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H&M begins using paper packaging for online orders

Fast-fashion retailer H&M has announced it will be now shipping online orders in FSC-certified paper packaging in the Netherlands.

The decision is part of the company’s sustainability pledge to use 25 percent less packaging between 2018 and 2025, including the replacement of single-use packaging. The paper is uncoated, making it easier to recycle and takes up a small amount of space in delivery, allowing for larger deliveries at one time.

Plastic bags will still be used to wrap products inside the packaging to ensure product safety. However, the company states it is currently working towards a sustainable alternative.

“Fashion items are precious. To ensure that purchases arrive at our customers in good condition, we have looked for a more durable type of paper that is also sturdy enough,” said Annet Feenstra, H&M Netherlands’ sustainability manager, in a statement “We hope that customers will appreciate this new packaging and cherish the item they receive in it.”

H&M Netherlands has also continued its use of sustainable delivery options, from the introduction of bicycle couriers in 2019 to the addition of the new Budbee delivery option in February this year. The company has said it will continue to take more steps to move towards its goal of a circular business model with a focus on its current supply chain.