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Packaging Connections announced the collaboration with “Davik”

Gurugram, India, August 05, 2019 – Packaging Connections announces its collaboration with DAVIK, global manufacturer of innovative adhesive tapes. Davik was the first company to introduce the ‘carry handle tape’ to the world. The company has developed specific formulae to fit various base to be adhered to (shrink, PET bottles, cartons) and deliver the most versatile and extensive selection of handles in the market.


Under the terms of the agreement between the two companies, Packaging Connections has been officially given exclusive rights to establish Indian business of Davik for their carry handle tapes. The strategic plan will give 360 degree promotion to Davik products in India including participation in events, meeting with potential companies (FMCG, Pharma, Food and Beverage), business development, and team support to manage various projects and provide 24x7 visibility to Davik through specialized content marketing services.


This collaboration with DAVIK represents another milestone in the long-standing relationship between foreign packaging companies and Packaging Connections.


“In the growing organized retail scenario of India and equally growing environment concerns due to plastics, the Davik’s carry handles would be great not only to reduce negative plastic impact on environment but also the real consumer convenience. This is truly functional and effective. We are happy to bring this to India”, says Sandeep Goyal, CEO, Sanex Packaging Connections Pvt. Ltd.


“DAVIK is ready and happy to introduce and bring this significant change to Indian market. Davik carry handle tape clearly increases customer satisfaction of the product and this way also increases competitive advantage of the company who starts using this great product, as a part of the total packaging. We think that Packaging Connections is the great partner and together we will achieve this goal.’ says Marina Arshavsky Rosental, Global Marketing and Sales Manager at Davik ACS LTD.


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