• Messe Muenchen India develops its own online platform to reconnect exhibitors and visitors worldwide.

    Messe Muenchen India answers the predicament of business networking and visitor engagement amidst the COVID-19 pandemic with a singular, online exhibition and conference platform for the exhibitors and visitors of analytica Anacon India & India Lab Expo, drink technology India, electronica India and productronica India, IFAT India, LASER World Of PHOTONICS INDIA, MatDispens, Pharma Pro&Pack Expo, PackMach Asia Expo, World Tea & Coffee Expo and The Smarter-E.

  • Packaging Solutions for Heavy and Awkward Products

    Any marketing expert will tell you that regardless of how good your product’s quality is compared to your competitors, it will never sell unless it’s in an equally pleasing packaging. The importance of appealing and convenient packaging solutions can never be underestimated. But for a majority of small-sized products, finding the right kind of packaging isn’t as big of an issue. 

  • Carton Box Shop

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    Carton Boxes and Packaging Materials Supplier in Singapore



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  • Seedlip launches mushroom-based packaging gift set

    100% home-compostable, Mycelium is the root structure of mushrooms, a bio-contributing material, which Seedlip said it is introducing as part of its continued commitment as a nature company to celebrate and protect the natural world.

    Seedlip is working with Magical Mushroom Company, who also believe in harnessing natural process for human progress.

    Fully biodegradable, recyclable & compostable, Seedlip’s most sustainable gift pack yet includes a full-size bottle of Seedlip Spice 94, a 100% recycled glass Highball and a Thyme seed paper neck tag.

    The box is composed of biomass and Mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, which creates a durable, alternative packaging material that breaks down in compost or flower beds within 45 days. In addition, the seeded neck tag [Thyme seeds] includes its own instructions for how to grow it, utilising  the biodegradable box as a planter.

    The gift set will be launching to Seedlip’s new sustainable online gifting shop, launching on 1 October. The move comes alongside a fully sustainable gifting offering on seedlipdrinks.com, including carbon neutral delivery carrier.

    Each component of the gift box has been sourced with sustainability being the priority:

    THE BOX: Is made of bio-mass and mycelium which breaks down in soil after 45 days. Made with the help of Magical Mushroom Company

    THE NECKTAG: Each bottled will be embellished with Thyme seeded paper neck-tags

    THE GLASS: The highball glass is made up of 100% recycled glass


    Eco Mailer Boxes can have your designs printed in a strong, contrasting black. These textures and colours match the design themes of many eco-friendly and minimalist brands. Upload your logo and position it anywhere on your box that you’d like. Add other graphic elements and create a memorable unboxing experience with your printed mailer box. Eco White Mailer Boxes are made from corrugated cardboard covered with a whitened layer. With simple black print, they do a fantastic job at making your branding stand out. Eco White Mailer Boxes suit delicate and elegant brands that want to use product packaging in a classy yet subtle way. MAILER BOXES - SOLID CONSTRUCTION Mailer boxes are ideal for sending products directly to your customers' thanks to their light-weight yet secure construction. Each Packhelp mailer box is made from corrugated cardboard, with three layers of paperboard (single flute). Available in over 15 different sizes, eco mailer boxes are the ideal solution to deliver nearly any product of nearly any size, anywhere in the world. The design and construction of mailer boxes not only maximises security but minimises the chances of foreign bodies like dust or other debris getting inside. Locking tabs minimise the risk of a box opening while in transit while pre-folded seams mean that your boxes can be open and closed thousands of times with minimal signs of wear. RECYCLABLE AND MADE FROM RECYCLED MATERIALS All types of mailer boxes are made from a minimum of 90% recycled material. The remaining material is derived from sustainably and ethically sourced wood that’s turned into wood pulp after the box is disposed of. Thanks to the durability of the raw cardboard, each box can be open and closed thousands of times, therefore extending it’s like and it's upcycling value. Order Eco Mailer Boxes and Eco White Mailer Boxes from as little as 30 pieces per order.

  • Smurfit Kappa replaces EPS frozen food packaging with sustainable paper-based alternative

    Smurfit Kappa was approached by Patani Global Food B.V., a global supplier of fresh and frozen foods including vegetables, meat and fish and non-food products for the catering industry. Patani Global Food B.V. ships goods from Amsterdam to worldwide locations including to the Antilles Islands in the Caribbean using EPS boxes. However, a rise in the amount of litter that was washing up on the idyllic beaches in the region had led to a future ban on plastic waste so the company wanted an alternative solution that would not harm the environment. While the majority of existing temperature-controlled food packaging solutions depend on using EPS due to its insulation properties, Smurfit Kappa’s new Thermo Box is 100% recyclable. The pack also offers greater flexibility than EPS as it can be stored flat therefore reducing warehouse costs, different sizes can be easily created and the corrugated exterior offers good branding opportunities. The product is the latest addition to Smurfit Kappa’s Better Planet Packaging portfolio of products, many of which are popular substitutions for single-use plastic. Launched in 2018, Smurfit Kappa’s Better Planet Packaging initiative seeks to reduce packaging waste through design, research and development and industry expertise. Patrick Oostveen, Managing Director at Patani Global Food B.V. said: “Smurfit Kappa undertook an analysis of our supply chain to grasp all the challenges and complexities. We did a series of temperature tests to compare the new pack with the EPS box and the results showed that the Thermo Box is a really excellent product that more than fits the brief. The average temperature was even kept lower for a longer time than when using the EPS boxes.” Arco Berkenbosch, Smurfit Kappa VP of Innovation & Development, added: "This project was the result of a successful collaborative process between Smurfit Kappa and Patani Global Food B.V. Our starting point, as always, was to see how we could provide a completely biodegradable product that would not compromise on any of the required functionality. “The paper-based Better Planet Packaging solution we came up with draws strength from its corrugated and honeycomb capabilities and offers significant potential for both fresh and frozen goods and, indeed, the eCommerce sector.”

  • Two Italian designers are making handbags from food packaging and Amazon parcels

    Product and pattern developer Chiara and leather goods expert Matteo formed their own studio back in 2011, called Camera60. But recently the pair have been working on this unique upcycling project. Chiara tells Metro.co.uk: ‘It was all about experimentation, making bags from unusual materials. We made a capsule collection using grocery shopping bags – our intention was reuse plastic stuff in a different way. ‘On the other hand, we wanted to bring the craftsmanship leather goods details into everyday objects.’ Some of their best creations include a quilted cross-body bag made out of an Oreo wrapper, a handbag created from a Heineken cardboard box and a shoulder bag made with an Amazon Prime shipping package. Other items include Dior-inspired saddlebag formed from a Corn Flakes cereal box and a bag made out of an Italian cookies packet.
  • Market Oriented Packaging with Display Boxes

    What is Market Oriented Packaging? A market-oriented packaging is the one according to the latest market trends and picturizes the interests of customers. This kind of packaging can enhance the worth of your products and ensure more customer reach. A glamorous design printed on the surface and an engaging message can be featured to make the boxes more market-oriented. People will certainly take more interest in such kind of packaging. Also, you will be able to market your retail products without any hassle. All you have to do is choose the best packaging design that is the trendiest and mesmerizes the customers. Custom Display Boxes Display boxes with customized designs and features are more likely to be noticed by the customers. Thus, choosing the chicest custom design for custom display boxes is the only way you can skyrocket the sales. There could be numerous options that a packaging company will offer to you for boxes' design. You have to be vigilant enough to make the boxes useful for your target customers. By making use of attractive packaging designs and creative features on the boxes, you can easily appeal to customers' eyes. Display Boxes Types There are numerous types of display boxes that are available at different packaging companies. These are: • Display Tray Boxes • Tray Boxes with Extended Flap • Counter Display Boxes • Display Boxes with Lids • Display Boxes with Windows All of these boxes are very impressive in their appeal. They add much more worth to the displayed product. Mostly, these boxes are placed on storefronts to maximize the reach. Customers coming into a departmental store or paying the bill at the counter will have a look at these boxes. So, boxes displayed in such places can help your target customers evaluate the elegance of products housed inside them. The Best form of Display Boxes All of the display boxes mentioned above are high-grade and can increase the sales of your branded products. It depends upon the type of products that are going to be displayed. You can get the appropriate size for display boxes according to the dimensions of your products. Also, there are numerous ways of making these boxes customized. If you are going to display cosmetic products, then the display boxes with extended back flap become imperative as it's about their safety. Also, retail products such as candies and chocolates can impress customers' attention when displayed through boxes without lids. So, all you have to do is focus on the color and design of the packaging boxes while the boxes' style will be compatible with the products. Display Boxes Supplies If you are looking for such a valuable display boxes packaging, then choosing the best boxes' supply is crucial. A renowned packaging company can offer standard packaging for your product. So, all you have to do is choose a reputable packaging company such as Boxes Xpert Hub. It is because BXH has numerous satisfied customers all over the US and Canada. They provide the most promising custom boxes so, never delay contacting them for the most creatively designed Display packaging boxes.


    Both uncoated and coated paper can be used for producing bags with two glued or sewn sides plus a top overlap. When using film, the patented tight bag packaging ensures there is a minimum excess with only as much film being used as is needed. Timo Kollmann, sales director at Hugo Beck, said: “Whether dealing with the direct dispatch of individual goods, packing groups of products or meeting the complex requirements of returned goods packaging; the PB 800 E-Com hybrid solution ensures companies are perfectly equipped to meet the needs of e-commerce packaging.” Alongside the PB 800 E-Com, and for those who are looking to pack only with film, the new flexo 600 E-Com machine packs e-commerce goods to the highest standards, minimising film use and maximising results both with and without shrinking of the film bags. Designed to process products with a width of up to 600 mm and a height of 300 mm, a quick changeover adjusts between product batches or, as an option, the machine can automatically adapt to changes in a product’s length, height or width. Speed and flexibility are key to the design of both machines, with up to 1500 cycles per hour available. The PB 800 E-Com can handle paper gauges of 80 – 130 g/m² and both machines can handle film thicknesses of between 30-100 μm. Connectable to customer’s ERP or control systems both machines can also be easily integrated within a production line. Additional options include the ability to add an easy-opening perforation to the packaging as well as inserting a double-sided adhesive tape for resealing a bag for returns. An integrated scanner with a controller for product detection and creation of a shipping label can also be included on the line for additional capability. Timo Kollmann concluded: “The e-commerce sector demands a wide variety of packaging styles. This, alongside the need to wrap a wide range of products quickly, flexibly and sustainably, means that our new machines are ideal for delivering perfect packaging results at high speeds and across a choice of paper or packaging substrates.”

  • Smurfit Kappa demonstrates truly impactful sustainability at leading kraftliner mill

    The innovative new boiler will enable the plant to further boost energy optimisation at the mill. By recovering energy from the biomass contained in black liquor from pulp production, the new boiler is set to cut CO2 emissions by 40,000 tonnes, which equates to about two-thirds of the current emissions at the site, and 2.4% of those from Smurfit Kappa Europe. The Future Energy Plant also involved developing an advanced new steam turbine, as well as several other projects including an upgraded water treatment plant and installation of additional drying cylinders to the paper machine. Speaking about the mill’s latest milestone, Günter Hochrathner, CEO of Smurfit Kappa Nettingsdorf, said: “I am very proud to get to this day in such a huge and ambitious project and it’s a great moment for all our employees here. By starting to operate this new recovery boiler, we have taken a very important step forward in sustainability and are practising true circularity.” Laurent Sellier, COO Smurfit Kappa Paper & Board, Europe, added: "The Future Energy Plant project was part of an ongoing investment programme by the Smurfit Kappa Group to implement a series of transformative sustainable innovations. Efficient energy plants play a major role in the production of paper. “This investment in Nettingsdorf will enable us to ensure a long-term supply of high-quality and sustainable containerboard - something our customers have come to expect from us.” Founded in 1851 and with over 360 employees, Nettingsdorf is one of Smurfit Kappa’s most efficient paper mills and one of the leading producers of kraftliner in Europe. The mill produces approximately 450,000 tonnes of paper annually and has seen a 34% increase in productivity since becoming part of Smurfit Kappa in 1995.

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