• Artificial intelligence in intralogistics


    To meet the existing requirements and expectations of the logistics industry, companies need to be flexible, fast and organized. For example, in order to avoid long delivery times and incorrect shipments, AI solutions help coordinate all logistics processes and ensure structured item and customer master data maintenance. Companies that want to prioritize customer satisfaction in the long term and remain competitive at the same time will not be able to avoid digitizing the supply chain. The future of logistics is therefore all about artificial intelligence. The interplay between artificial intelligence and logistics can be experienced at HANNOVER MESSE.

  • Dow and Plastigaur announce the successful commercialization of collation shrink films using recycled plastic


    The resin is based on low-density polyethylene (LDPE) into which post-consumer recycled (PCR) material from shrink film is incorporated without sacrificing material quality and functionality in the final application. Initially introduced in late 2019, AGILITYTM CE is the first PCR product offering from Dow. The company now has PCR product offerings in its every operating region.

    Inclusion of recycled content (PCR) is a vital step towards reducing the carbon footprint of packaging. The PCR content in the final shrink film developed by Plastigaur is 50%, which results in a significant reduction in carbon emissions of 25%.

    Moreover, Dow has also worked with Plastigaur to reduce the thickness of this PCR-containing shrink film from 45 to 40 microns. By reducing the thickness while maintaining the packaging functionality, the film enables an additional amount of CO2 savings of 11% and reduces overall environmental impact by 32%. Incorporating this solution into packaging will help retailers and brand owners meet their sustainability goals without compromising on quality.

    The commercial use of AGILITY™ CE, a resin containing 70% post-consumer recycled material, is an important moment, as Dow continues to work towards its goal of becoming the leading producer of circular plastics with the lowest CO2 footprint in the industry. This development is an example of Dow’s strategy to minimize resources and plastic waste as well as reduce carbon emissions and aligns with the Company’s new commitments to address plastic waste and climate change.

    Agnieszka Godlewska, Marketing Manager Industrial & Consumer Packaging at Dow commented: "By working in close partnership with Plastigaur, we’ve been able to accelerate our innovative PCR product offering, demonstrating a commercially viable solution that uses high-quality packaging made from recycled content. This is not a concept or a project anymore, this is reality. We’re excited to continue working with more partners across the value chain and pushing forward industry standards in post-consumer recycling offerings with the ultimate aim of reducing plastic waste and CO2 emissions."

    "We are very excited with the development of these new collation shrink films. They bring us, and the Brand Owners, closer to reaching our sustainability goals" says Luis Artola, Managing Director at Plastigaur. "The integration of recycled materials can be a challenge, but the newest technologies and our experience in the industry, enabled us to push the boundaries and we could not be more proud of the results."

  • Neopac Launches Digital Tube Decoration Marketplace


    Hoffmann Neopac, a global packaging provider, launched a direct purchase microsite for DigitAll360°, its digital tube decoration service. The new marketplace walks tube customers through a process that includes downloadable design guides and templates, an initial portfolio of stock tubes from 30-50 ml in volume, simple artwork uploads, 3D renderings and a comprehensive pre-purchase artwork check.

    Neopac says DigitAll360° was developed to address growing industry demand for high-quality variable printing, precision color matching, flexible batch sizes and expedited delivery. The service prints photorealistic graphics and text on the entire surface of cylindrical containers. Available for a variety of substrates and color palettes, DigitAll360° benefits include:

    • All-around decoration: 360° decoration with no slit or overlap, seam and shoulder printing and highly opaque whites and glosses with vivid displays. On-cap decoration capabilities will be added to the marketplace in the future. 
    • Digital color matching: Up to seven simultaneous colors with white and glossy lacquer at up to 600 DPI resolution. This ultra-wide color gamut and micron-level color registration yields photorealistic images and color matching ideal for half-tones, gradients and other hues.
    • Digital-level variability: Mosaic printing, promotions and prototypes to packages printed in different languages. Digital printing can makes variating decorations or text economical.
    • Quick delivery: Neopac can deliver DigitAll360° products on short lead times.
    • Increased Sustainability: From initial decoration to product manufacturing to consumer recycling, DigitAll360° delivers sustainability enhancements and reduces environmental footprint throughout product lifecycles. Offering a mono-material PE tube portfolio, digital printing can also help lower resource waste and consumption as well as energy and chemicals usage.

    “For customers, the new site simplifies the most advanced digital tube printing techniques for an intuitive, step-by-step process to designing and decorating precisely the right tube for products in a variety of sectors, especially ones such as health and beauty where shelf impact is paramount,” says Cornelia Schmid, head of marketing for Hoffmann Neopac. “Importantly, the site’s 3D renderings and comprehensive artwork checks show customers exactly what their finished tubes will look like, eliminating guesswork and providing valuable reassurance.”

  • Envelope Mailer

    e-commerce market players strive to work with lean packaging portfolios for shipping items in a wide variety of sizes and weights, but the sheer diversity of goods continues to pose a challenge. In the interests of a greener, yet still profitable e-commerce supply chain, efficient packaging is paramount. This entails the use of materials with a small environmental footprint from the cradle to the grave, appropriate sizing to avoid empty space in transportation, avoiding damage to goods in transit, and protecting precious resources.

  • Packing solutions for flowers A blooming e-business

    Responding to blooming trends

    For Queen Agriculture, Internet sales of flowers are a new segment of the business offered to its customers. Seeking to differentiate themselves from their competitors, they asked us for help in designing an innovative shipping style that would overcome two challenges.

  • Tips For Designing The Packaging That Contains Your Products

    There was a time when product packaging was just that—a packaging. But while its primary function is to wrap and keep products clean and intact, it has evolved into something more. Your product container represents your brand. It's your identity in the middle of the immeasurable sea of commerce and it can spell your business success or failure. 

  • Messe Muenchen India develops its own online platform to reconnect exhibitors and visitors worldwide.

    Messe Muenchen India answers the predicament of business networking and visitor engagement amidst the COVID-19 pandemic with a singular, online exhibition and conference platform for the exhibitors and visitors of analytica Anacon India & India Lab Expo, drink technology India, electronica India and productronica India, IFAT India, LASER World Of PHOTONICS INDIA, MatDispens, Pharma Pro&Pack Expo, PackMach Asia Expo, World Tea & Coffee Expo and The Smarter-E.

  • Packaging Solutions for Heavy and Awkward Products

    Any marketing expert will tell you that regardless of how good your product’s quality is compared to your competitors, it will never sell unless it’s in an equally pleasing packaging. The importance of appealing and convenient packaging solutions can never be underestimated. But for a majority of small-sized products, finding the right kind of packaging isn’t as big of an issue. 

  • Carton Box Shop

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  • Seedlip launches mushroom-based packaging gift set


    100% home-compostable, Mycelium is the root structure of mushrooms, a bio-contributing material, which Seedlip said it is introducing as part of its continued commitment as a nature company to celebrate and protect the natural world.

    Seedlip is working with Magical Mushroom Company, who also believe in harnessing natural process for human progress.

    Fully biodegradable, recyclable & compostable, Seedlip’s most sustainable gift pack yet includes a full-size bottle of Seedlip Spice 94, a 100% recycled glass Highball and a Thyme seed paper neck tag.

    The box is composed of biomass and Mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, which creates a durable, alternative packaging material that breaks down in compost or flower beds within 45 days. In addition, the seeded neck tag [Thyme seeds] includes its own instructions for how to grow it, utilising  the biodegradable box as a planter.

    The gift set will be launching to Seedlip’s new sustainable online gifting shop, launching on 1 October. The move comes alongside a fully sustainable gifting offering on seedlipdrinks.com, including carbon neutral delivery carrier.

    Each component of the gift box has been sourced with sustainability being the priority:

    THE BOX: Is made of bio-mass and mycelium which breaks down in soil after 45 days. Made with the help of Magical Mushroom Company

    THE NECKTAG: Each bottled will be embellished with Thyme seeded paper neck-tags

    THE GLASS: The highball glass is made up of 100% recycled glass

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