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Q-Pumps tools: Easy access to the information you need

The philosophy at Q-Pumps is based on developing products of the highest quality, offering a world class customer service and generating a successful link with each and every one of the distributors, always having the end user


In the search to fulfill these objectives and generate a constant improvement, we created a series of tools that contribute to teamwork among Q-Pumps, distributors and end users. Below you will find the tools and a brief explanation of their operation:


• Distributor Locator:

This tool is intended as a support for all those end users who want to buy a product Q-Pumps and do not know who to go to to start the purchase process, in the same way promotion is given to distributors by placing them in the selection that Your target market is looking for. The locator therefore manages to streamline the processes to have more dynamic and agile operations.


• Cross Reference:

In several cases customers are working with other brands and seek certainty about the interchangeability of their equipment by new ones without damaging their production, choosing Q-Pumps for the positive impact that using the technology of our products would provide their processes, is then where Cross Reference is available to enter the data of the previous equipment and show the equipment of our lines that could enter to renew them without damage to their production.


• Team of selections Q-Pumps:

We have a team composed of customer and engineers who collaborate together offering the customer a quick and accurate response time, by selecting the ideal equipment for each of the applications, through which we can maximize the benefits of the products, obtaining excellent results that satisfy and exceed the expectations of our customers.