• Elopak reports key advances in sustainability report

    Speaking on the launch of the report, Elopak’s Sustainability Director Marianne Groven stated, “To be sustainable in business is not only possible, it is highly necessary. Maintaining healthy growth without exploiting natural or human resources is essential.” Sustainability is at the heart of Elopak’s mission to provide consumers with a natural and convenient alternative to plastic bottles that fit within a low carbon circular economy. The company has previously recorded a number of key environmental milestones including the reduction of its emissions by 70 per cent between 2008 and 2018 and the attainment of carbon neutrality in 2016. In the introduction to the report CEO Thomas Körmendi sets out the context for Elopak’s ever-strengthening focus on sustainability stating, “2019 was a year of many global challenges. We saw teenagers on strike for climate change. We saw the Amazon on fire. We saw hurricanes and flooding, and terrorist attacks. We saw politicians struggling to agree on how to tackle the global challenges ahead. Lately we have also seen how the whole world can rapidly change and adjust to forces greater than ourselves.” “We recognize our part in the global struggle to preserve the planet for future generations,” Körmendi continues. “In 2019, Elopak strengthened the focus on sustainability, thoroughly embedding sustainability as part of our overall business strategy. A set of goals and strategic initiatives were anchored in the Board of Directors and several projects have been initiated in various business units. Elopak was one out of 87 companies, and the first packaging company, to lead the way towards a 1.5°C future at the UN Climate Action Summit,” he explains. As one of the first companies to have signed up to the Science Based Targets initiative commitment to keep the rise in global average temperature below 1.5°C, Elopak continues to push itself towards new sustainability goals. These include a 55 per cent reduction of internal GHG emissions by 2030, and a 16 per cent reduction in emissions across the value chain by 2030 from a 2017 baseline, as approved by the Science Based Targets initiative. Other targets include a 70 per cent recycling rate in the EU and Canada by 2025, a sustainability evaluation of key suppliers by 2022, and 100 per cent certified forestry in Elopak cartons. Innovation is set to play a key role in helping Elopak meet its ambitious targets going forward, with the company increasing R&D spending by 25 per cent between 2017 and 2019. Recent innovation efforts contributed to the launch of Elopak’s most environmentally friendly carton to date – the Pure-Pak® Imagine. Launched in 2020, the carton is a modern version of the company’s original Pure-Pak® carton, containing 46 per cent less plastic and designed with a new easy open feature. It has no plastic screw cap and is 100 per cent forest-based made with Natural Brown Board.

  • Aptar Beauty + Home Insights: How BBI Utilized Aptar’s Apollo Technology to Launch a New User Experience for Liquid Wrench

    The product features a narrow stream for tighter spaces and a wider spray for broader coverage. Its fast acting and anti-seize formula penetrates corrosion, loosens rust and displaces moisture. Apollo’s locking feature also makes the product e-commerce friendly and easy to store. Partnership and Collaboration To bring the Liquid Wrench Pro Penetrant and Lubricant from concept to realization, Aptar and BBI collaborated through the development process, leveraging each other’s expertise in understanding the consumer market and needs for this category. “Apollo had better features than the competitive twist cap we were looking at for this product.” Robert Stuck, Director of Product Development, Blumenthal Brands Integrated In addition to innovation insights, brands are able to leverage Aptar’s technical support and project management to help streamline the product development process and ensure quality standards are met. About Apollo Consumers have the freedom of choice with an innovative and easy-to-use pressurized accessory. Apollo offers a unique point of differentiation by providing brands a personalized product experience through the selection of multiple spray combinations. Apollo’s patented design includes Aptar’s twist-to-lock technology, which provides peace of mind for secure transportation on-the-go and will withstand the rigors of e-commerce shipping.

  • Aptar Food+Beverage’s Team in China Receives FBiF 2020 Marking Functional Award 2020

    It’s our first real event this year of all segments (not virtual, but REAL in person). The safety and security screening of the event is very strict, it feels almost surreal, but it’s touching to see this happening in reality! ~Xiangwei Gong – President Aptar Asia About FBiF & Aptar Show Case Food and Beverage Innovation Forum (FBiF), founded in 2014 by Simba Events, has become one of the most influential food-industry events in the Asia Pacific. More than 1000 food companies and over 6000 individuals joined in 2020’s 7th FBiF. FBiF is a three-day event, with trade shows and forums including Plenary Session and 4 Sub-sessions (Product Innovation, Marketing Innovation, InnoPack and Food & Money). We have set up a show case with the theme “Instant Mixing & Immunity” mainly to promote Fostag closure. A number of brand owners show interest after exploring the special drinking experience with the unique closure. “Open, Shake and drink! I have confidence that this magical drinking experience will catch Z gens’ eyes!” said Marketing head of one brand owner. Sustainability is a hot topic in packaging and there is an area called Recycling to display good examples in recyclable packaging. We set up a wall board to promote our sustainability commitment, mission and recycling product – Flip Lid. About MA & the Closure’s Features Marking Awards initiated by FBiF, is a global packaging design competition which aims to gather world-class designers, promote creative and practical designs. Out of the 483 different packaging designs from 300 different companies worldwide. Aptar Food + Beverage solution – Non-detachable tamper evident and bi-injected closure received Marking Functional Award 2020 (Structure & Material Design Category). A jury of 24 selected professionals from top international brands and design institutes selected the best solutions, based on the following criteria: Commerciality, Communication, Functionality, Originality, Foresight, and Design. The closure applies the latest bi-injection technology and was developed at Aptar Suzhou. This solutions is set to awaken creativity in packaging and meet customers’ expectations on premium, convenience, safety and aesthetics. The unique visible and non-detachable TE applies on both side of closure, which gives consumers a safer and superior dispensing experience with a one-hand opening. With the first opening of the upper cover, the TE is permanently dropped into the closure slot on both sides, given a clear indication the packaging has been opened, and avoiding product contamination. Furthermore, this solution prevents children to access the small TE plastic part which is an important safety element. The audible “click” helps to ensure packaging has been properly resealed. About the Speech At InnoPack session, Aptar China unveiled the innovative product “Instant Mixing Closure” at the speech of the topic “The way to expand healthy drinks in the post-epidemic era” addressed by Scottie Liu, Market Development Director NEA . It was an interactive speech that attracted more than 300 attendees. The audience had the chance to explore the product and taste the drinks, attracting the interest of a number of brand owners. To learn more about Aptar’s breakthrough dispensing closures, please visit our website or contact us.

  • "Invisible" innovation wins solid Gold in 30th edition of the world's most competitive packaging contest De Gouden Noot

    The award ceremony for the 30th edition of the packaging innovation contest De Gouden  Noot took place on Thursday 8 October 2020 and was streamed live from the A'DAM  Tower. During this phenomenal evening, presented by Francesca Vanthielen, the solid  Gold and its runners up Silver and Bronze were awarded in what has evolved into the  world's most competitive packaging innovation contest. The honour for De Gouden Noot  2020 went to FiliGrade with its 'digital codes for recycling' (gold), followed by O-I with  Expressions (silver) and Eurotrol with their CueSee Ringe (bronze).

  • Momentive Technologies and Stevanato Group Collaborate to Offer Pur Q® Fused Quartz Vials in EZ-fill® Configuration

    Agreement delivers ultra-high-purity quartz vials in efficient secondary packaging format to streamline fill-finish operations for early phase drug development

  • ABB enhances portfolio of high-speed industrial robots with Codian acquisition Strategic buy builds on industry-leading food and beverage, pharmaceutical and logistics portfolio

    ABB has acquired Codian Robotics B.V., a leading provider of delta robots, which are used primarily for high-precision pick and place applications. Codian Robotics’ offering includes a hygienic design line, ideal for hygiene-sensitive industries including food and beverage and pharmaceuticals. With the transaction, ABB is accelerating its engagement in the growing field of delta robots.

  • Security cells protect against cyber threats B&R's APROL process control system ensures that manufacturing systems remain secure on the World Wide Web

    Connectivity between production and automation systems in process manufacturing and the Internet is constantly increasing. In order to fully protect manufacturing systems against cyberattack, B&R has further enhanced the user management features of the APROL process control system. Distributed, autonomous security cells provide simple yet efficient protection for systems against malicious software and attacks from hackers. 

  • WWP Beauty Welcomes Benjamin Dop as Its European General Manager

    Culver City, CA – WWP Beauty, a leading provider of cosmetic packaging components, tubes, and full-service turnkey beauty solutions, has hired Benjamin Dop as its European general manager.  This strategic new hire will not only help the company expand its global footprint, but will also focus specifically on growth within the European beauty market. 


    The National Office of Vine and Vitivinicultural Products (ONVPV) in Romania, is using the latest in holographic labels from specialist security printer Eltronis, to promote the provenance of its regional wines and protect drinkers from potential counterfeits.

    The new labels combine an instantly identifiable and visually pleasing holographic brand design with high-level security, including a unique code and serial number that enables verification online and via smartphones. 

  • GAA organizes sessions for the AIMCAL R2R USA/SPE FPD FlexPackCon® Virtual Conference


    The GAA sessions consist of eight papers, four on Wednesday, Oct. 21, and four on Friday, Oct. 23, and include subjects such as gravure and printed electronics, quality control, biomaterials for flexible hybrid electronics and 3D printing, more sustainable cylinder washing, high-speed gravure printing, laser-engraved cylinders, and use of near-infrared technology in printing décor and packaging.


    “The sessions organized by GAA are a great fit because many AIMCAL and SPE Flexible Packaging Division members use gravure printing and coating processes,” reports Chris Kerscher, executive director of AIMCAL. “Expanding the technical information exchange is core to our mission of Educating, Connecting, and Growing the industry.”


    “The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to cancel our 2020 Technical Forum, scheduled for the end of September 2020,” says Luigi P. DeFlaviis Jr., chairman of GAA. “Joining forces with AIMCAL allows us to present many of the papers virtually and to a larger audience.


    A completely interactive experience awaits conference attendees, exhibitors, and speakers who will participate from their homes or offices. Agenda details and registration information may be found on the AIMCAL website at https://www.aimcal.org/2020-r2r-usa-conference.html.

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