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  • Packaging And Shelf Impact: What’s Your Angle?

    While creating a product to sell, proof of concept of the use of the product is just the first step. Once the product itself is ready, the next step is to get it to the customers, efficiently. For FMCG products or any product that is sold off the shelf, the shelf impact is something that needs to be studied well.

  • Rfid: A Crash Course

    What is RFID?

    Radio Frequency Identification Device (“RFID”) is a technology that uses radio-frequency waves to transfer data between a reader and a movable item to identify, categorize and track.

    How does it work?

    An RFID Tag Consists of:

    • An antenna that detects radio waves and responds with signals
    • A chip that stores and manipulates data

    RFID Reader kit consists of:


    Australia has given the world some industry-leading packaging companies. These companies have been global providers and innovators. Following is a list of some of the companies founded in Australia with an international presence.


  • Asepto from UFlex to showcase its pioneering ‘FOIL STAMPING’ global innovation at the Gulfood Manufacturing 2021, Dubai

    ~ To witness brilliance in aesthetic led aseptic packaging,

    Visit Asepto Stand B7-28, Hall No. 7 on November 07-09, 2021 ~

  • Geami® WrapPak® EX truly retail-ready wrapping for ceramics

    If sustainability matters to your small business, then Ranpak Geami is your solution when wrapping items for shipping. Ex Box is used by potters, jewelers, and glassblowers to both protect and enhance those one-of-a-kind creations for safe transport. DIY home owners have used Geami for years to pack for moving or to store seasonal items.


    Small Size, Big Impact

    One Ex Box is the equivalent of 750 feet of plastic bubble. Try to fit that much plastic bubble or foam rolls on your dining room table!


    Gualapack Spa is announcing its plans for expansion in Brazil, as part of the Group’s continued efforts for a sustainable, global growth through vertical integration. 


    Gualapack strongly pursues international development to support its positioning on the global market as the world leader in pre-made spouted pouches and a global player in the flexible packaging industry. Brazil has been a strategic area for the company's growth since 2015, when the Group opened the dedicated subsidiary Gualapack Brasil in Iperó / São Paulo by merging with pouch producer Tradbor.


  • Marchesini Group attends CPhI Worldwide with a Print&Check solution to meet Track&Trace needs

    Milan (Italy) – From 9 to 11 November, one of the most eagerly awaited events in the pharmaceutical sector will be held again at the Milan trade fair: CPhI Worldwide, which, after almost two years, will allow pharmaceutical companies to meet again and directly discuss the challenges they face in the coming years.

  • Countdown for Hybrid Fair

    Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair, is preparing to open its doors to fair visitors for the 26th time at TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center in Istanbul between the dates October 20th - 23rd 2021 in cooperation with Reed Tüyap Fairs Inc.

  • Emballators first rigid water-soluble packaging to reduce plastic waste


    The polymer PVOH is not new, for example it’s already used in dishwasher tablets that dissolve in the dishwasher. Emballator Innovation Center wanted to find a new area of use and see if PVOH is possible to use in one of Emballators’ applications.

    “Many naturally occurring microorganisms have the ability to degrade PVOH, when it´s put in soil, sea or wastewater, without leaving any harmful residues, such as microplastics, but only carbon dioxide, water and biomass”, explains Christian Olsson, Material Specialist at Emballator Innovation Center.

    A packaging made of this soluble material would be designed to keep the environment clean and litter-free and, by that, reduce the plastic waste. The first injection moulded container from Emballator holds 60 ml and filled with water it is completely dissolved in a refrigerator overnight, a great result according to Emballator Innovation Center.

    “With a great barrier that extend shelf-life and the ability to dissolve in low temperatures the main use is for dry products. This material can keep spices and dry goods fresh. Also, other applications with mainly dry content with a need for a more rigid packaging for a one-use dose it’s perfectly suitable”, says Mats Jeppsson, Innovation Manager at Emballator Innovation Center.

    Since PVOH is available in a wide range of grades, from those that are soluble in cold water to those that are soluble in hot water, Emballator will be able to customise this rigid container to respond to each customer´s specific need.

    Polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) is a polymer based on three elements – carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. The PVOH material is considered unharmful and is widely used as a food additive. Once in contact with water it is completely dissolved and can easily be converted into water and carbon dioxide by bacterial microorganism.

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