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Arisure TM Closed Medication System

Closed Male Luer (Valve)

  1. Patented covered male luer technology
  2. Drip free disconnection
  3. Automatic shut-off upon disconnection
  4. Allows delivery through any female luer valve / port
  5. Anti-unwinding version to prevent unintentional removal

Closed Vial Access Device, 13 mm, 20mm and 28mm

  1. Patented closed vial access
  2. Traps vapors without compromising sterility
  3. Integrated swab able valve, luer connection
  4. “Clean Air” pressure equalization through 0.2mm one way filter
  5. One way valve traps vapors (even if removed from vial)
  6. Needle-free with non-coring, plastic spike

Infusion Access Device – Dry Spike

  1. Allows for use in standard IV bags, glass bottles, and other rigid containers
  2. Novel, safe infusion access
  3. Integrated swab able valve, luer connection
  4. Glass (rigid) bottle drug compatible
  5. One-way air inlet filter for “clean air” vent
  6. Dry access, internal pierce-able septum

Neutral Needle – Free Valve

  1. Neutral displacement upon disconnect
  2. Rated for pressures above 300 psi
  3. Low priming volume
  4. Easy to disinfect
  5. Non-tortuous path
Short Description: 
Arisure Closed Medication System allows for the safe handling of hazardous drugs. Designed closely with pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and oncology nurses, the Arisure system is designed for ease of use, while providing the highest level of clinical safety when preparing and administering chemotherapeutic and other hazardous drugs. Closed and needle-free, the Arisure Closed Medication System is the most advanced system of its kind.

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