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LATEST NEWS UFlex sources solar power for its packaging films plant UFlex has entered into a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with Amplus Phoenix to source renewable power under a group captive power policy. The plant will provide solar power to UFlexs packaging films manufacturing plant in Dharwad, Karnataka.  In line with UFlex's goal of being net zero by 2035, or earlier, this move will strategically reduce UFlexs carbon emissions by approximately Read More Zespri's new pillbox-shaped case will ensure you never forget your fruit Called The Fruit Pillbox, the packaging comes with seven compartments labelled from Monday to Sunday with a Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit in each compartment.Crafted from recyclable material and vegetable-based ink, the packaging aims to combat Singapores forgetfulness to include fruit in their daily consumption habits.In fact, over 50% of Singaporeans do not eat fruits daily and have cited forgetfulne Read More Coveris launches recyclable MonoFlex Thermoform film packaging The film packaging solution offers a sustainable alternative to the non-recyclable materials currently used for thermoforming packaging in food sectors.Coveris MonoFlex Thermoform films deliver a recyclable solution by utilising high-performance monomaterials. This facilitates the transition from non-recyclable, mixed-material thermoforming substrates, resulting in a reduction in carbon footprint.
LATEST NEWS Dunnet Bay Distillery launches new bottle for Holy Grass Vodka The new design, which has been created by Pocket Rocket Creative, Holy Grass Vodka is now packaged in a premium glass bottle, sprayed with colour to create a greater stand out on shelf.The label, which features a fresh font, has been designed to reinforce the hand crafted nature and provenance of the spirit.The bottle also now includes a QR code linking to the brand story and recommended serve.Eac Read More PODS FOR THE PLANET TIPA and ATI craft compostable, bio-based coffee capsules lids Conscious consumers are making a switch to compostable coffee capsules but brands are struggling to develop an effective eco-friendly lid that complies with all qualitative aspects. TIPA and ATIs compostable lid, combines between TIPAs breakthrough high barrier film and ATIs patent protected system to support consisted flow and enhanced taste experience.Pre-brewing options with a capsule is what t Read More Collaboration allows Pregis to design foam packaging with recycled PE
LATEST NEWS DS Smith develops innovative plastic-free industrial packaging for Bosch Home Comfort Group DS Smith has developed a plastic-free solution for a gas boiler from Bosch Home Comfort Group.While previous packaging solutions have required two EPS (Styrofoam) elements, the innovative solution developed by DS Smith for Bosch Home Comfort Group has eliminated all plastic packaging parts. This has resulted in the removal of 100,000 plastic components and is saving a total of 310 tons of CO2 emis Read More Tomra markets new reverse vending machine line for improved retailer and consumer convenience Part of the Basic Line, Tomra B5 Combi, is launching first in Ireland, the latest region to introduce a DRS, which went live in February. The system requires retailers to take back drink containers and refund deposits as part of the countrys efforts to reduce litter and increase recycling rates.Gudbrand Arnesen, head of product management at Tomra Collection, tells Packaging Insights that in the B Read More Pulpoloco Sangria Revolutionizes Beverage Industry with Eco-Friendly CartoCan® Packaging
Dear Friend, Are you familiar with the stirring melody of 'Winds of Change' by the German ensemble Scorpio? Crafted in 1989 and gracing their 1990 album, this anthem was born amidst historic upheavals—the fall of the Berlin Wall, the unraveling of communism in the USSR. It serves as a poignant reflection of that transformative era. Here at, we find kinship in the message of 'Winds of Change.' Just as the song encapsulates the essence of metamorphosis, we're embarking on our own journey of evolution. If you haven't yet experienced its resonance, take a moment to immerse yourself in the song's spirit. Here is the link to song in case you would like to hear it  In the realm of packaging, a timeless Chinese proverb comes to mind: 'When the winds of change blow, some build walls, while others build windmills.' We've chosen to erect windmills—to harness the energy of change and propel our community forward. Our mission is to unleash the latent potential of packaging, enriching product safeguarding them, and enhancing lives. Through our weekly Namaste Packaging newsletter, we share cutting-edge innovations and industry insights, eagerly welcoming your feedback and involvement. For those seeking deeper understanding, our 'Big Book of Packaging' serves as an invaluable resource. Delve further into the world of packaging at Additionally, we provide bespoke design services at PackagingConnections, ensuring the safe and cost-effective delivery of your products. Learn more at As we navigate these transformative times, we remain steadfast in our commitment to keeping you informed. Together, let's embrace the winds of change and chart a course towards a brighter future.     Best regards, Happy & Joyful Living! Sandeep Kumar Goyal Founder & CEO Sanex Packaging Connections Pvt. Ltd.Packaging Design Solutions- ( Tel: +91 124 4965770 LinkedIn:    Continue Reading Further Packaging Information On Follow Made Updates At Share News / Events at SANEX PACKAGING CONNECTIONS PVT LTD. 117 Suncity Business Tower. Golf Course Road Gurgaon - 122002, India. +91 124 4965770.
LATEST NEWS LVMH and Dow have announced plans to work together to enhance sustainable packaging across leading perfume and cosmetics brands. Dow and LVMH Beauty, a division of LVMH, the world leader in luxury with 75 renowned brands, have joined forces to expedite the adoption of sustainable packaging across LVMHs perfume and cosmetic offerings. This partnership aims to incorporate both bio-based and circular plastics into various beauty products without compromising functionality or quality.The collaboration will involve the utilizati Read More Protecting drugs at deep-cold temperatures: SCHOTT Pharma launches new vials for mRNA and gene therapy SCHOTT Pharma, a pioneer in pharmaceutical drug containment solutions and delivery systems, is introducing glass vials optimized for deep-cold storage of drugs. These life-saving vaccines, such as gene therapy and mRNA medications must be frozen and transported at temperatures down to -80C. Due to the high thermal stress and other factors in the freezing and thawing process, conventional vials are Read More Nokia Dials in Packaging Circularity
Dear Friend, " Dare to believe in the power of packaging! " As time seems to slip away, the hourglass turns itself over once more. The sun sets slowly, yet on the horizon, a new dawn eagerly awaits. These lines from the renowned song "Dare to Believe" resonate deeply with Packaging Connections. Since our inception, we have dared to believe in catalyzing a paradigm shift in packaging across diverse domains: 1. We embraced the ethos of information and knowledge sharing, giving birth to and issuing our inaugural newsletter in 2005 which is now called namasté packaging and circulated globally every week since then non stop 2. With unwavering conviction, we ventured into "offsite consulting," achieving success with a multinational project in 2007, and have continued delivering offsite packaging projects annually since. 3. Believing in the potential of "Rising India," we introduced new technologies to the nation, starting with our inaugural project in 2008 and progressively expanding our portfolio. 4. Recognizing the future potential of Internet and Content Marketing, we embarked on our first project in 2008. Today, the pervasive influence of social media extends across all spheres, including politics. 5. We challenged the norms of traditional packaging events with "Ideas & Opportunities," creating an unconventional gathering devoid of sponsors, chief guests, or external speakers. 6. With steadfast belief, we introduced packaging KPO, e-Learning in packaging, and email consulting services. 7. We dared to redefine packaging literature, publishing several books on "Innovation in Packaging." 8. We remain firm in our belief that the day is near when we can confidently assert: "Packaging is the visible soul of a product; without it, life is futile—PACKAGING IS EVERYTHING." Embrace the wonders of packaging and dare to believe. You can listen to the song via this link: Furthermore, we continue to serve our packaging fraternity through various channels: 1. LinkedIn group: 2. Our esteemed packaging partners: 3. Explore the Big Book of Packaging: 4. Engage with insightful Packaging Blogs: Best regards, Happy & Joyful Living! Sandeep Kumar Goyal Founder & CEO Sanex Packaging Connections Pvt. Ltd.Packaging Design Solutions- ( Tel: +91 124 4965770 LinkedIn:    Continue Reading Further Packaging Information On Follow Made Updates At Share News / Events at SANEX PACKAGING CONNECTIONS PVT LTD. 117 Suncity Business Tower. Golf Course Road Gurgaon - 122002, India. +91 124 4965770.
LATEST NEWS Apple unveils its first carbon neutral products Apple today announced its first-ever carbon neutral products in the all-new Apple Watch lineup. Innovations in design and clean energy have driven dramatic reductions in product emissions of over 75 percent for each carbon neutral Apple Watch.1 This milestone marks a major step in the companys journey toward its ambitious Apple 2030 goal to make every product carbon neutral by the end of Read More Waste Managed claims huge Easter egg waste annually It said recent research showed UK consumers splurged a 415m on Easter eggs in 2023, with an estimated 3,000 tonnes of Easter egg chocolate wasted each year in the UK, with packaging alone accounting for over 8,000 tonnes of waste annually.Last year an estimated 4,370 tonnes of card and 160 tonnes of foil packaging were used for Easter eggs.Despite efforts to promote sustainability, 59% of UK adult Read More The redesign of the Jozo Salt Shaker achieves optimal recyclability. As consumer packaged goods (CPGs) in the United States reassess their packaging strategies in response to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policies aiming for more sustainable packaging, European CPGs are also confronting stricter requirements under the European Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD). By 2030, brand packaging in Europe must be either 100% recyclable or reusable. To a
LATEST NEWS Pregis and NOVA Chemicals Deliver a Sustainable Packaging Solution Designed for Food Applications The Pregis film structure, manufactured with Nova Chemicals SYNDIGO rPE-0860-FC recycled polyethylene resin, delivers on the market need for high-quality, food-safe recycled content solutions without compromising on performance. This solution goes beyond the FDA-LNO (letter of non-objection) to provide packaging converters, and consumer packaged goods companies, with a mechanically recycled conten Read More A Cradle-to-Cradle certification has been awarded to Tipa’s compostable and recyclable packaging The company, which is considered a global leader in compostable packaging solutions, has created a plastic-free, compostable and recyclable packaging tray. Tipa have manufactured this tray line from natural rice waste, such as rice by-products, and this material is called paddy straw. Normally, the ingredients for paddy straw are disposed of and during this process they are burned, which is a larg Read More Cup in Cup by ILLIG
LATEST NEWS Yaza chooses Greiner Packaging’s sustainable K3® cup for its breakthrough Labneh range Offering many nutritional benefits, labneh is typically found in Mediterranean diets and is made from fresh milk that is strained until it forms a smooth consistency perfect for dipping and spreading. Yaza Labneh is all-natural, low-fat, high in protein, probiotic-rich and contains no preservatives or added sugars. Labnehs versatile flavor makes it the perfect healthy substitute for cream cheese, Read More Vetroplas launches aluminium and foamer combination The aim was to produce a flush fitting pack with a 43mm foam pump, creating a streamlined profile which will be marketed as 50 43FOAM.Offered in addition to the 66 43FOAM (66mm neck) Vetroplas can now provide aluminium bottles with a choice of neck and a range of sizes between 125ml and 750ml.Foam pumps enable optimum dispensing of creamy, rich and propellant free formulations, making them suitabl Read More Kia Incorporates Ocean Plastics in Electric Vehicles
LATEST NEWS Unboxing the future with sustainable packaging innovation Giant cardboard boxes, puffy plastic air pillows, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, polystyrene bags, and plastic wrap. Consider, too, whats discarded from consumables: tray liners, clamshells, egg and milk cartons, and plastic soda bottles, to name a few. Were drowning in packaging some 82.2 million tons of it is produced annually in the United States alone. Our pollution problem isnt only about Read More Aldi introduces the UK's inaugural supermarket own-brand wine bottles made of paper. Utilizing Frugalpac's Frugal Bottles, crafted from 94% recycled paperboard with a food-grade pouch housing the wine, Aldi introduces the UK's first supermarket own-brand paper wine bottles. These innovative bottles are fully recyclable and weigh five times less than standard glass bottles.Launching on Global Recycling Day, March 18th, Aldi will offer the Cambalala South African Shiraz (7.99, 75cl) Read More Cosmetic industry sustainability driven by Total Energies Corbion and Sulapac