• Why is Cosmetic Box Packaging Important for a Makeup Business?


    All brands need significant advancements to get their business recognized worldwide. The same is the case with cosmetic companies. Previously, the competition was only the name of producing top-notch products based on customer needs. But nowadays, the scenario is totally different. You need to consider good product manufacturing along with reliable packaging to lead the market. Both are equally important and you must not take any of them for granted. There is no choice for you to pack your items in rusty and plain boxes because no one likes such things these days. Everyone looks for something unique and attractive.

    The cosmetic industry is one of the fastest-growing industries around the globe. It has a huge number of products and they are increasing day by day. According to a survey, millions of cosmetic products are being sold on a daily basis and hundreds of businesses are adding regularly to the list of this category. With the increasing number of vendors in online and offline businesses, the market has got saturated. The major question that arises here is how to become a successful cosmetic brand and what factors leading brands are considering that are contributing to their exponential growth? Research says custom packaging always has a great impact on the flourishing makeup business.

    Are you thinking of how cosmetic box packaging plays its role in the makeup business? Your question has been answered in detail below.


    Adding New Look to Makeup Items

    When you place makeup items either on the retail racks or online stores, premium cosmetic packaging adds a new look to them. It not only makes them presentable but also protects them from various external factors e.g., temperature, humidity, or any other minor damages. You must ensure that the size and style of the custom cosmetic box are exactly in accordance with the product and its nature. You cannot fit a food item into any makeup box. So, you need to be very careful about this.

    From time to time, you should have a deeper look at the market trends and how customers react to those. All the game is to understand the psyche of the potential buyers. The only winner in the market is who succeeds in acting according to the customer needs. Therefore, always try to choose the box styles that are decent and nice to see.

    Spreading Brand’s Awareness

    The best strategy is to select eye-catchy graphics, decent text font, attractive images, and of course your logo and to print them on your custom printed cosmetic boxes. After successful shipment, once the customers receive the orders, your logo printed on the custom cases will make them remember your brand in their minds. This way, packaging can leave long-lasting impressions on those who have just made a purchase.

    If you are the one who loves to spread brand awareness across the globe, you should give top priority to packaging after manufacturing. The basic goal of a good brand is always to create as much awareness in the community as it can to get closer to exponential growth.


    Generating More Leads

    You must be aware of the fact that the buyers are the only asset you need to run your business effectively. So, all you need to do is to satisfy your clients at any cost especially the ones who are more loyal to you compared to others. After giving your best in the manufacturing department and providing them with top-quality product packaging, you must take their feedback to know what exactly they think about your business. This helps you polish your future strategies and you can do miracles based on those improvements.

    Happy customers not only come to you for purchasing again and again but they also refer your brand to others in their social circles. This kind of advertisement is usually known as mouth publicity and it can take your sales to the peak. Personalized packaging has the ability to generate more future leads.

    Final Words

    Custom printed box packaging plays a key role in the growth of every business including the makeup industry. Customers love to buy products that grab their attention and force them to make a quick purchase decision. 

  • Rondo-Pak Announces Major Equipment Investments to Enhance Capabilities and Expand Capacity

    Extensive machinery investments made as company experiences significant growth period due to COVID-19 related demand for specialized packaging.

  • Antares Vision Introduces Comprehensive Label & Print Layout Quality Control System

    AV Print Inspector offers whole-label inspection, including image matching, code reading and color detection, at speeds up to 75 meters/minute.

    Travagliato, Italy – Antares Vision, a leading global provider of intelligent track & trace, inspection and smart data management solutions for the life science, food & beverage, nutraceuticals and cosmetics sectors, has introduced a dedicated high-resolution vision system providing comprehensive inline layout inspection for webs and labels.

  • Mondi’s new recycled containerboard machine in Slovakia delivers a win-win solution for environmentally-conscious customers

    • Mondi’s PM19 paper machine at Ružomberok in Slovakia has begun delivering Kraft Top White, an innovative and sustainable new containerboard grade, to customers in Europe
    • Kraft Top White offers a win-win solution with the strength, printability and on-shelf appeal of a white fresh fibre top layer, and a recycled fibre bottom layer
    • The new machine, with a production capacity of 300,000 tonnes per annum,  is part of Mondi’s €370 million investment to upgrade the mill and further reduce its environmental footprint
    • The use of more than 200,000 tonnes of paper for rec
  • CCL Label is Part of NEXTLOOPP – A Project to Further Improve Polypropylene Recycling


    PP accounts for around 20% of the world’s plastic. It is mostly used in pots, tubs, trays and films for food packaging, but it is also prevalent in non-food household and personal care products.

    At this time precious resources are wasted when PP packaging is either down-cycled or going to waste-to-energy or landfill. As of now there is no possibility to make food-grade PP using mechanically recycled material – all PP food packaging needs to be made from virgin plastics or from rPP that was created through chemical recycling.

    NEXTLOOPP aims to improve this situation by separating food-grade PP using marker technologies.

    Besides packaging suppliers such as CCL Label brand-owners, universities and industry associations as well as end-users in the PP supply chain are supporting the initiative. The goal is to produce the first high-quality FGrPP (food-grade recycled PP) that will be available in the UK by 2022.

    “We have two main reasons to be actively involved with NEXTLOOPP. First of all, the tracers to improve the sortability of polypropylene packaging will most likely be on the labels and sleeves on the pack. As the largest producer of labels we are happy to support to creating the ideal markers with our expertise. Secondly many of our solutions are made from the versatile polypropylene material and we want to include more recycled food grade PP into our products in the future. This is why we are joining the efforts to get the basics right and to establish a great opportunity to create more high-quality recyclate that has a much lower carbon footprint than virgin material”, says Marika Knorr, head of sustainability and communication at CCL Label.

    Professor Edward Kosior, founder and CEO of Nextek Ltd, explains that creating a circular economy for food-grade PP packaging waste fills the enormous gap in the packaging recycling sector and helps reach Net Zero Carbon targets. “It will allow brand owners to meet their recycling targets and significantly reduce the use of virgin plastics from petrochemicals. It will also greatly reduce CO2 emissions and divert waste from landfill and waste-to-energy.”


    Tokyo, Japan & Brussels, Belgium, April 21, 2021 – Asahi Photoproducts and Esko have showcased their breakthrough, fully automated flexo platemaking line CrystalCleanConnect at this year’s virtual.drupa event.

  • Smurfit Kappa announces €35 million further investment in Germany


    The investment will replace the complete press section of the PM2 paper machine with new state-of-the-art technology, increasing the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process. The PM2 is a 7.5 meters wide paper machine, producing both testliner and fluting packaging paper. Production speed will increase to 1250 m/min and upon completion, this world class machine will further strengthen the industrial efficiency of Smurfit Kappa Group's containerboard system. It is expected to be operational from the first quarter of 2023. 

    Saverio Mayer, CEO, Smurfit Kappa Europe said: “This investment will be the final and significant phase of a programme of sustained investment at our Hoya Mill which commenced over a decade ago. Today’s announcement underlines Smurfit Kappa’s continued commitment to developments in leading edge technology and our operations in Germany.” 

    The investment means that CO2 emissions will be reduced by 5,500 tons per annum. 

    Also commenting on the investment, Andreas Noss, Managing Director of the Smurfit Kappa Hoya Mill, said: “This investment will make the PM2 a state-of-the-art light weight paper machine that enables us to meet the changing needs of our customers. It will increase production speed and produce light weight paper in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.” 

    The Hoya site in Germany has been in operation for over 50 years and is a major regional employer, with over 300 people working at the facility. 

  • Brand-New Premium Packaging Plant in Gdansk, Poland, Has SWEDBRAND Well-Positioned to Address Luxury Brand Requirements

    Highest quality customized rigid boxes produced in state-of-the-art factory feature vastly reduced shipping cost and time

    Hongkong, China, April 22, 2021. SWEDBRAND Group, the packaging partner to some of the world’s most iconic brands, today announced the opening of its brand-new converting plant in Poland, Swedbrand Poland Sp z o.o., for premium customized rigid boxes for luxury products.

  • Packaging and commercial offset printing on gold level: hubergroup further enhances the sustainability of its portfolio

    Driving the circular economy, hubergroup Print Solutions now offers a complete Cradle to Cradle Material Health Gold certified portfolio for commercial and packaging offset printing. For this purpose, the international printing ink specialist formulated a new ink range which is based on the low-migration MGA NATURA series and, therefore, suitable especially for printing food packaging. Moreover, the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovations Institute certified a number of water-based coatings of the ACRYLAC series with Gold status.

  • Transparent, Certified Renewable Content, Carbon Neutral Packaging Film

    Innovia Films is launching a new film in its Encore range of Sustainable Polypropylene packaging films.  REF30cn has a high level of certified renewable content (via ISCC PLUS mass balance) specifically achieving carbon neutral on a cradle to gate basis from the Innovia UK site.  Technically the film performance matches that of the fossil-based equivalent so can be used in both high-speed horizontal flow-wrap and overwrap applications.  The film is also fully food contact compliant.

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