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SACMI IPS looks to Latin America

SACMI injection technology to play starring role at the Plastimagen fair (Mexico City, 2-5 April 2019), together with the agent Plasgrom

SACMI's IPS preform production platform with injection technology provides an effective response to even the most diverse investment and technological upgrade requirements of Latin American converters.

By taking part in the Plastimagen fair in Mexico City (2-5 April 2019), together with the agent Plasgrom, SACMI aims to promote the advantages of this technology, namely: the best productivity in the category and total automation of handling.

Thirty years of research and know-how in the plastics field have allowed SACMI to develop what is a cutting-edge platform, now available in a range of configurations that combine quick changeovers and user-friendliness with major design innovations such as automated preform unloading in the post-cooling area, a feature that eliminates any need for belts or other conveyors.

With the SACMI IPS 400, compatibility with most moulds on the market and lock-to-lock times of just 2.1 seconds have been combined with higher output quality, achieved thanks to an innovative plastic extrusion process and positioning of the containers inside the post-cooling area; the latter lets users execute preform unloading in a controlled environment, thus eliminating the risk of product contamination.

A true leader in terms of technology and service, SACMI also has dedicated offices and branches across the continent. It provides customers, via its SACMI Customer Service Division, with advanced assistance packages that span from design consultancy to spare parts supplies and maintenance engineering.

Come and see SACMI IPS technology at the Plastimagen fair (Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City, 2-5 April 2019), stand Plasgrom, #1622.

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