Laser Coders Ensure Quality Standards

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Nielsen McAllister Public Relations Limited

Two laser coders from Linx Printing Technologies are providing valuable quality assurance tests for a leading New Zealand metal packaging manufacturer.


NCI Packaging produces a range of cans, drums and pails for both food and industrial customers. For its can ends, the company applies a special ink which changes colour when it is laser coded, enabling manufacturers to include production and traceability information.


The Linx CSL30 and Linx CSL10 lasers, supplied by Linx distributor Reynolds Group, are being used in NCI’s QA laboratory to test the effectiveness of the ink and ensure NCI customers can produce high quality readable codes in line with their own rigorous quality standards.


Test codes are between two and four lines and also include a 2D QR code. Code readability is then checked by a scanner.


A major benefit of the Linx laser coders is their compact dimensions, given the limited space available in the laboratory. Installation was facilitated by Reynolds and made easier thanks to the flexible conduit design, detachable marking head, connectors and conduit, and quick disconnect umbilical cable.


Both the Linx CSL10 (10 watt) and CSL30 (30 watt) models feature a powerful processing board that is able to quickly relay the message from the control unit to the marking head. The Laser coders can handle complex messages and graphics without any loss of quality, and the LinxVision® operating system allows for fast and simple set-up that minimises errors.


“We needed a laser solution that was compact and easy to operate, and one that had the capability to accommodate both our existing and potential future customer requirements,” comments Windsor Yang, Sales Manager – New Zealand at NCI Packaging.


“We were referred to Reynolds and Linx by a mutual customer and are very happy with the decision. The laser coders are of a very high standard and in tests outperformed the other model we were considering.”

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Jack Brodie
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