• Smurfit Kappa announces €35 million further investment in Germany


    The investment will replace the complete press section of the PM2 paper machine with new state-of-the-art technology, increasing the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process. The PM2 is a 7.5 meters wide paper machine, producing both testliner and fluting packaging paper. Production speed will increase to 1250 m/min and upon completion, this world class machine will further strengthen the industrial efficiency of Smurfit Kappa Group's containerboard system. It is expected to be operational from the first quarter of 2023. 

    Saverio Mayer, CEO, Smurfit Kappa Europe said: “This investment will be the final and significant phase of a programme of sustained investment at our Hoya Mill which commenced over a decade ago. Today’s announcement underlines Smurfit Kappa’s continued commitment to developments in leading edge technology and our operations in Germany.” 

    The investment means that CO2 emissions will be reduced by 5,500 tons per annum. 

    Also commenting on the investment, Andreas Noss, Managing Director of the Smurfit Kappa Hoya Mill, said: “This investment will make the PM2 a state-of-the-art light weight paper machine that enables us to meet the changing needs of our customers. It will increase production speed and produce light weight paper in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.” 

    The Hoya site in Germany has been in operation for over 50 years and is a major regional employer, with over 300 people working at the facility. 

  • Brand-New Premium Packaging Plant in Gdansk, Poland, Has SWEDBRAND Well-Positioned to Address Luxury Brand Requirements

    Highest quality customized rigid boxes produced in state-of-the-art factory feature vastly reduced shipping cost and time

    Hongkong, China, April 22, 2021. SWEDBRAND Group, the packaging partner to some of the world’s most iconic brands, today announced the opening of its brand-new converting plant in Poland, Swedbrand Poland Sp z o.o., for premium customized rigid boxes for luxury products.

  • Packaging and commercial offset printing on gold level: hubergroup further enhances the sustainability of its portfolio

    Driving the circular economy, hubergroup Print Solutions now offers a complete Cradle to Cradle Material Health Gold certified portfolio for commercial and packaging offset printing. For this purpose, the international printing ink specialist formulated a new ink range which is based on the low-migration MGA NATURA series and, therefore, suitable especially for printing food packaging. Moreover, the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovations Institute certified a number of water-based coatings of the ACRYLAC series with Gold status.

  • Transparent, Certified Renewable Content, Carbon Neutral Packaging Film

    Innovia Films is launching a new film in its Encore range of Sustainable Polypropylene packaging films.  REF30cn has a high level of certified renewable content (via ISCC PLUS mass balance) specifically achieving carbon neutral on a cradle to gate basis from the Innovia UK site.  Technically the film performance matches that of the fossil-based equivalent so can be used in both high-speed horizontal flow-wrap and overwrap applications.  The film is also fully food contact compliant.

  • Nordic Label – adding digital value for brands with Xeikon Smart Label Solution -Track and Trace

    Smart Labels for Data Driven Business


    Lier, Belgium, 31 March 2021 – Nordic Label Oy in Finland is attracting new business and widening its product portfolio using Xeikon smart label technology. The success and uptake of Xeikon’s ‘Track and Trace’ smart label solution is helping to reposition the successful label printer and set them apart from the competition. Since investing in digital five years ago, the over 100 year old company is now at the cutting edge of digital label production in the Nordic regions.  

  • The ASYS Group has added another machine to the Smart generation - the Fully Autonomous Printer SERIO 6000.


    Numerous features such as tablet operation, offline programming or 3D machine simulation make this possible. New options have been specially developed for the Divisio 5100: Cut control with closed-loop for cutting correction is now available. The deviation from the cut to the pre-milling is continuously monitored and compared with specified limit values. The system checks itself whether the tolerances have been exceeded and controls, if necessary, actively oppose. With the Predictive Setup Control, a camera checks which grippers are equipped and compares them with the loaded order. If the components used do not fit, or if they are not complete, the machine is able to order its equipment independently.

    Autonomy to Infinity
    The SERIO 6000 - the new member of the Smart generation - is the world's first fully automatic printer. The system offers automation in stages - adaptable to the automation level of the existing production. With the smart, autonomous printer, for example, squeegees and stencils can be set up asynchronously. Specific tools for the next product cycle can be stored directly on the printer so that they can be installed automatically at the right time. The setup can be done manually via an operator or autonomously via a cobot. The SERIO 6000 is able to work over several shifts without significant operator intervention.

    Discover the autonomous printer - adapted to your requirements and easily integrated into your autonomous line or production.


  • Ink removal process enables recycling of printed film


    In combination with EREMA recycling technology, this ink removal process has already proven its suitability for real-life applications involving the recycling of printed inhouse and post-industrial film waste. This represents a milestone in safely feeding recycled pellets made from originally printed film back into the production process.

    The EREMA Group with its subsidiary KEYCYCLE is now intensifying its cooperation with Cadel Deinking to drive this development forward technologically and form a product that meets industrial standards. Ansfelden, 17 December 2020 - Starting in January 2021, KEYCYCLE will exclusively take over worldwide sales and project implementation of this unique technology, which is patented in over 20 countries. The company will operate the pilot system in Sant Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante, Spain) together with Cadel Deinking. "Together we are making ink removal technology a process step that can be integrated into the plastics recycling chain," says Michal Prochazka, Managing Director of KEYCYCLE and Pablo Cartagena, Business Development Manager at Cadel Deinking.

  • Custom Rigid Boxes: The Best Packaging Solution to Ensure Fragile Cosmetic Safety


    Custom rigid boxes are one of the most popular items in the industry that are famous for improving the marketing and promotion strategies of many new to leading cosmetic businesses. Many major companies use custom printed boxes to attract more customers despite the many that they already have. It is because they know how effective it is to have their different cosmetic products stored in custom-made boxes, and with a good design, they can get new customers to try their products. It is essential to understand that many people love attractiveness. Custom rigid packaging boxes simply predetermine the quality of the products inside according to the high-definition design of the packaging. They buy your cosmetic products mainly because of how it looks from the outside. For more information, visit website.

    How Rigid Packaging Boxes Helps?

    The cosmetic industry is at its peak because nowadays almost everyone uses different makeup products in their daily life, this is the best time for more and more people to get interested in their fascinating new and different custom boxes next to the product. There are some people who don’t worry about the product inside if it comes in useful packaging. It also gets pretty boring for customers if your only focus is to make a high-quality product while the packaging is boring. New and attractive products when you could easily take on this new strategy yourself and give your product the lift it needs in terms of an innovative new custom printed rigid packaging box.

    Multiple Finishes Options Available for Custom Boxes

    There are so many features available in the market that you can get by selecting the best custom boxes that you will be hard pressed to choose the perfect one. Profitable companies that make custom packaging always know how and where to deliver the best features that are best for your product. They also know precisely what aspect of a custom packaging detail can help change the look of your product. The best way to choose the right custom rigid box is to visit the market, refer to multiple places instead of just one, and see the quality offered to you, the different shapes, the packaging alignments, the material and the finish of the final product. Although it is a very long process that can seem resistant, the results are indeed worth all the hard work you do now.

    Sold at Economical Prices

    The competitive prices you will find the best cosmetic products in the market require dedication and time, because finding the best quality at an affordable price is only possible when you visit different. It is harder than it looks for sure, but you cannot than imagine the profit you would make by changing and just creating your custom packaging with the fastest turnaround time.


    The Need of Custom Packaging for Fragile Cosmetics

    Before, all of this modern trend of innovative custom printed packaging intended only to store different products somewhere. But with this news era, packaging has a whole new meaning and an entirely different look, today it is used for the maximum storage of various products at the same time which can be transferred with minimum order. Micro packaging and eco-friendly packaging are new terms that have taken the industry by storm, and custom clamshell rigid boxes is more science than a prerequisite today. In addition to using customer-specific packaging to combat increasing competition on the shelves of markets, they have the essential functions of storing and properly securing the products.

    The packaging must protect the product from the extreme outside climate on the inside. And it is only right that your product should remain undamaged throughout the entire product delivery phase until it is right on the shelf. Only possible if the quality of the material you used for the packaging is strong and robust enough to withstand the complicated delivery process stay intact. You need to do a thorough research into choosing the right packaging material so that you do not have problems with packaging in the future that does not meet the correct safety criteria for your products.

    Use of Durable and Strong Packaging Materials

    Apart from packing your different types of cosmetic products in cardboard made rigid boxes. To keep an extra layer of protection to keep anything from breaking, you can use various other materials besides the cardboard for the initial custom packaging. These materials include Kraft and corrugated board, which have been the most common and widely used but this is not the end of your limits; if you know of any other material that can do the job of a good quality material very well, then this is your place to start!

  • Toppan Develops Fire Extinguishing Film for Lithium-Ion Batteries


    Toppan Printing a global leader in communication, security, packaging, décor materials, and electronics solutions, has developed a fire extinguishing film that responds to heat by emitting aerosol particles. This new film is an addition to Toppan’s “SMART LIFE-VALUE™ Packaging” lineup, which is part of the recently launched “TOPPAN S-VALUE™ Packaging” range targeting added value for society and fulfilling living. The fire extinguishing film is on sale from February and targeted at manufacturers of batteries and electrical appliances.

    With applications for rechargeable batteries expanding to such fields as mobile devices and mobility, lithium-ion batteries are becoming more widely used and offering higher power levels. However, this increases the risk of fire-related accidents, not only during use but also after disposal. Toppan has combined its advanced coating technologies and transparent vapor-deposited GL BARRIER film with a highly effective fire extinguishing agent from Yamato Protec Corporation to produce an adhesive film with outstanding long-term durability and workability.

    “This film enables greater fire safety without any negative impact on people or the environment,” said Yoshimitsu Anamizu, Managing Executive Officer of Toppan’s Living & Industry Division. “We intend to develop more products based on this technology to contribute to accident and disaster prevention and a safer, more sustainable society for everyone.”

    The fire extinguishing film will be on display in the Toppan Booth (S1-12, South Hall 1) at TOKYO PACK 2021, which will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center from February 24 to 26.

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