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customer added values – More than plastic containers Nine Customer Added Values


Low risk – higher profit
Low risk
Reduction of development times and costs, higher profit
Higher profit at low risk
Best security at low risk
Adequate packaging production for the supply of pharmaceutical
production at low risk
Saving of matching time and costs, higher profit
Low risk – higher profit
Long-term supply guarantee


Constant and certified top quality Flexibility
Exceptionally wide standard range
Own product development and wide production range
Closed material flow without contamination risk
Controlled and applied GMP conditions (GMP-audits) and in addition “GMP PLUS”
Complete packing solution in one-stop shopping
Commercial after-sale service and technical “repair service”
Independent from big company groups

Our Company Profile

Our company is a mid-size independent system supplier for primary plastic packaging. The product range includes bottles, canisters, jars, closures and caps as well as various assembly parts made and packed under controlled clean room conditions.

Post-production stages such as sterilization, surface decoration or assembly of special parts offer the complete packaging used in the pharmaceutical industry, diagnostics, medical technology as well as for dangerous goods packaging. With our own high-performing product development we can create both standard articles available out of stocks and customer-made packaging solutions. We find for our customers the tomorrow packaging solutions.

Our qualified clean room concepts as well as our long production know-how exceed the expectations of our customers and end-users in terms of germ-free, functional packaging of perfect quality. Our high-quality products in connection with our exceptional service offer to our customers highest pharmaceutical hygiene, reliability and product safety.

We are open and flexible for the market challenges and we create best conditions for innovations. We are aware of the fact that the customer is paying our wages and salaries and we actively react to our customers’ wishes. Customers’ claims are for us basic remarks and chances for the improvement of our processes. Our goal is the long-lasting partnership with satisfied and successful customers.

Our biggest capital are our qualified co-workers. Team spirit, commitment and further development are being specifically promoted and supported. We emphasize the common responsibility awareness and the respect of the personality in dealing with each other in an open and fair working environment. Our employees are, of course, very skilled in mastering the machines and the materials.

We use continuous improvement actions (KPV) to optimize our organisation and processing. We consequently make use of the synergies offered by the cooperation with our national and international business partners. The implementation of a certified Quality Management System according to pharmaceutical requirements (ISO 15378) as well as the compliance with the GMP guidelines for manufacture practice (Good Manufacturing Practice) guarantee at any time the production under controlled and reproducible conditions.

The product-related requirements for the development and production of medical products acc. to ISO 13485 as well as of dangerous goods packaging based on specified requirements are of great importance for our processes. Our activity is based on a very strong environmental and energy awareness by implementing the certified environmental management systems according to ISO 14001 – environment – and ISO 50001 – energy.

In the interest of our capital providers, customers, suppliers and employees we are always aiming for better results in order to be able to contribute to a good-running free-market economy and to secure the existing jobs on a long-term basis. Our goal is to generate appropriate interest rates of the invested risk capital.

“Nothing is more social than a healthy company with satisfied customers and employees!”


Interesting facts about Rochling

1955: Start of the plastic production at Heinz Plastics in Kleintettau being one of the first manufacturers of cosmetics containers made of plastic
1981: Introduction of the injection blow moulding technology
1985 Introduction of the technology Co-extrusion blow moulding (multi – layer)
1988: First delivery of a pharmaceutical container for company Boehringer, Mannheim
1994: Installation of the first clean room class 100.000 (D) in Kleintettau
2000/2001: Foundation and new construction of the Clean Factory Rochling GmbH & Co.KG in Neuhaus am Rennweg 2.1.2002: Start of production and take-over of the pharmaceutical and diagnostic production programme of Heinz Plastics Regulation and procedures of the processes from the very beginning GMP-orientated
2002: first own ISO certificate 9001 for Rochling
2005: Certification according to ISO 14001 (environment)
2005: Introduction of the injection moulding technology
2005: Introduction of the injection stretch blow moulding technology
2005: First installation of camera technology on production machines for a 100%-check
2006: First in-house developed, child-proof series of tablet boxes resulting in the certificate according to ISO 8317
2007: Completion of the 2-year development of a Cleanpack packaging for bulk packs and start of the serial production
2008: Certification according to ISO 15378 (GMP)
2009: First all-electric production machine (extrusion blow moulding)
2010: Start of production in clean room 2
2010: Brand name GMPplus is born and protected as a brand name
2010: First „four stars“ injection blow moulding machine – built by the Ganahl AG/Switzerland
2011: Certification according to ISO 13485 (medical devices)
2011: another injection blow moulding machine from Ganahl optimised for clean room production
2012: Start of production in clean room 3 with separate assembly area
2012: Up to sixfold multi-layer-technology (Co-extrusion blow moulding) under clean room conditions
2012: Certification according to ISO 50001 (energy)
2013: New logistic centre at Rochling with a total area of now nearly 17.000 m²

What we do for Rochling in India

Sanex Packaging Connections Pvt. Ltd. is the official representative of Rochling Pharama Packaging, Germany based packaging company. Specializes in offering custom solution in production and packaging under sterile conditions for pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and even hazardous material. Sanex Packaging connections Pvt. Ltd. introduces India to world class packaging technology, services and products from Rochling. Indian pharmaceutical companies can now find custom solutions to all their packaging needs.

  • Business Opportunity Identification
  • Product Trials, Recommendations, Technical Services
  • Regulatory Support and Documentation for US FDA or EU Needs
  • Product Selection and Development
  • Final Sales Order Booking and Coordination

USP / Why Choose Rochling

  • We provide solutions designed to add value to your products, optimize your processes and reduce your costs
  • We give innovative labeling concepts with added value
  • Provide solutions for authenticity and brand protection
  • Received many awards for innovation capabilities
  • Our products are customized for individual customer’s requirement
  • As a capable development partner and reliable quality supplier, we convince our worldwide customers by delivering intelligent solutions which optimize processes and enhance patient safety


Whether it is a new development or the evolution of an existing solution—with Rochling you can rely on a partner who translates your specific requirements into innovative products—at the highest level of quality. The multi-functional design of our solutions offers you flexible combination options. Why not see for yourself how extensive our product range is? Selected items are presented on the following pages, and we’ll be pleased to show you our complete portfolio in a personal meeting.

PET Rounded Bottles

PET Rounded Small Bottles

PE HD 20mm Round Nasal Spray Bottles

PE HD 2g Round Tablet Jars

PE HD 4g Round Tablet Jars

PP Injection Bottles

PET Standard Clinch Injection Bottles

COP Substitute for Glass

Ophthalmic Perfect systems for Eye Care


India’s pharmaceutical industry is growing globally and need high quality packaging support too. Packaging Connections helps pharmaceutical packaging companies to do business in India using our vast one to one direct packaging network. Since Rochling is the global supplier of rigid pharmaceutical packaging and able to fill the gap between locally available material, and add value to the business. So we support their activities in India locally. We offer b2b marketing & technical support. We also work on finding the future potential of setting up Rochling operations in India.


Business Opportunity Identification

We have proven studies at Rochling products and capabilities. We also listen to customers in India and then offer the right products from Rochling or see which new products can be developed.

Product Trials, Recommendations, Technical Services

Once the selection of the packaging materials is made, we coordinate the trials as well as offer the technical services locally.

Regulatory Support and Documentation for US FDA or EU Needs

As India is exporting globally, we also support the companies to get the necessary documentation for the regulated markets like US, Europe etc.

Product Selection and Development

We help Indian pharmaceutical companies to make the right packaging selection from Rochling and in case, its not available then we also look at the possibility of developing the new products.

Final Sales Order Booking and Coordination

Once all the selection is done, we then work on the commercials like booking the order and then coordinating the delivery, forecasting, after sales service etc.,


Sandeep Kumar Goyal

Founder & CEO

Chhavi Aggarwal

Associate - Research & Business Consulting

Bhaskar Ch

Technical Advisor - e-Business & Technology

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