• Amcor develops breakthrough recyclable healthcare packaging


    Building on its recent track record of breakthrough innovations to deliver recyclable packaging, Amcor is today announcing customer trials of the world’s first recyclable* Polyethylene-based thermoform blister packaging. The new packaging is designed to meet the stringent requirements of highly specialized and regulated pharmaceutical packaging and creates a more sustainable alternative for the most in-demand healthcare packaging type. This innovation also benefits from up to 70% reduction in its carbon footprint, when compared to packaging alternatives on the market today.

    AmSky™ eliminates PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) from the packaging by using a Polyethylene (PE) thermoform blister and lidding film. PVC can make packaging recycling more difficult or contaminate other materials if consumers attempt to recycle it. By removing PVC – whilst retaining all the benefits of pre-existing blister packaging – Amcor has created a new, recyclable solution that benefits the entire recycling process.

    Amcor is currently working with several leading pharmaceutical companies to bring AmSky™ to market globally. The company expects AmSky™ to be available in the healthcare market by the second half of 2022.

    Peter Konieczny, Amcor’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Amcor is deploying our unique innovation capabilities to solve the biggest and most significant issues in packaging today. With AmSky™ Amcor has signalled our commitment to breakthrough innovation in the healthcare space – this is why we remain the packaging partner of choice for our healthcare customers, generating close to $2bn in annual sales in this market. This new blister packaging solution will significantly enhance the ability of healthcare and pharmaceutical brands to put sustainability at the heart of their businesses.”

    William Jackson, Amcor’s Chief Technology Officer for Flexibles, commented: “This exciting solution is a result of Amcor’s continued focus on advanced technology and growth, using the entire power of our global R&D network to bring recyclable solutions to our customers.”

  • 25 years of pick & place machines from Schubert – with unmatched versatility to take on any packaging task


    Customers greatly appreciate this and benefit several times over. Whether the product is sticky or greasy, warm or deep-frozen, pressure-sensitive or fragile – all the experience gained from the construction of hundreds of pick & place machines is incorporated into the design of the systems. As a result, the pick & place machines from Schubert have gained such a high degree of flexibility over the years that they can now be used to process practically any product. Gentle product handling and excellent packaging quality are hallmarks of Schubert’s flexible picker lines and hold true to the packaging of food, confectionery, beverages, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. Plastic or cardboard trays? Both can be used in the same pick & place machine from Schubert! Always reliably packaged and, thanks to the ingenious interplay between proven mechanics and intelligent Schubert control, with exceptionally high availabilities of up to 99 per cent.

  • Polar Leasing Expands Availability of Cold Chain Storage to Meet Growing Demand in Biotechnology, Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries


    “Polar Leasing has prioritized an additional 300 new walk-in refrigerator and freezer units from our manufacturer Polar King International to satisfy the surging demand for both short and long-term rentals across the United States and Canada,” said Bart Tippmann, president of Polar Leasing. “We have now expanded beyond 80 distribution depots across the United States and, in some cases, can deliver orders within 24 hours.” He adds, “Custom controlled cold rooms can also be manufactured to customer specifications.” According to Polar Leasing, order processing is easy. Simply call the customer service hotline (866-574-4573) to reserve a leased unit with a digital signature. Standard 8’ x 10’ and 8’ x 20’ units are in stock, while custom sizes from 6’ x 8’ up to 16’ x 65’ are available in select markets or available to be built. Once the customer determines the required size, a free-standing walk-in unit is shipped and a roll-back truck puts it in place. “Ninety percent of the time we drop the unit right where the customer wants it,” says Tippmann. “We have fork slots in the frames to enable easy moving.” He explains, “Customers simply connect the unit to their electric source and installation is complete. When the rental has run its course, the truck picks up the unit and returns it to the depot.” Polar Leasing says there are advantages of using a ground-resting unit over a refrigerated truck. The NSF-approved walk-ins have a 6 ” step, as compared with the awkward ramp-and-door configuration of trucks. The units have a fiberglass interior with lights. Plus, they are dual temp to allow customers to go from a cooler to a freezer by the flip of a switch. Polar Leasing supplies many pharmaceutical companies involved in temperature-sensitive distribution. From research and development to the clinical trials phase, pre-conditioning gel packs or prior to transport, Polar Leasing temperature controlled cold room rentals are the perfect on-site solution for temporary refrigeration anywhere throughout the cold chain. Polar Leasing maintains all temperature controlled cold rooms by offering 24/7 service, optional dataloggers and RFID tags, temperature validation reports and custom options for long-term rentals. “Environmentally, the Polar Leasing solution is better than refrigerated trucks which are very loud and exhaust diesel emissions,” Tippmann notes. “Most importantly,” he adds, “the operational cost savings are substantial.” Polar Leasing 8’ x 20’ temperature controlled cold rooms are walk-in combination freezer/refrigeration units, specifically designed and engineered for customers operating in the pharmaceutical cold chain. Each custom-built cold room has an option of rental validation. For added efficiency and to further protect the integrity of the products stored inside, each cold room features vinyl strip curtains to reduce the amount of cold loss or heat gain. Each DT820P and DT820RED are constructed with a heavily reinforced door that is large enough to fit a hand pallet jack inside for loading and unloading. For customers that require larger storage space in which handloading is not an option, temperature controlled custom cold rooms are an ideal fit. Additionally, the heavy duty (HD) floor is durable and capable enough to hold up to 1,000 lbs. sq. ft., while the pallet duty floor is rated up to 5,000 lbs. sq. ft. For added safety and protection, the DT820P and DT820RED cold room units have an interior pallet bumper guard around the interior to prevent damage to the rental unit. As with all Polar King Leasing NSF-approved refrigeration rentals, the company offers an antimicrobial gel-coat finish on the interior to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew.

  • Cerepak™ with Med-ic® inside

    Dosepak and IMC’s Med-ic work well together, we have proven that with hundreds of thousands of co-packaged Med-ic/Dosepak clinical trials blisters, marketed as Cerepak™

    Features & Benefits

    Med-ic enabled Cerepak: • Tracks date, time and location of dispensed pill

    • Adherence-enhancing design is based on Dosepak®

    • Hidden electronics are unobtrusive to patients

    • Easy to manufacture using standard techniques

    • Cost effective and simple to use

    • Develops interaction with patients

  • Arisure TM Closed Medication System

    Closed Male Luer (Valve)
    1. Patented covered male luer technology
    2. Drip free disconnection
    3. Automatic shut-off upon disconnection
    4. Allows delivery through any female luer valve / port
    5. Anti-unwinding version to prevent unintentional removal
    Closed Vial Access Device, 13 mm, 20mm and 28mm
    1. Patented closed vial access
    2. Traps vapors without compromising sterility
    3. Integrated swab able valve, luer connection
    4. “Clean Air” pressure equalization through 0.2mm one way filter
    5. One way valve traps vapors (even if removed from vial)
    6. Needle-free with non-coring, plastic spike
    Infusion Access Device – Dry Spike
    1. Allows for use in standard IV bags, glass bottles, and other rigid containers
    2. Novel, safe infusion access
    3. Integrated swab able valve, luer connection
    4. Glass (rigid) bottle drug compatible
    5. One-way air inlet filter for “clean air” vent
    6. Dry access, internal pierce-able septum
    Neutral Needle – Free Valve
    1. Neutral displacement upon disconnect
    2. Rated for pressures above 300 psi
    3. Low priming volume
    4. Easy to disinfect
    5. Non-tortuous path
  • Smartmix TM One Step Reconstitution

    Technical Features : Fewer steps than comparable pre-filled options Utilizes standard drug vial configurations Self contained and compact sterile system Vented for easy and complete drug withdrawal Intuitive Visual indication of proper mix1 Usage Push device down to actuate, mixing with drug Pull up plunger, aspirating mixed drug into syringe Disconnect syringe from device