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Welcome to Packaging Connections, your ultimate destination for all things related to packaging. Our journey began in 2005 with a clear mission: to bridge the gap in the packaging industry by providing accessible and innovative packaging information. We recognized that valuable packaging insights were often scattered and hard to find, and there was a need for packaging professionals to connect and collaborate. Inspired by this vision, we created Packaging Connections—a platform designed to empower the packaging community.

Our History & Timeline

  • 2005: Founded PackagingConnections.com as an online platform
  • 2007: Started packaging consulting and successfully completed projects with companies like PepsiCo, GSK, Unilever, Britannia, ITC, and MTR.
  • 2008: Launched content marketing services for packaging suppliers, providing 24x7 global visibility.
  • 2010: Introduced “Ideas & Opportunities,” a game-changing event in the packaging industry.
  • 2012: Launched Packaging KPO (covering all aspects of packaging services) and e-learning modules.
  • 2013: Expanded social media presence and published our first packaging books.
  • 2014: Collaborated with EMA and introduced virtual email consulting (Packaging VEC).
  • 2015: Launched Store.PackagingConnections.com

Thank you for being part of our packaging journey!

Packaging Connections, a comprehensive platform offering a wide range of packaging solutions and services. It emphasizes the challenges in managing packaging information and the complexities of coordinating various packaging functions. The company's offerings include consulting, technical sales and services, online packaging services, and the "Big Book of Packaging" for learning and teaching packaging.

Packaging Connections serves as a one-stop packaging solution for businesses, offering services such as packaging relaunch, optimization, new development, vendor audit and development, training, and mentoring. The document also highlights the company's global partnerships with leading organizations from Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, the USA, and Poland, showcasing their functional labels, security solutions, films for IV bags, assembled chambers, bag connectors, drug delivery systems, vacuum sealing and filling machines, and more.

Furthermore, Packaging Connections provides insights into their process, including customer project roadmaps, remote interactions, and a roadmap for doing business in India. The company also offers innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, including protective packaging, POS display design, cost-saving analysis, packaging optimization, and compliance with regulatory needs. Additionally, Packaging Connections offers a premium webinar service, enabling global engagement and partnerships through interactive and informative webinars. The document also highlights the company's extensive industry resources, including news, innovations, company profiles, press releases, and offers.

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Whether you are seeking information, looking to connect with professionals, or need consulting services, we are here to help. It would be our pleasure to support your packaging journey.



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Since 2005, our Namaste Packaging newsletter has connected over 100,000 members globally. It delivers the latest packaging innovations, news, and trends directly to your inbox. Best of all, it’s free!

Advertising Opportunities

We understand the importance of targeted outreach. That’s why we offer customized advertising programs to reach the right packaging professionals. Whether you’re a supplier or a brand, Packaging Connections provides an effective platform.

Expertise and Consulting

Our team comprises qualified packaging professionals with deep industry knowledge. From optimization strategies to new packaging development and relaunches, we provide comprehensive consulting services.

Global and Local Support

Headquartered in Gurugram, India, we specialize in assisting foreign packaging companies as they establish and grow their presence in India. Our successful partnerships with top multinational companies demonstrate our commitment to comprehensive support services.

Educational Resources

We authored “The Big Book of Packaging,” a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in learning about packaging. Available at www.bigbookofpackaging.com, this resource covers everything from fundamentals to advanced topics.



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