% of the world’s food is lost between harvest and retail sale. Inadequate storage and transportation are among the main causes. To tackle the global problem of food waste, appropriate packaging for fruit and vegetables is essential. Mondi’s high-quality portfolio of paper grades, “FirstClassFlutes by Mondi” and ProVantage Kraftliner Aqua, meet these requirements and together, the two companies have developed a completely new corrugated box that stands out from the competition. Mondi’s paper grades offer high edge crush test (ECT) and box compression test (BCT) values, providing excellent strength in humid conditions, while at the same time allowing for an 18% weight reduction. In addition to material savings, Cartro is also able to save costs and run higher corrugator speeds, as the boxes do not need to be coated with paraffin. Juan Javier Gonzalez, CEO at Cartro, says: “Our company is the biggest independent corrugator in Mexico and known for reliability and quality. Thus, when we decided to enter a new market, we needed to be able to stick to our guiding principle of ‘Quality on time’. We wanted the new packaging to be a quality reference point, so we joined forces with Mondi to develop a lightweight corrugated box that can withstand the challenges of long haul transport in humid environments.” Markus Gärtner, CEO Corrugated Packaging at Mondi said: "At Mondi, we have developed a customer-centric approach called EcoSolutions, which helps us to deliver the right sustainable packaging solutions for our customers. We partner with our customers to help them achieve their sustainability goals with solutions that are fit for purpose and sustainable by design.”
  • A new push towards Sustainable Packaging - BOTTA Packaging with ESSELUNGA to substitute bubble wrap with Paper.

    BOTTA Packaging flanked the leading Italian supermarkets chain Esselunga to develop an innovative envelope, entirely lined with corrugated paper, to protect bottles and eggs during online shopping deliveries. A clear and determined choice to meet customer needs in a more sustainable way. 

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