• How to solve the materials puzzle

    The challenge of providing packaging that balances resource efficiency with the lowest possible environmental impact is one that every member of the packaging industry is familiar with. There is no ‘perfect’ solution, but Mondi looks at some of the strategies the industry could be employing to help turn the tide of climate change.

  • Emballators first rigid water-soluble packaging to reduce plastic waste


    The polymer PVOH is not new, for example it’s already used in dishwasher tablets that dissolve in the dishwasher. Emballator Innovation Center wanted to find a new area of use and see if PVOH is possible to use in one of Emballators’ applications.

    “Many naturally occurring microorganisms have the ability to degrade PVOH, when it´s put in soil, sea or wastewater, without leaving any harmful residues, such as microplastics, but only carbon dioxide, water and biomass”, explains Christian Olsson, Material Specialist at Emballator Innovation Center.

    A packaging made of this soluble material would be designed to keep the environment clean and litter-free and, by that, reduce the plastic waste. The first injection moulded container from Emballator holds 60 ml and filled with water it is completely dissolved in a refrigerator overnight, a great result according to Emballator Innovation Center.

    “With a great barrier that extend shelf-life and the ability to dissolve in low temperatures the main use is for dry products. This material can keep spices and dry goods fresh. Also, other applications with mainly dry content with a need for a more rigid packaging for a one-use dose it’s perfectly suitable”, says Mats Jeppsson, Innovation Manager at Emballator Innovation Center.

    Since PVOH is available in a wide range of grades, from those that are soluble in cold water to those that are soluble in hot water, Emballator will be able to customise this rigid container to respond to each customer´s specific need.

    Polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) is a polymer based on three elements – carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. The PVOH material is considered unharmful and is widely used as a food additive. Once in contact with water it is completely dissolved and can easily be converted into water and carbon dioxide by bacterial microorganism.

  • The aluminum aerosol can industry is defying the pandemic

    The International Organization of Aluminum Aerosol Container Manufacturers (AEROBAL) reports that the global shipments of its members fell by 3.9 percent to around 2.9 billion units in the first half of 2021. The year-on-year decline was rather moderate, as global demand was still very lively in the first quarter of 2020. The corona pandemic only unfolded its full impact on the market in the course of the second quarter of 2020.

  • Chinese Label Printer Achieves 21% Improved Average OEE with AWP™ CleanPrint Flexo Plates

    Tested 8 jobs, comparing AWP to their existing plate, with OEE improvement as high as 46% on some jobs

  • ‘One Cap, One Code’ and the value of connected packaging: SIG


    Swiss packaging expert SIG head of sustainability and digital marketing Bojan Buric Heler tells Packaging Gateway about the value behind connected packaging and how SIG is contributing to the market with its new digital closure product, 'One Cap, One Code'.

    In today’s on-demand and digitalised world, consumers are more connected and informed than ever. They know what they want, how they want it, and who they want it from.

    As digital consumers and connected spenders adopt new behaviours and communication channels, brands are having to work even harder to reach, understand and engage them.

    Businesses need packaging solutions that can easily provide valuable product data in real time to assist in supply chain quality and control.

    Swiss packaging expert SIG head of sustainability and digital marketing Bojan Buric Heler tells Packaging Gateway about the value behind connected packaging and how SIG is contributing to the market with its new digital closure product, ‘One Cap, One Code’.

    Connected packaging
    In this highly competitive market, connected packaging has emerged as an effective way for food and beverage producers to connect with consumers. Solutions like scannable QR codes are being utilised more and more on consumer products – turning physical packs into interactive tools.

    All of this is so consumers can access the information they want, while brands can build trust and recognition.

    Connected packaging is an incredible opportunity for companies to play a bigger role in consumers’ lives. Through interactive functionalities and enhanced user experiences, brands can offer real value to consumers.

    Tracking and interacting
    With higher competitive pressure and consumer demands, businesses need to find new ways to reliably manage their entire supply chain, from source to shelf.

  • Mitsubishi HiTec Paper comments on the SUPD

    Mitsubishi HiTec Paper produces recyclable barrier papers with water-based coatings for food and non-food packaging under the brand name barricote®. In the EU, the so-called SUPD (Single Use Plastic Directive) has created a great deal of uncertainty for this innovative and sustainable packaging material, on which we would like to take a position, as follows

  • Display Packaging Boxes


    These are known to grab masse’s attention at the retail outlet, pop-up event, and your own store’s shelf. The lightweight products can be packed easily inside the display boxes.

    Most Visible Packaging Solution

    The best feature of the display packaging boxes is that these are highly prominent packaging options. When one enters the supermarket, then display boxes seem to be the highlighted part of it. Their eminence enhances the desire of people to grab the product. Hence, they make the impulse buying for the branded product that will ultimately enhance the sale.

    The transparency of the display packaging boxes generates curiosity in the masses. The inner and more exciting portion of the product can be viewed with the use of the transparency technique.

    High-Quality Retail Boxes

    The trust of masses in the brand potentiates when the boxes are manufactured from high-quality stock. The features of packaging stock are quite important is determine. It should be eco-friendly in nature, having the maximum tensile strength. It can either be cardboard or corrugated stock that is used for manufacturing display boxes. Cardboard is much more economical and suitable for lightweight objects.

    Corrugated stock reflects more strength than cardboard stock and is hence found suitable for moderately-weight objects. The major concerns of businesses are to show off and exhibit their products in the market quite effectively.

    The packaging industry offers enormous types of boxes for fulfilling the desire of businesses. Among these, the most reliable and splendid one has displayed packaging boxes. These are quite worthy packaging boxes for promotional purposes. Promote your business by displaying the products to the customers even without buying!

    Customized Display Packaging Boxes

    There exista variety of printing options and die-cuttings for the display boxes. The shape and size of display boxes depend on the dimension of the products. All the display boxes of the same batch must be asymmetrical to each other. The customized display boxes give the brand a perfect image in the competitive market.

    All the packaging boxes must have the brand name displayed on them. It fabulously helps in the promotion of the brand too. Hence, people get to know about the brand and can recommend it to others. The customized shapes may include elongated, rectangular, square, or any other shape.

    Get the quote online for your desired packaging boxes! Let your branded product fit in the trendy boxes to excel your value in the market! Display packaging boxes are suitable to one’s budget and help them save money for the advertisement of their brand.

    Stunning Printing of Display Packaging Boxes

    The printing of the display packaging boxes matters a lot. The high-quality printing ensures to create a marvelous effect on the boxes. The appealing boxes are comprised of eloquent designs printed in an impressive manner. Most often, PMS or CMYK printing is used boxes printing. Both of these work fabulous for granting stunning glamor to the designs. The printing with low-quality ink leaves a negative impact. It could lead to fading of colors from the boxes and hence make them look dull or boring.

    Using high-quality ink allows businessowners to grab and maintain the optimum level of boxes in the inventory. The printing can be of any solid color or may have glamorous graphic designs. Share the template of digital designing with the printing company and get it in an exact manner!

    Additional Packaging Options

    The additional packaging options ensure to grant more value and charm to the display packaging boxes. The most significant and splendid options for that you can opt for your business are gold foiling or silver foiling. Besides this, the name of the company or logo can be embossed. The embossing of product names or the motifs of design also seems massively adorable. Other packaging options to consider are PVC sheet, raised ink, and custom window cut out. The window die cut may be of any shape such as circular, semi-circular, heart-shaped, logo-shaped, etc.

    Applications of Display Boxes

    There are plenty of industries that get benefit from the display boxes. It suits well for the gift industry, toy industry, software industry, and many others. The display boxes offer fabulous protection to the product. These carry the branded products quite well. Most often, it is used for cosmetics, snacks, soaps, stuffed toys, and other such items.

    The use of cardboard counter display boxes is quite beneficial as it helps to attract customers. The counter display boxes help in selling confectionery items. The colorful candies, chocolates, wafers within the cardboard counter display boxes become the center of attraction. The customers grab these to try out the taste and become loyal to the brand upon liking.

  • Packaging solutions for sensitive products

    Wolfertschwenden, 14 September 2021 - At this year's Compamed MULTIVAC will be exhibiting packaging solutions for sensitive products. The highlight will be the RX 4.0 thermoforming packag-ing machine in GMP design, which will be presented to the visitors for the first time. In conjunction with an integrated handling mod-ule and an InteliJet HD digital printer from BELL-MARK, it forms an efficient solution for producing and printing combi packs containing a syringe, filter and vial.

  • European tube market stable even in pandemic times

    Despite the ongoing pandemic, the european tube manufacturers association (etma) reports stable deliveries in the first half of 2021. The total deliveries of aluminum, plastic and laminate tubes even increased slightly by 0.5 percent to a level of around 6 billion units.

    While deliveries to the pharmaceutical industry fell by 11 percent, deliveries to the dental care market increased by 4 percent, to the cosmetics market by 2 percent and to the markets for food and household products by as much as 10 percent and 13 percent respectively.

  • Ingenious Ways to Use Mailer Boxes in Your Business


    Business's product's demand is continuously increasing with globalization. With the rise in globalization, the competition among industries is increasing day by day and most businesses acknowledge the importance of Mailer Boxes. These boxes play a vital role in making business`s different from others. Fierce competition in the market forcing business`s to go out of their way in creativity to make them stand out and ensure market leadership. Customers expect quality from the packaging to the products they receive which is promoting creativity in businesses.

    Mailer Boxes

    The safety of the products is important for businesses nowadays. The rise in globalization increased online businesses activities. Product shipment is one of the important parts of business activities and different businesses use different methods of packaging for the safety of their products.

    Businesses have to choose the best packaging method so the product reaches its destination safely. Since the priority of many businesses is the safety of their products, the Majority of them choose mailer boxes packaging. The advantage of these boxes outweighs their costs.

    These boxes are strong and provide long-lasting security, unlike conventional boxes. Moreover, they are lightweight and easy to carry which save many costs for businesses. In addition to that these boxes are most affordable and can be redesigned to cater to different needs.

    Custom Mailer Boxes

    Presentation is as important for customers as the product. Companies are constantly changing their strategies to become more creative. Companies acknowledge the fact that graceful packaging increases customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer base increases the profit of any business which is a priority.

    To increase businesses activities and customer satisfaction custom mailer boxes are important. These creative boxes offer many features with safety. Cardboard material is used in making these boxes which makes them pliable. Moreover, they can be customized according to different needs of the products as well. These boxes can be redesigned with creative shapes for the happiness of customers.

    OBT packaging company offers a variety of boxes. Their priority is to deliver the most creative boxes with amazing quality for the safeguard of products. Customers can choose from so many custom boxes at OBT packaging. The best part is their affordable rates and 24/7 services towards their customers.

    Mailer Boxes Are Dictating the Industry

    The packaging trend is rising day by day and to accommodate different packaging needs mailer boxes are the perfect choice for any business. There are different motives why these boxes are widely used. These boxes are famous because of their astonishing packaging with affordable rates. It is much easier to please customers with beautiful and eye-catching packaging. With low cost, every business can avail the features of these amazing boxes to send their products.

    As discussed before, these boxes are easier to redesign. Their flexible feature allows businesses to convert them into different shapes and designs. Different customers want a different design for their packaging of goods and many companies solely work for this purpose. Mailer boxes offer fast printing services as well. Companies can print whatever they want on these boxes to cater to different customer demands. Furthermore, it is easier for businesses to label mailer boxes with crucial information and advertisements.

    Moreover, plastic is discouraged in today’s world since people are aware of its negative effects on the environment. With the decreasing demand for plastic businesses is shifting towards mailer boxes. These boxes are environment friendly and offer massive security to every kind of product and without them, e-commerce businesses will surely suffer.

    The most dominant industries are encouraging the use of these boxes which includes: Food, industrial supply, textile, electronic, office supply, health care and obviously the E-commerce industry. With most industries using these boxes instead of conventional boxes, mailer boxes are surely dominating the market.

    Environment Friendly

    In today's world, there are a lot of campaigns going on for environmental safety. Using convention methods for packaging with negative environmental effects will have serious market effects for businesses. People are aware of the prospects of nature and environment-friendly products to discourage different kinds of pollution. Therefore, it is favourable for businesses to use eco processes in their business activities since it will boost their sales.

    Cardboard Mailer Boxes

    Cardboard mailer boxes are completely recyclable and biodegradable making them the most environmentally friendly boxes. These boxes' usage decreases CO2 and oil emissions by a considerable margin, unlike other materials. Since they can be reused and recycled they play an important role in waste reduction. With their recycling feature, cardboard boxes can be used for centuries without going out of supply.

    Moreover, the Recycling of cardboard saves electricity and water costs for businesses, making them cost-effective packaging methods. However, it is to be noted that recycling of these boxes fades their colour quality, making them less professional than Product Boxes. But if we look at the bigger picture the advantages of these boxes are greater than their costs. They are eco-friendly, recyclable and promote business sales! What else do you need?

    For every business which deals in product transportation, their main concern is product safety. Mailer boxes offer custom service to avoid needless space which gives extra protection to products. They are an important part of many businesses since the major objective is to satisfy the customer base. Customers appreciate the receiving of their products with creative packaging.

    To increase customer base and profit margins, many businesses adopt these boxes because of their amazing features and durability. As the world is moving forward the environmentally friendly products demands are rising day by day. Many clever businesses promote their eco-friendly activities by using packaging such as cardboard mailer boxes to increase their sales. It would not be wrong to say that mailer boxes are dominating the industry.

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