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Astronova Unveils Newest Digital Color Label Printer

The Kiaro!® QL-120 Integrates Industry’s Fastest Print Speeds with 1200 dpi Resolution for Exceptional Customer Experience


AstroNova, Inc., (NASDAQ: ALOT), a global leader in data visualization technologies, today announced that its QuickLabel® business unit has launched the first of its second-generation Kiaro! digital inkjet color label printers, the Kiaro! QL-120. The QL-120 combines high resolution with the industry’s fastest print speeds, giving business owners a powerful tool to produce professional-quality color labels in-house and on- demand, at a fraction of the cost and time of outsourcing.


Built on AstroNova’s proven industry-leading Kiaro! digital color label printing technology, the new QL-120 delivers enhanced print quality, performance and reliability. With the QL-120, print speed has been increased by 50 percent to 12” (305 mm)/sec and a new high-speed auto-cutter is now standard. Other benefits include the ability to print narrow widths as small as 0.5” (12.7 mm), seamless networking capabilities and extended printhead life. At a resolution of 1200 dpi, the printer ensures that even the smallest font sizes and images look crisp, while superior color management capabilities yield brilliant, true-to-life images. The QL-120’s durable ink formulation has an exceptional color range and allows printing on a wider variety of materials. Because the printed label is more resistant to water, oil, and solvents, the QL-120 is ideal for a broad range of applications from food and beverage, to chemicals, cosmetics, medical and industrial labeling.


“As the latest innovation in our ‘total solution’ product offerings, the QL-120 exemplifies the long history of QuickLabel as a customer-centric business focused on helping companies build great brands,” said AstroNova President and CEO Greg Woods. “The QL-120 allows new and existing customers to print vivid, compelling labels for their branded products cost effectively, when they need them.”


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