• Local snack brand Crusty's unveils new Tiger Balm-inspired packaging ahead of April Fool's


    At first glance, the hexagonal packaging looks similar to the packaging of medicated ointment brand Tiger Balm. Donning the colours of orange, brown, and green, this packaging will only be disseminated to key opinion leaders and the media, the spokesperson said. 

    The spokesperson explained that brands typically jump on the bandwagon to make spoof announcements in line with April Fool's Day. However, it wanted this initiative to be something more than just an annual April Fool's prank. "Brands releasing fake product launches or announcements have become such an expectation on 1 April, but Crusty's is making it otherwise as we are here to break the norm and make a genuine press release," the spokesperson added. 

    Using the hexagonal packaging resembling an ointment brand's, Crusty's wanted to capture audiences by relating to "an oldie but a goodie, original, and classic, trusted product with 100 years of heritage whose efficacy transcends age and time". This also creates a dynamic contrast as this would be the least expected innovation a snack can get, which helps to stir conversation, the spokesperson added.

    "Since we are bringing the original flavour [of our soy skin crisps], we thought it would only be relevant to associate it with the traditional Asian favourite. An iconic staple that we are no strangers with, a must in every household which is also what we aspire for our original soy skin crisps - a necessity for all," Crusty's spokesperson said.

    She added that the snack inside is "not in exotic ointment flavour". Instead, the brand is revealing the newest flavour of its soy skin crisps range - original flavour. Crusty's Original Soy Skin Crisps is the latest addition to its existing Soy Skin Crisps range, alongside two other flavours, Salted Egg and Seaweed Wasabi. As the hexagonal packaging is only limited to April Fool's, consumers will receive their chips in the typical Crusty's packaging.

    Crusty's will be making this item available exclusively online, unlike the rest of its snack selections. This comes as the brand sees that online channels are booming, and foresees that being active online or on digital will be a bonus for its outreach and reinforce its brand positioning among consumers, the spokesperson explained. 

    To promote the new product, the brand will also be setting aside a media budget of between SG$70,000 to SG$80,000 to plan a series of marketing activities, for example, a dedicated giveaway contest before April's Fool Day on its social media platforms, and reach out to key opinion leaders that resonate with this flavour and the brand. It is working with Deer and Den Design for the designs and key visuals, and Mediafreaks Digital for social media marketing.

    Additionally, Crusty's is working with Shopee on an exclusivity term with promotional mechanics for the first two months and co-hosting a contest on the Shopee app mobile feed.