Nanotechnology for proofing and prototyping

Nanotechnology for proofing and prototyping

CMA Imaging has developed a new ‘ecosystem’ for digital proofing and prototyping onto a vast range of materials


Its Colorpack system combines CMA's colour know-how and extended gamut ink set with software, hardware and nano-technology coatings. A special material developed by CMA head of inkjet Pierre Brugger has a 25-micron inkjet receptive thermal layer that can be applied to the actual stock that will be used for the end product, including clear films, in-mould labels, corrugated board, carton board, and very thin substrates such as foils. The thinness of the layer means the texture of the substrate is retained. The release layer is designed to capture more ink in order to be able to match and proof spot colours and very high density colours

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